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type State

type State struct {
	// Information about the Taskcluster deployment where this
	// worker is running
	RootURL string

	// Credentials for the worker, and their expiration time.  Shortly before
	// this expiration, worker-runner will try to gracefully stop the worker
	Credentials       taskcluster.Credentials
	CredentialsExpire time.Time `yaml:",omitempty"`

	// Information about this worker
	WorkerPoolID string
	WorkerGroup  string
	WorkerID     string

	// metadata from the provider (useful to display to the user for
	// debugging).
	// Docker-worker currently expects the following properties:
	//  * public-hostname
	//  * public-ipv4
	//  * local-ipv4
	//  * instance-type
	//  * instance-id
	//  * region
	// It doesn't, strictly speaking, require these fields,
	// but may fall onto undesirable defaults if these are not provided
	// A bit more info on that here
	ProviderMetadata map[string]interface{}

	// the accumulated WorkerConfig for this run, including files to create
	WorkerConfig *cfg.WorkerConfig
	Files        []files.File

	// The worker location configuration
	WorkerLocation map[string]string

State represents the state of the worker run. Its contents are built up bit-by-bit during the start-worker process.

func (*State) CheckProviderResults

func (state *State) CheckProviderResults() error

Check that the provided provided the information it was supposed to.

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