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func ASCIITrim

func ASCIITrim(s string) string

    NOTE: Assumes that s is ASCII as per IsASCIIText(), otherwise panics.

    func IsASCIIText

    func IsASCIIText(s string) bool

      Returns true if s is a non-empty printable non-tab ascii character.

      func SplitAndTrim

      func SplitAndTrim(s, sep, cutset string) []string

        SplitAndTrim slices s into all subslices separated by sep and returns a slice of the string s with all leading and trailing Unicode code points contained in cutset removed. If sep is empty, SplitAndTrim splits after each UTF-8 sequence. First part is equivalent to strings.SplitN with a count of -1.

        func StringInSlice

        func StringInSlice(a string, list []string) bool

          StringInSlice returns true if a is found the list.

          func StringSliceEqual

          func StringSliceEqual(a, b []string) bool

            StringSliceEqual checks if string slices a and b are equal


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