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const (
	PayloadSymbols = 42


This section is empty.


func NewPacketConfig

func NewPacketConfig(symbolLength int) (cfg decode.PacketConfig)


type Parser

type Parser struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewParser

func NewParser(symbolLength, decimation int, fastMag bool) (p Parser)

func (Parser) Cfg

func (p Parser) Cfg() decode.PacketConfig

func (Parser) Dec

func (p Parser) Dec() decode.Decoder

func (Parser) Filter

func (p Parser) Filter()

Perform matched filtering.

func (Parser) Parse

func (p Parser) Parse(indices []int) (msgs []parse.Message)

Given a list of indices the preamble exists at, decode and parse a message.

func (Parser) Quantize

func (p Parser) Quantize()

Determine the symbol that exists at each sample of the signal.

type R900

type R900 struct {
	ID          uint32 `xml:",attr"` // 32 bits
	Unkn1       uint8  `xml:",attr"` // 8 bits
	NoUse       uint8  `xml:",attr"` // 6 bits, day bins of no use
	BackFlow    uint8  `xml:",attr"` // 2 bits, backflow past 35d hi/lo
	Consumption uint32 `xml:",attr"` // 24 bits
	Unkn3       uint8  `xml:",attr"` // 2 bits
	Leak        uint8  `xml:",attr"` // 4 bits, day bins of leak
	LeakNow     uint8  `xml:",attr"` // 2 bits, leak past 24h hi/lo


func (R900) MeterID

func (r900 R900) MeterID() uint32

func (R900) MeterType

func (r900 R900) MeterType() uint8

func (R900) MsgType

func (r900 R900) MsgType() string

func (R900) Record

func (r900 R900) Record() (r []string)

func (R900) String

func (r900 R900) String() string


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Package gf implements arithmetic over Galois Fields.
Package gf implements arithmetic over Galois Fields.

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