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Flottbot is a chatbot framework written in Go. But there's a catch, you don't need to know a lick of Go! Configure your bot via YAML files, extend functionality by writing scripts in your favorite language.

The philosophy behind flottbot is to create very simple, lightweight, "dumb" bots that interact with APIs and scripts which house a bot's business logic. The word flott comes from the German word meaning quick/speedy.

  1. Installation
  2. Docker images
  3. Available remotes
  4. Documentation
  5. Contributing


Using go

go get -u


Binaries for Linux, macOS, and Windows are available as Github Releases.

Docker Images

We currently provide a few Docker images:

target/flottbot - Alpine image and flottbot binary installed

target/flottbot:ruby - Alpine image, flottbot binary, and ruby v2.7 installed

target/flottbot:golang - Alpine image, flottbot binary, and golang v1.16 installed

target/flottbot:python - Alpine image, flottbot binary, and python v3.8 installed

Note: We highly recommend pinning your image to a version, ie. target/flottbot:0.5.0 or target/flottbot:ruby-0.5.0

Note: The images run with the unprivileged flottbot user (uid/gid 900) by default

Helm Chart

To install using the Helm chart located in this repo, clone this repo, create a Kubernetes secret for your Slack Token in your namespace & install the chart:

   helm install helm/flottbot/

Available remotes

Remote Status Documentation
Slack Docs
Discord 🚧 Docs
Telegram 🚧 coming soon

✔ = Done 🚧 = in progress


For installation and usage, please visit the flottbot docs

For questions join the #flottbot channel in the Gophers Slack.


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