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eventmeter - generic system to subscribe to events and record their frequency.



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type DisconnectCallbackFunc

type DisconnectCallbackFunc func()

DisconnectCallbackFunc is a closure to notify a consumer that the connection has died.

type EventCallbackFunc

type EventCallbackFunc func(em *EventMetric, data interface{})

EventCallbackFunc is a closure to enable side effects from receiving an event.

type EventMeter

type EventMeter struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

EventMeter tracks events, reports latency and disconnects.

func NewEventMeter

func NewEventMeter(addr string, unmarshalEvent EventUnmarshalFunc) *EventMeter

func (*EventMeter) GetMetric

func (em *EventMeter) GetMetric(query string) (*EventMetric, error)

GetMetric fills in the latest data for an query and return a copy.

func (*EventMeter) RegisterDisconnectCallback

func (em *EventMeter) RegisterDisconnectCallback(f DisconnectCallbackFunc)

RegisterDisconnectCallback allows you to set disconnect callback.

func (*EventMeter) RegisterLatencyCallback

func (em *EventMeter) RegisterLatencyCallback(f LatencyCallbackFunc)

RegisterLatencyCallback allows you to set latency callback.

func (*EventMeter) SetLogger

func (em *EventMeter) SetLogger(l log.Logger)

SetLogger lets you set your own logger.

func (*EventMeter) Start

func (em *EventMeter) Start() error

Start boots up event meter.

func (*EventMeter) Stop

func (em *EventMeter) Stop()

Stop stops event meter.

func (*EventMeter) String

func (em *EventMeter) String() string

String returns a string representation of event meter.

func (*EventMeter) Subscribe

func (em *EventMeter) Subscribe(query string, cb EventCallbackFunc) error

Subscribe for the given query. Callback function will be called upon receiving an event.

func (*EventMeter) Unsubscribe

func (em *EventMeter) Unsubscribe(query string) error

Unsubscribe from the given query.

type EventMetric

type EventMetric struct {
	ID          string    `json:"id"`
	Started     time.Time `json:"start_time"`
	LastHeard   time.Time `json:"last_heard"`
	MinDuration int64     `json:"min_duration"`
	MaxDuration int64     `json:"max_duration"`

	// filled in from the Meter
	Count    int64   `json:"count"`
	Rate1    float64 `json:"rate_1" amino:"unsafe"`
	Rate5    float64 `json:"rate_5" amino:"unsafe"`
	Rate15   float64 `json:"rate_15" amino:"unsafe"`
	RateMean float64 `json:"rate_mean" amino:"unsafe"`
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

EventMetric exposes metrics for an event.

func (*EventMetric) Copy

func (metric *EventMetric) Copy() *EventMetric

type EventUnmarshalFunc

type EventUnmarshalFunc func(b json.RawMessage) (string, events.EventData, error)

EventUnmarshalFunc is a closure to get the query and data out of the raw JSON received over the RPC WebSocket.

type LatencyCallbackFunc

type LatencyCallbackFunc func(meanLatencyNanoSeconds float64)

LatencyCallbackFunc is a closure to enable side effects from receiving a latency.

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