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const (
	LoggerTrackingKey = "logger-tracking"


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func NewGORMLogger

func NewGORMLogger(config gorm.Config) gorm.Interface

func WithFormatter

func WithFormatter(level logrus.Level)

func WithTracking

func WithTracking(ctx context.Context, trackingInfo TrackingInfo) context.Context


type GORMLogger

type GORMLogger struct {
	Config       gorm.Config
	InfoStr      string
	WarnStr      string
	ErrStr       string
	TraceStr     string
	TraceWarnStr string
	TraceErrStr  string

func (*GORMLogger) Error

func (g *GORMLogger) Error(ctx context.Context, msg string, data ...interface{})

func (*GORMLogger) Info

func (g *GORMLogger) Info(ctx context.Context, msg string, data ...interface{})

func (*GORMLogger) LogMode

func (g *GORMLogger) LogMode(level gorm.LogLevel) gorm.Interface

func (*GORMLogger) Printf

func (g *GORMLogger) Printf(ctx context.Context, msg string, data ...interface{})

func (*GORMLogger) Trace

func (g *GORMLogger) Trace(ctx context.Context, begin time.Time, fc func() (string, int64), err error)

func (*GORMLogger) Warn

func (g *GORMLogger) Warn(ctx context.Context, msg string, data ...interface{})

type Logger

type Logger struct {

func GetLogger

func GetLogger(ctx context.Context) (context.Context, *Logger)

func NewLogger

func NewLogger() *Logger

func (*Logger) Debug

func (l *Logger) Debug(args ...interface{})

func (*Logger) Debugf

func (l *Logger) Debugf(format string, args ...interface{})

func (*Logger) Debugln

func (l *Logger) Debugln(args ...interface{})

func (*Logger) Error

func (l *Logger) Error(args ...interface{})

func (*Logger) Errorf

func (l *Logger) Errorf(format string, args ...interface{})

func (*Logger) Errorln

func (l *Logger) Errorln(args ...interface{})

func (*Logger) Fatal

func (l *Logger) Fatal(args ...interface{})

func (*Logger) Fatalf

func (l *Logger) Fatalf(format string, args ...interface{})

func (*Logger) Fatalln

func (l *Logger) Fatalln(args ...interface{})

func (*Logger) Info

func (l *Logger) Info(args ...interface{})

func (*Logger) Infof

func (l *Logger) Infof(format string, args ...interface{})

func (*Logger) Infoln

func (l *Logger) Infoln(args ...interface{})

func (*Logger) Log

func (l *Logger) Log(level logrus.Level, args ...interface{})

func (*Logger) Logf

func (l *Logger) Logf(level logrus.Level, format string, args ...interface{})

func (*Logger) Logln

func (l *Logger) Logln(level logrus.Level, args ...interface{})

func (*Logger) Panic

func (l *Logger) Panic(args ...interface{})

func (*Logger) Panicf

func (l *Logger) Panicf(format string, args ...interface{})

func (*Logger) Panicln

func (l *Logger) Panicln(args ...interface{})

func (*Logger) Trace

func (l *Logger) Trace(args ...interface{})

func (*Logger) Tracef

func (l *Logger) Tracef(format string, args ...interface{})

func (*Logger) Traceln

func (l *Logger) Traceln(args ...interface{})

func (*Logger) Warn

func (l *Logger) Warn(args ...interface{})

func (*Logger) Warnf

func (l *Logger) Warnf(format string, args ...interface{})

func (*Logger) Warnln

func (l *Logger) Warnln(args ...interface{})

func (*Logger) WithField

func (l *Logger) WithField(key string, value interface{}) *Logger

func (*Logger) WithFields

func (l *Logger) WithFields(fields logrus.Fields) *Logger

func (*Logger) WithTrackingID

func (l *Logger) WithTrackingID(id string) *Logger

type TrackingInfo

type TrackingInfo interface {
	GetSessionID() string
	GetUserID() string

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