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const (
	// Name is the provider's name.
	Name = "gcepd"

	// InstanceIDFieldProjectID is the key to retrieve the ProjectID value
	// from the InstanceID Field map.
	InstanceIDFieldProjectID = "projectID"

	// InstanceIDFieldZone is the key to retrieve the zone value from the
	// InstanceID Field map.
	InstanceIDFieldZone = "zone"

	// DiskTypeSSD indicates an SSD based disk should be created
	DiskTypeSSD = "pd-ssd"

	// DiskTypeStandard indicates a standard (non-SSD) disk
	DiskTypeStandard = "pd-standard"

	// DefaultDiskType indicates what type of disk to create by default
	DefaultDiskType = DiskTypeSSD

	// ConfigKeyfile is the key for the service account JSON credential file
	ConfigKeyfile = Name + ".keyfile"

	// ConfigZone is the key for the availability zone
	ConfigZone = Name + ".zone"

	// ConfigDefaultDiskType is the key for the default disk type to use
	ConfigDefaultDiskType = Name + ".defaultDiskType"

	// ConfigTag is the key for the tag to apply to and filter disks
	ConfigTag = Name + ".tag"

	// ConfigStatusMaxAttempts is the key for the maximum number of times
	// a volume status will be queried when waiting for an action to finish
	ConfigStatusMaxAttempts = Name + ".statusMaxAttempts"

	// ConfigStatusInitDelay is the key for the initial time duration
	// for exponential backoff
	ConfigStatusInitDelay = Name + ".statusInitialDelay"

	// ConfigStatusTimeout is the key for the time duration for a timeout
	// on how long to wait for a desired volume status to appears
	ConfigStatusTimeout = Name + ".statusTimeout"

	// ConfigConvertUnderscores is the key for a boolean flag on whether
	// incoming requests that have names with underscores should be
	// converted to dashes to satisfy GCE naming requirements
	ConfigConvertUnderscores = Name + ".convertUnderscores"


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