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const (
	// TraderListeningPortKey is the port where the gRPC Trader interface will listen on
	TraderListeningPortKey = "TRADER_LISTENING_PORT"
	// OperatorListeningPortKey is the port where the gRPC Operator interface will listen on
	OperatorListeningPortKey = "OPERATOR_LISTENING_PORT"
	// ExplorerEndpointKey is the endpoint where the Electrs (for Liquid) REST API is listening
	ExplorerEndpointKey = "EXPLORER_ENDPOINT"
	// ExplorerRequestTimeoutKey are the milliseconds to wait for HTTP responses before timeouts
	ExplorerRequestTimeoutKey = "EXPLORER_REQUEST_TIMEOUT"
	// DataDirPathKey is the local data directory to store the internal state of daemon
	DataDirPathKey = "DATA_DIR_PATH"
	// LogLevelKey are the different logging levels. For reference on the values
	LogLevelKey = "LOG_LEVEL"
	// DefaultFeeKey is the default swap fee when creating a market
	DefaultFeeKey = "DEFAULT_FEE"
	// NetworkKey is the network to use. Either "liquid" or "regtest"
	NetworkKey = "NETWORK"
	// BaseAssetKey is the default asset hash to be used as base asset for all markets. Default is LBTC
	BaseAssetKey = "BASE_ASSET"
	// CrawlIntervalKey is the interval in milliseconds to be used when watching the blockchain via the explorer
	CrawlIntervalKey = "CRAWL_INTERVAL"
	// FeeAccountBalanceThresholdKey is the treshold of LBTC balance (in satoshis) for the fee account, after wich we alert the operator that it cannot subsidize anymore swaps
	FeeAccountBalanceThresholdKey = "FEE_ACCOUNT_BALANCE_THRESHOLD"
	// TradeExpiryTimeKey is the duration in seconds of lock on unspents we reserve for accpeted trades, before eventually double spending it
	TradeExpiryTimeKey = "TRADE_EXPIRY_TIME"
	// PriceSlippageKey is the percentage of the slipage for accepting trades compared to current spot price
	PriceSlippageKey = "PRICE_SLIPPAGE"
	// SSLCertPathKey is the path to the SSL certificate
	SSLCertPathKey = "SSL_CERT"
	// SSLKeyPathKey is the path to the SSL private key
	SSLKeyPathKey = "SSL_KEY"
	// MnemonicKey is the mnemonic of the master private key of the daemon's wallet
	MnemonicKey = "MNEMONIC"
	// EnableProfilerKey nables profiler that can be used to investigate performance issues
	EnableProfilerKey = "ENABLE_PROFILER"
	// StatsIntervalKey defines interval for printing basic tdex statistics
	StatsIntervalKey = "STATS_INTERVAL"
	// ElementsRPCEndpointKey is the url for the RPC interface of the Elements
	// node in the form protocol://user:password@host:port
	// ElementsStartRescanTimestampKey is the date in Unix seconds of the block
	// from where the node should start rescanning addresses
	ElementsStartRescanTimestampKey = "ELEMENTS_START_RESCAN_TIMESTAMP"
	// CrawlLimitKey represents number of requests per second that crawler
	//makes to explorer
	CrawlLimitKey = "CRAWL_LIMIT"
	// CrawlTokenBurst represents number of bursts tokens permitted from
	//crawler to explorer
	CrawlTokenBurst = "CRAWL_TOKEN"


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func GetBool

func GetBool(key string) bool

    GetBool ...

    func GetDuration

    func GetDuration(key string) time.Duration

      GetDuration ...

      func GetExplorer

      func GetExplorer() (explorer.Service, error)

        GetExplorer ...

        func GetFloat

        func GetFloat(key string) float64

          GetFloat ...

          func GetInt

          func GetInt(key string) int

            GetInt ...

            func GetMnemonic

            func GetMnemonic() []string

              GetMnemonic returns the current set mnemonic

              func GetNetwork

              func GetNetwork() *network.Network

                GetNetwork ...

                func GetString

                func GetString(key string) string

                  GetString ...

                  func IsSet

                  func IsSet(key string) bool

                    IsSet returns whether the give key is set

                    func Set

                    func Set(key string, value interface{})

                      Set a value for the given key


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