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Package fakequeue provides a fake implementation of taskcluster-queue in golang, The FakeQueue server stores tasks in-memory, it doesn't validate authentication, but implements most end-points correctly.

The aim of this package is to facilitate integration tests to be executed without dependency on a production deployment of taskcluster-queue. Running integration tests against production is important, but also slow, so being able run them locally without credentials is very nice.



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type FakeQueue

type FakeQueue struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

FakeQueue is a taskcluster-queue implementation with certain limitations:

* No validation of authentication or authenorization
* Data stored in-memory

The FakeQueue supports the following end-points:

* task
* status
* createTask
* cancelTask
* claimWork
* claimTask
* reclaimTask
* reportCompleted
* reportFailed
* reportException
* createArtifact
* getArtifact
* getLatestArtifact
* listLatestArtifact
* pendingTasks

func New

func New() *FakeQueue

New returns a new FakeQueue

func (*FakeQueue) ServeHTTP

func (q *FakeQueue) ServeHTTP(w http.ResponseWriter, r *http.Request)

type Listener

type Listener interface {
	// WaitForTask returns a channel that gets a nil message when taskID is
	// resolved, or an error if listening fails.
	WaitForTask(taskID string) <-chan error

Listener provides and interface that allows waiting for task resolution.

This is not intended to be a generic pulse listening interface, it's intended to the minimum subset required to write integration test. This way we can implement it using Pulse/AMQP for integration testing and using FakeQueue for testing without credentials.

func NewFakeQueueListener

func NewFakeQueueListener(q *FakeQueue) Listener

NewFakeQueueListener returns a Listener implementation that waits for tasks to be resolved in the FakeQueue given.

func NewPulseListener

func NewPulseListener(username, password string) (Listener, error)

NewPulseListener creates a listener implementation for production queue using pulse.

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