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type DeploymentBuilder

type DeploymentBuilder struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewDeploymentBuilder

func NewDeploymentBuilder(logger logr.Logger, cr *androidv1alpha1.AndroidFarm, component string) *DeploymentBuilder

func (*DeploymentBuilder) Reconcile

func (d *DeploymentBuilder) Reconcile(c client.Client) error

func (*DeploymentBuilder) WithArgs

func (d *DeploymentBuilder) WithArgs(s []string) *DeploymentBuilder

func (*DeploymentBuilder) WithCommand

func (d *DeploymentBuilder) WithCommand(s []string) *DeploymentBuilder

func (*DeploymentBuilder) WithContainerSecurityContext

func (d *DeploymentBuilder) WithContainerSecurityContext(ctx *corev1.SecurityContext) *DeploymentBuilder

func (*DeploymentBuilder) WithEnvVar

func (d *DeploymentBuilder) WithEnvVar(name, value string) *DeploymentBuilder

func (*DeploymentBuilder) WithEnvVarFromSecret

func (d *DeploymentBuilder) WithEnvVarFromSecret(name, key string) *DeploymentBuilder

func (*DeploymentBuilder) WithFile

func (d *DeploymentBuilder) WithFile(path, content string) *DeploymentBuilder

func (*DeploymentBuilder) WithHeadlessService

func (d *DeploymentBuilder) WithHeadlessService() *DeploymentBuilder

func (*DeploymentBuilder) WithImage

func (d *DeploymentBuilder) WithImage(img string) *DeploymentBuilder

func (*DeploymentBuilder) WithNodeSelector

func (d *DeploymentBuilder) WithNodeSelector(selector map[string]string) *DeploymentBuilder

func (*DeploymentBuilder) WithPodSecurityContext

func (d *DeploymentBuilder) WithPodSecurityContext(ctx *corev1.PodSecurityContext) *DeploymentBuilder

func (*DeploymentBuilder) WithPort

func (d *DeploymentBuilder) WithPort(name string, port int32) *DeploymentBuilder

func (*DeploymentBuilder) WithReplicas

func (d *DeploymentBuilder) WithReplicas(i int32) *DeploymentBuilder

func (*DeploymentBuilder) WithResourceRequirements

func (d *DeploymentBuilder) WithResourceRequirements(reqs corev1.ResourceRequirements) *DeploymentBuilder

func (*DeploymentBuilder) WithRethinkDB

func (d *DeploymentBuilder) WithRethinkDB() *DeploymentBuilder

func (*DeploymentBuilder) WithSecret

func (d *DeploymentBuilder) WithSecret(name, key string) *DeploymentBuilder

func (*DeploymentBuilder) WithService

func (d *DeploymentBuilder) WithService(t string) *DeploymentBuilder

func (*DeploymentBuilder) WithServiceAnnotations

func (d *DeploymentBuilder) WithServiceAnnotations(annotations map[string]string) *DeploymentBuilder

func (*DeploymentBuilder) WithServiceMap

func (d *DeploymentBuilder) WithServiceMap(t string, mappings []map[string]int32) *DeploymentBuilder

func (*DeploymentBuilder) WithSidecar

func (d *DeploymentBuilder) WithSidecar(container corev1.Container) *DeploymentBuilder

func (*DeploymentBuilder) WithVolumes

func (d *DeploymentBuilder) WithVolumes(vols []corev1.Volume, mounts []corev1.VolumeMount) *DeploymentBuilder

func (*DeploymentBuilder) WithWait

func (d *DeploymentBuilder) WithWait() *DeploymentBuilder

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