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func AddSlotPrefix

func AddSlotPrefix(c *commons.Context) error

func ApplyInfra

func ApplyInfra(c *commons.Context) error

func BeginApplicationOperation

func BeginApplicationOperation(env, appName string, ds *deploymentstate.DeploymentState, yesOverride ...bool) (*schema.ApplicationData, bool, error)

func CleanupSlots

func CleanupSlots(c *commons.Context) error

func CreateApp

func CreateApp(c *commons.Context) error

func DeleteSlotPrefix

func DeleteSlotPrefix(c *commons.Context) error

func Deploy

func Deploy(c *commons.Context) error

func DeployDestroy

func DeployDestroy(c *commons.Context) error

func DestroyInfra

func DestroyInfra(c *commons.Context) error

func DiffDeploy

func DiffDeploy(c *commons.Context) error

func DiffInfra

func DiffInfra(c *commons.Context) error

func DisableTraffic

func DisableTraffic(c *commons.Context) error

func EnableTraffic

func EnableTraffic(c *commons.Context) error

func FinishApplicationOperation

func FinishApplicationOperation(appName string, appData *schema.ApplicationData, isActive bool, outputs map[string]string,
	ds *deploymentstate.DeploymentState) error

func ListApps

func ListApps(c *commons.Context) error

func ListDeployments

func ListDeployments(c *commons.Context) error

func ListSlotPrefixes

func ListSlotPrefixes(c *commons.Context) error

func ListSlots

func ListSlots(c *commons.Context) error

func Output

func Output(c *commons.Context) error

func ShowTraffic

func ShowTraffic(c *commons.Context) error

func SlotOutput

func SlotOutput(c *commons.Context) error

func TaintUntaintDeployedResource

func TaintUntaintDeployedResource(c *commons.Context) error

func TaintUntaintInfraResource

func TaintUntaintInfraResource(c *commons.Context) error

func ValidateInfra

func ValidateInfra(c *commons.Context) error

func ValidateSlots

func ValidateSlots(c *commons.Context) error


type ApplicationTemplateVars

type ApplicationTemplateVars struct {
	AwsAccountId, Environment, AppName string

type Config

type Config struct {
	Variables map[string]interface{} `json:"variables"`

type VersionTemplateVars

type VersionTemplateVars struct {
	AwsAccountId, Environment, AppName string

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