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func GetConfig

func GetConfig(forceCreate ...bool) *cfg.Config

    GetConfig returns a config for the test cases as a singleton

    func GetGRPCClient

    func GetGRPCClient() core_grpc.BroadcastAPIClient

    func NewTendermint

    func NewTendermint(app abci.Application, opts *Options) *nm.Node

      NewTendermint creates a new tendermint server and sleeps forever

      func RecreateConfig

      func RecreateConfig(o *Options)

        RecreateConfig instructs the RPC test to recreate the configuration each time, instead of treating it as a global singleton.

        func StartTendermint

        func StartTendermint(app abci.Application, opts ...func(*Options)) *nm.Node

          StartTendermint starts a test tendermint server in a go routine and returns when it is initialized

          func StopTendermint

          func StopTendermint(node *nm.Node)

            StopTendermint stops a test tendermint server, waits until it's stopped and cleans up test/config files.

            func SuppressStdout

            func SuppressStdout(o *Options)

              SuppressStdout is an option that tries to make sure the RPC test Tendermint node doesn't log anything to stdout.


              type Options

              type Options struct {
              	// contains filtered or unexported fields

                Options helps with specifying some parameters for our RPC testing for greater control.

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