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var RequestInfo = abci.RequestInfo{
	Version:      version.TMCoreSemVer,
	BlockVersion: version.BlockProtocol,
	P2PVersion:   version.P2PProtocol,

RequestInfo contains all the information for sending the abci.RequestInfo message during handshake with the app. It contains only compile-time version information.


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type AppConnConsensus

type AppConnConsensus interface {
	Error() error

	InitChainSync(types.RequestInitChain) (*types.ResponseInitChain, error)

	BeginBlockSync(types.RequestBeginBlock) (*types.ResponseBeginBlock, error)
	DeliverTxAsync(types.RequestDeliverTx) *abcicli.ReqRes
	EndBlockSync(types.RequestEndBlock) (*types.ResponseEndBlock, error)
	CommitSync() (*types.ResponseCommit, error)

func NewAppConnConsensus

func NewAppConnConsensus(appConn abcicli.Client) AppConnConsensus

type AppConnMempool

type AppConnMempool interface {
	Error() error

	CheckTxAsync(types.RequestCheckTx) *abcicli.ReqRes
	CheckTxSync(types.RequestCheckTx) (*types.ResponseCheckTx, error)

	FlushAsync() *abcicli.ReqRes
	FlushSync() error

func NewAppConnMempool

func NewAppConnMempool(appConn abcicli.Client) AppConnMempool

type AppConnQuery

type AppConnQuery interface {
	Error() error

	EchoSync(string) (*types.ResponseEcho, error)
	InfoSync(types.RequestInfo) (*types.ResponseInfo, error)
	QuerySync(types.RequestQuery) (*types.ResponseQuery, error)

func NewAppConnQuery

func NewAppConnQuery(appConn abcicli.Client) AppConnQuery

type AppConnSnapshot added in v0.34.0

type AppConnSnapshot interface {
	Error() error

	ListSnapshotsSync(types.RequestListSnapshots) (*types.ResponseListSnapshots, error)
	OfferSnapshotSync(types.RequestOfferSnapshot) (*types.ResponseOfferSnapshot, error)
	LoadSnapshotChunkSync(types.RequestLoadSnapshotChunk) (*types.ResponseLoadSnapshotChunk, error)
	ApplySnapshotChunkSync(types.RequestApplySnapshotChunk) (*types.ResponseApplySnapshotChunk, error)

func NewAppConnSnapshot added in v0.34.0

func NewAppConnSnapshot(appConn abcicli.Client) AppConnSnapshot

type AppConns

type AppConns interface {

	// Mempool connection
	Mempool() AppConnMempool
	// Consensus connection
	Consensus() AppConnConsensus
	// Query connection
	Query() AppConnQuery
	// Snapshot connection
	Snapshot() AppConnSnapshot

AppConns is the Tendermint's interface to the application that consists of multiple connections.

func NewAppConns

func NewAppConns(clientCreator ClientCreator) AppConns

NewAppConns calls NewMultiAppConn.

func NewMultiAppConn

func NewMultiAppConn(clientCreator ClientCreator) AppConns

NewMultiAppConn makes all necessary abci connections to the application.

type ClientCreator

type ClientCreator interface {
	// NewABCIClient returns a new ABCI client.
	NewABCIClient() (abcicli.Client, error)

ClientCreator creates new ABCI clients.

func DefaultClientCreator

func DefaultClientCreator(addr, transport, dbDir string) ClientCreator

DefaultClientCreator returns a default ClientCreator, which will create a local client if addr is one of: 'counter', 'counter_serial', 'kvstore', 'persistent_kvstore' or 'noop', otherwise - a remote client.

func NewLocalClientCreator

func NewLocalClientCreator(app types.Application) ClientCreator

NewLocalClientCreator returns a ClientCreator for the given app, which will be running locally.

func NewRemoteClientCreator

func NewRemoteClientCreator(addr, transport string, mustConnect bool) ClientCreator

NewRemoteClientCreator returns a ClientCreator for the given address (e.g. "") and transport (e.g. "tcp"). Set mustConnect to true if you want the client to connect before reporting success.


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