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const ActuatorName = "certificate-service-lifecycle-actuator"

    ActuatorName is the name of the Certificate Service Lifecycle actuator.

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    const ControllerName = "certificate-service-lifecycle-controller"

      ControllerName is the name of the lifecycle controller.


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      var (
      	// ServiceConfig contains configuration for the certificate service.
      	ServiceConfig controllerconfig.Config


      func AddToManager

      func AddToManager(mgr manager.Manager) error

        AddToManager adds a Certificate Service Lifecycle controller to the given Controller Manager.


        type Actuator

        type Actuator interface {
        	// Reconcile the Configuration.
        	Reconcile(ctx context.Context, config config.Configuration) error

          Actuator acts upon Configuration.

          func NewActuator

          func NewActuator() Actuator

            NewActuator returns an actuator responsible for Configuration.

            type Reconciler

            type Reconciler struct {
            	// contains filtered or unexported fields

              Reconciler reconciles CertificateServiceConfig related to the certificate service.

              func NewReconciler

              func NewReconciler(actuator Actuator, name string, config config.Configuration) *Reconciler

                NewReconciler creates a new Reconciler.

                func (*Reconciler) InjectClient

                func (r *Reconciler) InjectClient(client client.Client) error

                  InjectClient injects the controller runtime client into the reconciler.

                  func (*Reconciler) InjectFunc

                  func (r *Reconciler) InjectFunc(f inject.Func) error

                    InjectFunc enables dependency injection into the actuator.

                    func (*Reconciler) InjectStopChannel

                    func (r *Reconciler) InjectStopChannel(stopCh <-chan struct{}) error

                      InjectStopChannel is an implementation for getting the respective stop channel managed by the controller-runtime.

                      func (*Reconciler) Reconcile

                      func (r *Reconciler) Reconcile(config config.Configuration) error

                        Reconcile is the reconciler function that gets executed in case there are new events for the `Configuration` which contains the configuration for the certificate service.

                        func (*Reconciler) Start

                        func (r *Reconciler) Start(stop <-chan struct{}) error

                          Start implements manager.Runnable interface.


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