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type Admin

type Admin struct {

func (Admin) AddCast

func (c Admin) AddCast(author, authorurl, title, tags, intro, logourl, url, shownotes string) revel.Result

func (Admin) AddCastPage

func (c Admin) AddCastPage() revel.Result

func (Admin) Casts

func (c Admin) Casts() revel.Result

func (Admin) Index

func (c Admin) Index() revel.Result

func (Admin) ModifyCast

func (c Admin) ModifyCast(id, author, authorurl, title, tags, intro, logourl, url, shownotes string) revel.Result

func (Admin) ModifyCastPage

func (c Admin) ModifyCastPage(id string) revel.Result

func (Admin) Password

func (c Admin) Password() revel.Result

func (Admin) RemoveCast

func (c Admin) RemoveCast(id string) revel.Result

func (Admin) UpdatePassword

func (c Admin) UpdatePassword(password, verify string) revel.Result

type App

type App struct {

func (App) About

func (c App) About() revel.Result

func (App) CastsList

func (c App) CastsList() revel.Result

func (App) Index

func (c App) Index() revel.Result

func (App) Login

func (c App) Login(username, password, captcha_id, captcha_value string) revel.Result

func (App) LoginView

func (c App) LoginView() revel.Result

func (App) Logout

func (c App) Logout() revel.Result

func (App) SearchTag

func (c App) SearchTag(tag string) revel.Result

func (App) ShowCast

func (c App) ShowCast(id string) revel.Result

type Captcha

type Captcha struct {

func (Captcha) GetCaptcha

func (c Captcha) GetCaptcha(captchaid string) revel.Result

func (Captcha) GetCaptchaImage

func (c Captcha) GetCaptchaImage(id string) revel.Result

type CaptchaResult

type CaptchaResult struct {
	ID       string `json:"id"`
	ImageURL string `json:"imageurl"`

type Paginator

type Paginator struct {
	Request     *http.Request
	PerPageNums int
	MaxPages    int
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewPaginator

func NewPaginator(req *http.Request, per int, nums int) *Paginator

func (*Paginator) HasNext

func (p *Paginator) HasNext() bool

func (*Paginator) HasPages

func (p *Paginator) HasPages() bool

func (*Paginator) HasPrev

func (p *Paginator) HasPrev() bool

func (*Paginator) IsActive

func (p *Paginator) IsActive(page int) bool

func (*Paginator) Nums

func (p *Paginator) Nums() int

func (*Paginator) Offset

func (p *Paginator) Offset() int

func (*Paginator) Page

func (p *Paginator) Page() int
func (p *Paginator) PageLink(page int) string

func (*Paginator) PageLinkFirst

func (p *Paginator) PageLinkFirst() (link string)

func (*Paginator) PageLinkLast

func (p *Paginator) PageLinkLast() (link string)

func (*Paginator) PageLinkNext

func (p *Paginator) PageLinkNext() (link string)

func (*Paginator) PageLinkPrev

func (p *Paginator) PageLinkPrev() (link string)

func (*Paginator) PageNums

func (p *Paginator) PageNums() int

func (*Paginator) Pages

func (p *Paginator) Pages() []int

func (*Paginator) SetNums

func (p *Paginator) SetNums(nums int)

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