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type Local

type Local struct {
	Logger log.Logger
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

    Local is a Client implementation that directly executes the rpc functions on a given node, without going through HTTP or GRPC.

    This implementation is useful for:

    * Running tests against a node in-process without the overhead of going through an http server * Communication between an ABCI app and Tendermint core when they are compiled in process.

    For real clients, you probably want to use client.HTTP. For more powerful control during testing, you probably want the "client/mock" package.

    You can subscribe for any event published by Tendermint using Subscribe method. Note delivery is best-effort. If you don't read events fast enough, Tendermint might cancel the subscription. The client will attempt to resubscribe (you don't need to do anything). It will keep trying indefinitely with exponential backoff (10ms -> 20ms -> 40ms) until successful.

    func New

    func New(node *nm.Node) *Local

      NewLocal configures a client that calls the Node directly.

      Note that given how rpc/core works with package singletons, that you can only have one node per process. So make sure test cases don't run in parallel, or try to simulate an entire network in one process...

      func (*Local) ABCIInfo

      func (c *Local) ABCIInfo(ctx context.Context) (*ctypes.ResultABCIInfo, error)

      func (*Local) ABCIQuery

      func (c *Local) ABCIQuery(ctx context.Context, path string, data bytes.HexBytes) (*ctypes.ResultABCIQuery, error)

      func (*Local) ABCIQueryWithOptions

      func (c *Local) ABCIQueryWithOptions(
      	ctx context.Context,
      	path string,
      	data bytes.HexBytes,
      	opts rpcclient.ABCIQueryOptions) (*ctypes.ResultABCIQuery, error)

      func (*Local) Block

      func (c *Local) Block(ctx context.Context, height *int64) (*ctypes.ResultBlock, error)

      func (*Local) BlockByHash

      func (c *Local) BlockByHash(ctx context.Context, hash []byte) (*ctypes.ResultBlock, error)

      func (*Local) BlockResults

      func (c *Local) BlockResults(ctx context.Context, height *int64) (*ctypes.ResultBlockResults, error)

      func (*Local) BlockchainInfo

      func (c *Local) BlockchainInfo(ctx context.Context, minHeight, maxHeight int64) (*ctypes.ResultBlockchainInfo, error)

      func (*Local) BroadcastEvidence

      func (c *Local) BroadcastEvidence(ctx context.Context, ev types.Evidence) (*ctypes.ResultBroadcastEvidence, error)

      func (*Local) BroadcastTxAsync

      func (c *Local) BroadcastTxAsync(ctx context.Context, tx types.Tx) (*ctypes.ResultBroadcastTx, error)

      func (*Local) BroadcastTxCommit

      func (c *Local) BroadcastTxCommit(ctx context.Context, tx types.Tx) (*ctypes.ResultBroadcastTxCommit, error)

      func (*Local) BroadcastTxSync

      func (c *Local) BroadcastTxSync(ctx context.Context, tx types.Tx) (*ctypes.ResultBroadcastTx, error)

      func (*Local) CheckTx

      func (c *Local) CheckTx(ctx context.Context, tx types.Tx) (*ctypes.ResultCheckTx, error)

      func (*Local) Commit

      func (c *Local) Commit(ctx context.Context, height *int64) (*ctypes.ResultCommit, error)

      func (*Local) ConsensusParams

      func (c *Local) ConsensusParams(ctx context.Context, height *int64) (*ctypes.ResultConsensusParams, error)

      func (*Local) ConsensusState

      func (c *Local) ConsensusState(ctx context.Context) (*ctypes.ResultConsensusState, error)

      func (*Local) DialPeers

      func (c *Local) DialPeers(
      	ctx context.Context,
      	peers []string,
      	private bool,
      ) (*ctypes.ResultDialPeers, error)

      func (*Local) DialSeeds

      func (c *Local) DialSeeds(ctx context.Context, seeds []string) (*ctypes.ResultDialSeeds, error)

      func (*Local) DumpConsensusState

      func (c *Local) DumpConsensusState(ctx context.Context) (*ctypes.ResultDumpConsensusState, error)

      func (*Local) Genesis

      func (c *Local) Genesis(ctx context.Context) (*ctypes.ResultGenesis, error)

      func (*Local) Health

      func (c *Local) Health(ctx context.Context) (*ctypes.ResultHealth, error)

      func (*Local) NetInfo

      func (c *Local) NetInfo(ctx context.Context) (*ctypes.ResultNetInfo, error)

      func (*Local) NumUnconfirmedTxs

      func (c *Local) NumUnconfirmedTxs(ctx context.Context) (*ctypes.ResultUnconfirmedTxs, error)

      func (*Local) SetLogger

      func (c *Local) SetLogger(l log.Logger)

        SetLogger allows to set a logger on the client.

        func (*Local) Status

        func (c *Local) Status(ctx context.Context) (*ctypes.ResultStatus, error)

        func (*Local) Subscribe

        func (c *Local) Subscribe(
        	ctx context.Context,
        	query string,
        	outCapacity (out <-chan ctypes.ResultEvent, err error)

        func (*Local) Tx

        func (c *Local) Tx(ctx context.Context, hash []byte, prove bool) (*ctypes.ResultTx, error)

        func (*Local) TxSearch

        func (c *Local) TxSearch(
        	ctx context.Context,
        	query string,
        	prove bool,
        	perPage *int,
        	orderBy string,
        ) (*ctypes.ResultTxSearch, error)

        func (*Local) UnconfirmedTxs

        func (c *Local) UnconfirmedTxs(ctx context.Context, limit *int) (*ctypes.ResultUnconfirmedTxs, error)

        func (*Local) Unsubscribe

        func (c *Local) Unsubscribe(ctx context.Context, subscriber, query string) error

        func (*Local) UnsubscribeAll

        func (c *Local) UnsubscribeAll(ctx context.Context, subscriber string) error

        func (*Local) Validators

        func (c *Local) Validators(ctx context.Context, height *int64, page, perPage *int) (*ctypes.ResultValidators, error)

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