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var DefaultLogger = NewNopLogger()

    DefaultLogger is the default logger.


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    type Field

    type Field = zapcore.Field

      Field is the logger field.

      func Duration

      func Duration(k string, d time.Duration) Field

        Duration appends a duration field.

        func Error

        func Error(v error) Field

          Error appends an error field.

          func Float64

          func Float64(key string, val float64) Field

            Float64 appends a float64 field.

            func Int

            func Int(k string, i int) Field

              Int appends an int field.

              func Int64

              func Int64(k string, i int64) Field

                Int64 appends an int64 field.

                func Object

                func Object(key string, val zapcore.ObjectMarshaler) Field

                  Object appends an object field with implements ObjectMarshaler interface.

                  func String

                  func String(k, v string) Field

                    String appends a string field.

                    func Time

                    func Time(key string, val time.Time) Field

                      Time appends a time field.

                      type Logger

                      type Logger interface {
                      	Panic(context.Context, string, ...Field)
                      	Info(context.Context, string, ...Field)
                      	Error(context.Context, string, ...Field)
                      	Debug(context.Context, string, ...Field)
                      	Sync() error
                      	With(fields ...Field) Logger

                        Logger is the standart logger interface.

                        func NewDevelopmentLogger

                        func NewDevelopmentLogger() (Logger, error)

                          NewDevelopmentLogger initializes a development logger.

                          func NewNopLogger

                          func NewNopLogger() Logger

                            NewNopLogger initializes a noop logger.

                            func NewProductionLogger

                            func NewProductionLogger() (Logger, error)

                              NewProductionLogger initializes a production logger.

                              type ObjectEncoder

                              type ObjectEncoder = zapcore.ObjectEncoder

                                ObjectEncoder is the logger representation of a structure.

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