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func NewHTTPProxyHandler

func NewHTTPProxyHandler() http.Handler

NewHTTPProxyHandler creates an http.Handler that serves as a TiKV client proxy.


type HandlerWithConfig

type HandlerWithConfig struct {
	Config *config.Config

func NewHTTPProxyHandlerWithConfig

func NewHTTPProxyHandlerWithConfig() HandlerWithConfig

NewHTTPProxyHandlerWithConfig creates an http.Handler with the config pointer, users can set the config through it.

type RawRequest

type RawRequest struct {
	PDAddrs  []string `json:"pd_addrs,omitempty"`  // for new
	Key      []byte   `json:"key,omitempty"`       // for get, put, delete
	Keys     [][]byte `json:"keys,omitempty"`      // for batchGet, batchPut, batchDelete
	Value    []byte   `json:"value,omitempty"`     // for put
	Values   [][]byte `json:"values,omitmepty"`    // for batchPut
	StartKey []byte   `json:"start_key,omitempty"` // for scan, deleteRange
	EndKey   []byte   `json:"end_key,omitempty"`   // for scan, deleteRange
	Limit    int      `json:"limit,omitempty"`     // for scan

RawRequest is the structure of a rawkv request that the http proxy accepts.

type RawResponse

type RawResponse struct {
	ID     string   `json:"id,omitempty"`     // for new
	Value  []byte   `json:"value,omitempty"`  // for get
	Keys   [][]byte `json:"keys,omitempty"`   // for scan
	Values [][]byte `json:"values,omitempty"` // for batchGet

RawResponse is the structure of a rawkv response that the http proxy sends.

type TxnRequest

type TxnRequest struct {
	PDAddrs    []string `json:"pd_addrs,omitempty"`    // for new
	TS         uint64   `json:"ts,omitempty"`          // for beginWithTS
	Key        []byte   `json:"key,omitempty"`         // for get, set, delete, iter, iterReverse
	Value      []byte   `json:"value,omitempty"`       // for set
	Keys       [][]byte `json:"keys,omitempty"`        // for batchGet, lockKeys
	UpperBound []byte   `json:"upper_bound,omitempty"` // for iter

TxnRequest is the structure of a txnkv request that the http proxy accepts.

type TxnResponse

type TxnResponse struct {
	ID         string   `json:"id,omitempty"`          // for new, begin, beginWithTS, iter, iterReverse
	TS         uint64   `json:"ts,omitempty"`          // for getTS
	Key        []byte   `json:"key,omitempty"`         // for iterKey
	Value      []byte   `json:"value,omitempty"`       // for get, iterValue
	Keys       [][]byte `json:"keys,omitempty"`        // for batchGet
	Values     [][]byte `json:"values,omitempty"`      // for batchGet
	IsValid    bool     `json:"is_valid,omitempty"`    // for valid, iterValid
	IsReadOnly bool     `json:"is_readonly,omitempty"` // for isReadOnly
	Size       int      `json:"size,omitempty"`        // for size
	Length     int      `json:"length,omitempty"`      // for length

TxnResponse is the structure of a txnkv response that the http proxy sends.

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