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Flist module

How to run the tests of this module

Because 0-fs requires root permission to mount the filesystems, you need to run the tests using the root user

An easy way to configure your system to have all your user GOPATH in the root directory is to create a symlink to /root/go. Because if $GOPATH is not set, go automatically use $HOME/go

ln -s $GOPATH /root/go

Then to the tests:

go test -v

RPC test

Because RPC tests requires to have a local redis running, RPC tests are not run by default. In order to run the RPC test, you need to have redis running and listening on port 6379 and pass the -rpc flag to the go test command.

go test -v -rpc




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var ErrAlreadyMounted = errors.New("path is already mounted")

ErrAlreadyMounted is returned when checking if a path has already something mounted on it


func New

func New(root string, storage pkg.VolumeAllocater) pkg.Flister

New creates a new flistModule


type Cleaner added in v0.4.0

type Cleaner interface {
	// MountsCleaner runs the clean process, MountsCleaner should be
	// blocking. Caller then can do `go MountsCleaner()` to run it in the background
	MountsCleaner(ctx context.Context, every time.Duration)
	CacheCleaner(ctx context.Context, every time.Duration, age time.Duration)

Cleaner interface, implementer of this interface can start a cleaner job

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