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func LoadBlockStoreState

func LoadBlockStoreState(db dbm.DB) tmstore.BlockStoreState

    LoadBlockStoreState returns the BlockStoreState as loaded from disk. If no BlockStoreState was previously persisted, it returns the zero value.

    func SaveBlockStoreState

    func SaveBlockStoreState(bsj *tmstore.BlockStoreState, db dbm.DB)

      SaveBlockStoreState persists the blockStore state to the database.


      type BlockStore

      type BlockStore struct {
      	// contains filtered or unexported fields

        BlockStore is a simple low level store for blocks.

        There are three types of information stored:

        - BlockMeta:   Meta information about each block
        - Block part:  Parts of each block, aggregated w/ PartSet
        - Commit:      The commit part of each block, for gossiping precommit votes

        Currently the precommit signatures are duplicated in the Block parts as well as the Commit. In the future this may change, perhaps by moving the Commit data outside the Block. (TODO)

        The store can be assumed to contain all contiguous blocks between base and height (inclusive).

        // NOTE: BlockStore methods will panic if they encounter errors // deserializing loaded data, indicating probable corruption on disk.

        func NewBlockStore

        func NewBlockStore(db dbm.DB) *BlockStore

          NewBlockStore returns a new BlockStore with the given DB, initialized to the last height that was committed to the DB.

          func (*BlockStore) Base

          func (bs *BlockStore) Base() int64

            Base returns the first known contiguous block height, or 0 for empty block stores.

            func (*BlockStore) Height

            func (bs *BlockStore) Height() int64

              Height returns the last known contiguous block height, or 0 for empty block stores.

              func (*BlockStore) LoadBaseMeta

              func (bs *BlockStore) LoadBaseMeta() *types.BlockMeta

                LoadBase atomically loads the base block meta, or returns nil if no base is found.

                func (*BlockStore) LoadBlock

                func (bs *BlockStore) LoadBlock(height int64) *types.Block

                  LoadBlock returns the block with the given height. If no block is found for that height, it returns nil.

                  func (*BlockStore) LoadBlockByHash

                  func (bs *BlockStore) LoadBlockByHash(hash []byte) *types.Block

                    LoadBlockByHash returns the block with the given hash. If no block is found for that hash, it returns nil. Panics if it fails to parse height associated with the given hash.

                    func (*BlockStore) LoadBlockCommit

                    func (bs *BlockStore) LoadBlockCommit(height int64) *types.Commit

                      LoadBlockCommit returns the Commit for the given height. This commit consists of the +2/3 and other Precommit-votes for block at `height`, and it comes from the block.LastCommit for `height+1`. If no commit is found for the given height, it returns nil.

                      func (*BlockStore) LoadBlockMeta

                      func (bs *BlockStore) LoadBlockMeta(height int64) *types.BlockMeta

                        LoadBlockMeta returns the BlockMeta for the given height. If no block is found for the given height, it returns nil.

                        func (*BlockStore) LoadBlockPart

                        func (bs *BlockStore) LoadBlockPart(height int64, index int) *types.Part

                          LoadBlockPart returns the Part at the given index from the block at the given height. If no part is found for the given height and index, it returns nil.

                          func (*BlockStore) LoadSeenCommit

                          func (bs *BlockStore) LoadSeenCommit(height int64) *types.Commit

                            LoadSeenCommit returns the locally seen Commit for the given height. This is useful when we've seen a commit, but there has not yet been a new block at `height + 1` that includes this commit in its block.LastCommit.

                            func (*BlockStore) PruneBlocks

                            func (bs *BlockStore) PruneBlocks(height int64) (uint64, error)

                              PruneBlocks removes block up to (but not including) a height. It returns number of blocks pruned.

                              func (*BlockStore) SaveBlock

                              func (bs *BlockStore) SaveBlock(block *types.Block, blockParts *types.PartSet, seenCommit *types.Commit)

                                SaveBlock persists the given block, blockParts, and seenCommit to the underlying db. blockParts: Must be parts of the block seenCommit: The +2/3 precommits that were seen which committed at height.

                                If all the nodes restart after committing a block,
                                we need this to reload the precommits to catch-up nodes to the
                                most recent height.  Otherwise they'd stall at H-1.

                                func (*BlockStore) SaveSeenCommit

                                func (bs *BlockStore) SaveSeenCommit(height int64, seenCommit *types.Commit) error

                                  SaveSeenCommit saves a seen commit, used by e.g. the state sync reactor when bootstrapping node.

                                  func (*BlockStore) Size

                                  func (bs *BlockStore) Size() int64

                                    Size returns the number of blocks in the block store.

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