Package authdbimpl implements datastore-based storage and update of AuthDB snapshots used for authorization decisions by server/auth/*.

    It uses server/auth/service to communicate with auth_service to fetch AuthDB snapshots and subscribe to PubSub notifications.

    It always uses default datastore namespace for storage, and thus auth groups are global to the service.



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    func ConfigureAuthService

    func ConfigureAuthService(ctx context.Context, baseURL, authServiceURL string) error

      ConfigureAuthService makes initial fetch of AuthDB snapshot from the auth service and sets up PubSub subscription.

      `baseURL` is root URL of currently running service, will be used to derive PubSub push endpoint URL.

      If `authServiceURL` is blank, disables the fetching.

      func GetAuthDBSnapshot

      func GetAuthDBSnapshot(ctx context.Context, id string) (*protocol.AuthDB, error)

        GetAuthDBSnapshot fetches, inflates and deserializes AuthDB snapshot.

        func InstallHandlers

        func InstallHandlers(r *router.Router, base router.MiddlewareChain)

          InstallHandlers installs PubSub related HTTP handlers.


          type Snapshot

          type Snapshot struct {
          	ID string `gae:"$id"`
          	// AuthDBDeflated is zlib-compressed serialized AuthDB protobuf message.
          	AuthDBDeflated []byte `gae:",noindex"`
          	CreatedAt time.Time // when it was created on Auth service
          	FetchedAt time.Time // when it was fetched and put into the datastore
          	// contains filtered or unexported fields

            Snapshot is serialized deflated AuthDB blob with some minimal metadata.

            Root entity. Immutable. Key has the form "v1,<AuthServiceURL>,<Revision>", it's generated by SnapshotInfo.GetSnapshotID(). It is globally unique version identifier, since it includes URL of an auth service. AuthServiceURL should be not very long (~< 250 chars) for this too work.

            Currently does not get garbage collected.

            type SnapshotInfo

            type SnapshotInfo struct {
            	AuthServiceURL string `gae:",noindex"`
            	Rev            int64  `gae:",noindex"`
            	// contains filtered or unexported fields

              SnapshotInfo identifies some concrete AuthDB snapshot.

              Singleton entity. Serves as a pointer to a blob with corresponding AuthDB proto message (stored in separate Snapshot entity).

              func GetLatestSnapshotInfo

              func GetLatestSnapshotInfo(ctx context.Context) (*SnapshotInfo, error)

                GetLatestSnapshotInfo fetches SnapshotInfo singleton entity.

                If no such entity is stored, returns (nil, nil).

                func (*SnapshotInfo) GetSnapshotID

                func (si *SnapshotInfo) GetSnapshotID() string

                  GetSnapshotID returns datastore ID of the corresponding Snapshot entity.