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var EnumNamesValueType = map[ValueType]string{
	ValueTypeInt:    "Int",
	ValueTypeLong:   "Long",
	ValueTypeFloat:  "Float",
	ValueTypeDouble: "Double",
	ValueTypeString: "String",


func FieldAddDoubleValue

func FieldAddDoubleValue(builder *flatbuffers.Builder, doubleValue float64)

func FieldAddFloatValue

func FieldAddFloatValue(builder *flatbuffers.Builder, floatValue float32)

func FieldAddIntValue

func FieldAddIntValue(builder *flatbuffers.Builder, intValue int32)

func FieldAddKey

func FieldAddKey(builder *flatbuffers.Builder, key flatbuffers.UOffsetT)

func FieldAddLongValue

func FieldAddLongValue(builder *flatbuffers.Builder, longValue int64)

func FieldAddStringValue

func FieldAddStringValue(builder *flatbuffers.Builder, stringValue flatbuffers.UOffsetT)

func FieldAddValueType

func FieldAddValueType(builder *flatbuffers.Builder, valueType int8)

func FieldEnd

func FieldEnd(builder *flatbuffers.Builder) flatbuffers.UOffsetT

func FieldStart

func FieldStart(builder *flatbuffers.Builder)

func FieldStartKeyVector

func FieldStartKeyVector(builder *flatbuffers.Builder, numElems int) flatbuffers.UOffsetT

func FieldStartStringValueVector

func FieldStartStringValueVector(builder *flatbuffers.Builder, numElems int) flatbuffers.UOffsetT

func ItemAddFields

func ItemAddFields(builder *flatbuffers.Builder, fields flatbuffers.UOffsetT)

func ItemAddMeasurementName

func ItemAddMeasurementName(builder *flatbuffers.Builder, measurementName flatbuffers.UOffsetT)

func ItemAddSeriesId

func ItemAddSeriesId(builder *flatbuffers.Builder, seriesId flatbuffers.UOffsetT)

func ItemAddTags

func ItemAddTags(builder *flatbuffers.Builder, tags flatbuffers.UOffsetT)

func ItemAddTimestampNanos

func ItemAddTimestampNanos(builder *flatbuffers.Builder, timestampNanos int64)

func ItemEnd

func ItemEnd(builder *flatbuffers.Builder) flatbuffers.UOffsetT

func ItemStart

func ItemStart(builder *flatbuffers.Builder)

func ItemStartFieldsVector

func ItemStartFieldsVector(builder *flatbuffers.Builder, numElems int) flatbuffers.UOffsetT

func ItemStartMeasurementNameVector

func ItemStartMeasurementNameVector(builder *flatbuffers.Builder, numElems int) flatbuffers.UOffsetT

func ItemStartSeriesIdVector

func ItemStartSeriesIdVector(builder *flatbuffers.Builder, numElems int) flatbuffers.UOffsetT

func ItemStartTagsVector

func ItemStartTagsVector(builder *flatbuffers.Builder, numElems int) flatbuffers.UOffsetT

func TagAddKey

func TagAddKey(builder *flatbuffers.Builder, key flatbuffers.UOffsetT)

func TagAddVal

func TagAddVal(builder *flatbuffers.Builder, val flatbuffers.UOffsetT)

func TagEnd

func TagEnd(builder *flatbuffers.Builder) flatbuffers.UOffsetT

func TagStart

func TagStart(builder *flatbuffers.Builder)

func TagStartKeyVector

func TagStartKeyVector(builder *flatbuffers.Builder, numElems int) flatbuffers.UOffsetT

func TagStartValVector

func TagStartValVector(builder *flatbuffers.Builder, numElems int) flatbuffers.UOffsetT


type Field

type Field struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func GetRootAsField

func GetRootAsField(buf []byte, offset flatbuffers.UOffsetT) *Field

func (*Field) DoubleValue

func (rcv *Field) DoubleValue() float64

func (*Field) FloatValue

func (rcv *Field) FloatValue() float32

func (*Field) Init

func (rcv *Field) Init(buf []byte, i flatbuffers.UOffsetT)

func (*Field) IntValue

func (rcv *Field) IntValue() int32

func (*Field) Key

func (rcv *Field) Key(j int) byte

func (*Field) KeyBytes

func (rcv *Field) KeyBytes() []byte

func (*Field) KeyLength

func (rcv *Field) KeyLength() int

func (*Field) LongValue

func (rcv *Field) LongValue() int64

func (*Field) MutateDoubleValue

func (rcv *Field) MutateDoubleValue(n float64) bool

func (*Field) MutateFloatValue

func (rcv *Field) MutateFloatValue(n float32) bool

func (*Field) MutateIntValue

func (rcv *Field) MutateIntValue(n int32) bool

func (*Field) MutateLongValue

func (rcv *Field) MutateLongValue(n int64) bool

func (*Field) MutateValueType

func (rcv *Field) MutateValueType(n ValueType) bool

func (*Field) StringValue

func (rcv *Field) StringValue(j int) byte

func (*Field) StringValueBytes

func (rcv *Field) StringValueBytes() []byte

func (*Field) StringValueLength

func (rcv *Field) StringValueLength() int

func (*Field) Table

func (rcv *Field) Table() flatbuffers.Table

func (*Field) ValueType

func (rcv *Field) ValueType() ValueType

type Item

type Item struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func GetRootAsItem

func GetRootAsItem(buf []byte, offset flatbuffers.UOffsetT) *Item

func (*Item) Fields

func (rcv *Item) Fields(obj *Field, j int) bool

func (*Item) FieldsLength

func (rcv *Item) FieldsLength() int

func (*Item) Init

func (rcv *Item) Init(buf []byte, i flatbuffers.UOffsetT)

func (*Item) MeasurementName

func (rcv *Item) MeasurementName(j int) byte

func (*Item) MeasurementNameBytes

func (rcv *Item) MeasurementNameBytes() []byte

func (*Item) MeasurementNameLength

func (rcv *Item) MeasurementNameLength() int

func (*Item) MutateTimestampNanos

func (rcv *Item) MutateTimestampNanos(n int64) bool

func (*Item) SeriesId

func (rcv *Item) SeriesId(j int) byte

func (*Item) SeriesIdBytes

func (rcv *Item) SeriesIdBytes() []byte

func (*Item) SeriesIdLength

func (rcv *Item) SeriesIdLength() int

func (*Item) Table

func (rcv *Item) Table() flatbuffers.Table

func (*Item) Tags

func (rcv *Item) Tags(obj *Tag, j int) bool

func (*Item) TagsLength

func (rcv *Item) TagsLength() int

func (*Item) TimestampNanos

func (rcv *Item) TimestampNanos() int64

type Tag

type Tag struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func GetRootAsTag

func GetRootAsTag(buf []byte, offset flatbuffers.UOffsetT) *Tag

func (*Tag) Init

func (rcv *Tag) Init(buf []byte, i flatbuffers.UOffsetT)

func (*Tag) Key

func (rcv *Tag) Key(j int) byte

func (*Tag) KeyBytes

func (rcv *Tag) KeyBytes() []byte

func (*Tag) KeyLength

func (rcv *Tag) KeyLength() int

func (*Tag) Table

func (rcv *Tag) Table() flatbuffers.Table

func (*Tag) Val

func (rcv *Tag) Val(j int) byte

func (*Tag) ValBytes

func (rcv *Tag) ValBytes() []byte

func (*Tag) ValLength

func (rcv *Tag) ValLength() int

type ValueType

type ValueType = int8
const (
	ValueTypeInt    ValueType = 0
	ValueTypeLong   ValueType = 1
	ValueTypeFloat  ValueType = 2
	ValueTypeDouble ValueType = 3
	ValueTypeString ValueType = 4

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