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Package refund provides the /refunds APIs



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const (
	RefundFraudulent          stripe.RefundReason = "fraudulent"
	RefundDuplicate           stripe.RefundReason = "duplicate"
	RefundRequestedByCustomer stripe.RefundReason = "requested_by_customer"


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func Get

func Get(id string, params *stripe.RefundParams) (*stripe.Refund, error)

Get returns the details of a refund. For more details see

func New

func New(params *stripe.RefundParams) (*stripe.Refund, error)

New refunds a charge previously created. For more details see

func Update

func Update(id string, params *stripe.RefundParams) (*stripe.Refund, error)

Update updates a refund's properties. For more details see


type Client

type Client struct {
	B   stripe.Backend
	Key string

Client is used to invoke /refunds APIs.

func (Client) Get

func (c Client) Get(id string, params *stripe.RefundParams) (*stripe.Refund, error)

func (Client) List

func (c Client) List(params *stripe.RefundListParams) *Iter

func (Client) New

func (c Client) New(params *stripe.RefundParams) (*stripe.Refund, error)

func (Client) Update

func (c Client) Update(id string, params *stripe.RefundParams) (*stripe.Refund, error)

type Iter

type Iter struct {

Iter is an iterator for lists of Refunds. The embedded Iter carries methods with it; see its documentation for details.

func List

func List(params *stripe.RefundListParams) *Iter

List returns a list of refunds. For more details see

func (*Iter) Refund

func (i *Iter) Refund() *stripe.Refund

Refund returns the most recent Refund visited by a call to Next.

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