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const (
	Dashboard       = "dashboard"
	AllQueriesLabel = "all queries"


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var Benchmarker = &QueryBenchmarker{}


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type BulkQuery

type BulkQuery interface {
	GetProcessor() Processor
	GetScanner() Scanner
	UpdateReport(params *report.QueryReportParams, reportTags [][2]string, extraVals []report.ExtraVal) ([][2]string, []report.ExtraVal)

type HistoryItem

type HistoryItem struct {
	Value float64
	Item  int

type Processor

type Processor interface {
	PrepareProcess(i int)
	RunProcess(i int, qorkersGroup *sync.WaitGroup, statPool sync.Pool, statChan chan *Stat)

type QueryBenchmarker

type QueryBenchmarker struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func (QueryBenchmarker) BatchSize

func (q QueryBenchmarker) BatchSize() int

func (QueryBenchmarker) Debug

func (q QueryBenchmarker) Debug() int

func (QueryBenchmarker) GradualWorkersIncrease

func (q QueryBenchmarker) GradualWorkersIncrease() bool

func (*QueryBenchmarker) Init

func (q *QueryBenchmarker) Init()

func (QueryBenchmarker) Limit

func (q QueryBenchmarker) Limit() int64

func (QueryBenchmarker) PrettyPrintResponses

func (q QueryBenchmarker) PrettyPrintResponses() bool

func (*QueryBenchmarker) RunBenchmark

func (q *QueryBenchmarker) RunBenchmark(bulkQuery BulkQuery)

func (*QueryBenchmarker) Validate

func (q *QueryBenchmarker) Validate()

func (QueryBenchmarker) WaitInterval

func (q QueryBenchmarker) WaitInterval() time.Duration

type Scanner

type Scanner interface {
	RunScan(r io.Reader, closeChan chan int)
	IsScanFinished() bool

type SimpleRegression

type SimpleRegression struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func (*SimpleRegression) Intercept

func (sr *SimpleRegression) Intercept() float64

func (*SimpleRegression) Slope

func (sr *SimpleRegression) Slope() float64

func (*SimpleRegression) Update

func (sr *SimpleRegression) Update(x, y float64)

type Stat

type Stat struct {
	Label    []byte
	Value    float64
	IsActual bool

Stat represents one statistical measurement.

func (*Stat) Init

func (s *Stat) Init(label []byte, value float64)

Init safely initializes a stat while minimizing heap allocations.

func (*Stat) InitWithActual

func (s *Stat) InitWithActual(label []byte, value float64, isActual bool)

type StatGroup

type StatGroup struct {
	Min  float64
	Max  float64
	Mean float64
	Sum  float64

	Count int64

StatGroup collects simple streaming statistics.

func (*StatGroup) Push

func (s *StatGroup) Push(n float64)

Push updates a StatGroup with a new Value.

func (*StatGroup) String

func (s *StatGroup) String() string

String makes a simple description of a StatGroup.

type StatsMap

type StatsMap map[string]*StatGroup

type TimedStatGroup

type TimedStatGroup struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewTimedStatGroup

func NewTimedStatGroup(maxDuration time.Duration, maxTrendSamples int) *TimedStatGroup

func (*TimedStatGroup) Avg

func (m *TimedStatGroup) Avg() float64

func (*TimedStatGroup) FindHistoryItemBelow

func (m *TimedStatGroup) FindHistoryItemBelow(val float64) *HistoryItem

func (*TimedStatGroup) Median

func (m *TimedStatGroup) Median() float64

func (*TimedStatGroup) Push

func (m *TimedStatGroup) Push(timestamp time.Time, value float64)

func (*TimedStatGroup) UpdateAvg

func (m *TimedStatGroup) UpdateAvg(now time.Time, workers int) (float64, float64)

type TrendStat

type TrendStat struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewTrendStat

func NewTrendStat(size int, skipFirst bool) *TrendStat

func (*TrendStat) Add

func (ls *TrendStat) Add(y float64)


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