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Published: Jan 19, 2020 | License: MIT | Module:


func AbsFloat64s

func AbsFloat64s(fs []float64) []float64

func AbsInts

func AbsInts(is []int) []int

func CalcAdjustedRMS

func CalcAdjustedRMS(cleanRMS float64, snr float64) (noiseRMS float64)

func CalcMSE

func CalcMSE(a []float64, b []float64) (float64, error)

func CalcRMS

func CalcRMS(amp []float64) float64

func Complex128sToFloat64s

func Complex128sToFloat64s(cs []complex128) []float64

func Convolve

func Convolve(xs, ys []float64) []float64

func FastConvolve

func FastConvolve(xs, ys []float64) []float64

FastConvolve - Linear fast convolution

func Float64sToComplex128s

func Float64sToComplex128s(fs []float64) []complex128

func Float64sToInts

func Float64sToInts(fs []float64) []int

func Int16sToInts

func Int16sToInts(i16s []int16) []int

func IntsToFloat64s

func IntsToFloat64s(is []int) []float64

func LinSpace

func LinSpace(start, end float64, n int) []float64

func NormToMaxInt16

func NormToMaxInt16(data []float64) []float64

func ReadCoefFromCSV

func ReadCoefFromCSV(inputPath string) (ws []float64)

func ReadDataFromCSV

func ReadDataFromCSV(inputPath string) (ds []float64, ys []float64, es []float64)

func ReadDataFromWav

func ReadDataFromWav(name string) []int

func SaveDataAsCSV

func SaveDataAsCSV(d, y, e, mse []float64, dataDir string, testName string)

func SaveDataAsWav

func SaveDataAsWav(data []float64, dataDir string, name string)

func SplitPathAndExt

func SplitPathAndExt(path string) (string, string)
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