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func DirStats

func DirStats(path string) (directories int, files int, size bytesize.ByteSize)

func FProfile

func FProfile(name string, cb func()) time.Duration

func PProfile

func PProfile(name string, cb func()) time.Duration

func ParseTime

func ParseTime(str string) time.Time

func Profile

func Profile(name string, cb func()) time.Duration

func SetupLogging

func SetupLogging()

func SimpleTime

func SimpleTime(i int) time.Time

func TmpDir

func TmpDir(cb func(name string))


type FakeListener

type FakeListener struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

FakeListener implements net.Listener and has an extra method (Provide) that allows

you to queue a connection to be consumed via Accept.

func NewFakeListener

func NewFakeListener() *FakeListener

func (*FakeListener) Accept

func (fl *FakeListener) Accept() (net.Conn, error)

func (*FakeListener) Addr

func (*FakeListener) Addr() net.Addr

func (*FakeListener) Close

func (fl *FakeListener) Close() error

func (*FakeListener) Provide

func (fl *FakeListener) Provide(conn net.Conn) error

type TmpDirectory

type TmpDirectory struct {
	Path string

func TmpDirSync

func TmpDirSync() *TmpDirectory

func (*TmpDirectory) Close

func (t *TmpDirectory) Close()

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