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const (
	AUDIT_RECORD_ACCEPT = "application/"
	AUDIT_CONTENT_TYPE  = "application/"


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type AuditApi

type AuditApi interface {
	GetAuditRecord(auditID string) (*AuditRecord, *generic.Error)
	GetAuditRecords(auditQuery *AuditQuery, pageSize int) (*AuditRecordCollection, *generic.Error)
	CreateAuditRecord(record *AuditRecord) (*AuditRecord, *generic.Error)
	NextPage(c *AuditRecordCollection) (*AuditRecordCollection, *generic.Error)
	PreviousPage(c *AuditRecordCollection) (*AuditRecordCollection, *generic.Error)

func NewAuditApi

func NewAuditApi(client *generic.Client) AuditApi

type AuditQuery

type AuditQuery struct {
	Revert bool // In case of executing range queries on audit logs API, like query by dateFrom and dateTo,

	Type        string
	Application string
	User        string

func (AuditQuery) QueryParams

func (a AuditQuery) QueryParams(params *url.Values) error

type AuditRecord

type AuditRecord struct {
	Severity     string    `json:"severity"`
	Activity     string    `json:"activity"`
	CreationTime time.Time `json:"creationTime"`
	Source       struct {
		Self string `json:"self"`
		ID   string `json:"id"`
	} `json:"source"`
	Type              string    `json:"type"`
	Self              string    `json:"self"`
	Time              time.Time `json:"time"`
	Text              string    `json:"text"`
	ID                string    `json:"id"`
	User              string    `json:"user"`
	Application       string    `json:"application"`
	Changes           []Changes `json:"changes"`
	AuditSourceDevice struct {
		ID string `json:"id"`
	} `json:"com_cumulocity_model_event_AuditSourceDevice"`

type AuditRecordCollection

type AuditRecordCollection struct {
	Self         string                    `json:"self"`
	Next         string                    `json:"next"`
	Prev         string                    `json:"prev"`
	AuditRecords []AuditRecord             `json:"auditRecords"`
	Statistics   *generic.PagingStatistics `json:"statistics"`

type Changes

type Changes struct {
	NewValue      string `json:"newValue"`
	Attribute     string `json:"attribute"`
	Type          string `json:"type"`
	PreviousValue string `json:"previousValue"`

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