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GoCryptoTrader package Request

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This request package is part of the GoCryptoTrader codebase.

This is still in active development

You can track ideas, planned features and what's in progresss on this Trello board:

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Current Features for request

  • This package services the exchanges package with request handling.
    • Throttling of requests for an individual exchange
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Please feel free to submit any pull requests or suggest any desired features to be added.

When submitting a PR, please abide by our coding guidelines:

  • Code must adhere to the official Go formatting guidelines (i.e. uses gofmt).
  • Code must be documented adhering to the official Go commentary guidelines.
  • Code must adhere to our coding style.
  • Pull requests need to be based on and opened against the master branch.


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func IsValidMethod

func IsValidMethod(method string) bool

IsValidMethod returns whether the supplied method is supported


type Job

type Job struct {
	Request       *http.Request
	Method        string
	Path          string
	Headers       map[string]string
	Body          io.Reader
	Result        interface{}
	JobResult     chan *JobResult
	AuthRequest   bool
	Verbose       bool
	HTTPDebugging bool

Job holds a request job

type JobResult

type JobResult struct {
	Error  error
	Result interface{}

JobResult holds a request job result

type RateLimit

type RateLimit struct {
	Duration time.Duration
	Rate     int
	Requests int
	Mutex    sync.Mutex

RateLimit struct

func NewRateLimit

func NewRateLimit(d time.Duration, rate int) *RateLimit

NewRateLimit creates a new RateLimit

func (*RateLimit) GetDuration

func (r *RateLimit) GetDuration() time.Duration

GetDuration gets the duration for the ratelimit

func (*RateLimit) GetRate

func (r *RateLimit) GetRate() int

GetRate returns the ratelimit rate

func (*RateLimit) GetRequests

func (r *RateLimit) GetRequests() int

GetRequests returns the number of requests for the ratelimit

func (*RateLimit) SetDuration

func (r *RateLimit) SetDuration(d time.Duration)

SetDuration sets the duration for the ratelimit

func (*RateLimit) SetRate

func (r *RateLimit) SetRate(rate int)

SetRate sets the ratelimit rate

func (*RateLimit) SetRequests

func (r *RateLimit) SetRequests(l int)

SetRequests sets requests counter for the rateliit

func (*RateLimit) ToString

func (r *RateLimit) ToString() string

ToString returns the rate limiter in string notation

type Requester

type Requester struct {
	HTTPClient  *http.Client
	UnauthLimit *RateLimit
	AuthLimit   *RateLimit
	Name        string
	UserAgent   string
	Cycle       time.Time

	Jobs chan Job

	WorkerStarted bool
	Nonce         nonce.Nonce
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Requester struct for the request client

func New

func New(name string, authLimit, unauthLimit *RateLimit, httpRequester *http.Client) *Requester

New returns a new Requester

func (*Requester) DecrementRequests

func (r *Requester) DecrementRequests(auth bool)

DecrementRequests decrements the ratelimiter request counter for either auth or unauth requests

func (*Requester) DoRequest

func (r *Requester) DoRequest(req *http.Request, path string, body io.Reader, result interface{}, authRequest, verbose, httpDebug bool) error

DoRequest performs a HTTP/HTTPS request with the supplied params

func (*Requester) GetNonce

func (r *Requester) GetNonce(isNano bool) nonce.Value

GetNonce returns a nonce for requests. This locks and enforces concurrent nonce FIFO on the buffered job channel

func (*Requester) GetNonceMilli

func (r *Requester) GetNonceMilli() nonce.Value

GetNonceMilli returns a nonce for requests. This locks and enforces concurrent nonce FIFO on the buffered job channel this is for millisecond

func (*Requester) GetRateLimit

func (r *Requester) GetRateLimit(auth bool) *RateLimit

GetRateLimit gets the request Requester ratelimiter

func (*Requester) IncrementRequests

func (r *Requester) IncrementRequests(auth bool)

IncrementRequests increments the ratelimiter request counter for either auth or unauth requests

func (*Requester) IsRateLimited

func (r *Requester) IsRateLimited(auth bool) bool

IsRateLimited returns whether or not the request Requester is rate limited

func (*Requester) IsValidCycle

func (r *Requester) IsValidCycle(auth bool) bool

IsValidCycle checks to see whether the current request cycle is valid or not

func (*Requester) RequiresRateLimiter

func (r *Requester) RequiresRateLimiter() bool

RequiresRateLimiter returns whether or not the request Requester requires a rate limiter

func (*Requester) SendPayload

func (r *Requester) SendPayload(method, path string, headers map[string]string, body io.Reader, result interface{}, authRequest, nonceEnabled, verbose, httpDebugging bool) error

SendPayload handles sending HTTP/HTTPS requests

func (*Requester) SetProxy

func (r *Requester) SetProxy(p *url.URL) error

SetProxy sets a proxy address to the client transport

func (*Requester) SetRateLimit

func (r *Requester) SetRateLimit(auth bool, duration time.Duration, rate int)

SetRateLimit sets the request Requester ratelimiter

func (*Requester) SetTimeoutRetryAttempts

func (r *Requester) SetTimeoutRetryAttempts(n int) error

SetTimeoutRetryAttempts sets the amount of times the job will be retried if it times out

func (*Requester) StartCycle

func (r *Requester) StartCycle()

StartCycle restarts the cycle time and requests counters

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