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The uuid package can be used to generate and parse universally unique identifiers, a standardized format in the form of a 128 bit number.




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const (
	VariantNCSCompat = 0
	VariantIETF      = 2
	VariantMicrosoft = 6
	VariantFuture    = 7


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type UUID

type UUID [16]byte

func FromBytes

func FromBytes(input []byte) UUID

FromBytes converts a raw byte slice to an UUID. It will panic if the slice isn't exactly 16 bytes long.

func ParseUUID

func ParseUUID(input string) (UUID, error)

ParseUUID parses a 32 digit hexadecimal number (that might contain hypens) represanting an UUID.

func RandomUUID

func RandomUUID() UUID

RandomUUID generates a totally random UUID (version 4) as described in RFC 4122.

func TimeUUID

func TimeUUID() UUID

TimeUUID generates a new time based UUID (version 1) as described in RFC 4122. This UUID contains the MAC address of the node that generated the UUID, a timestamp and a sequence number.

func (UUID) Bytes

func (u UUID) Bytes() []byte

Bytes returns the raw byte slice for this UUID. A UUID is always 128 bits (16 bytes) long.

func (UUID) Node

func (u UUID) Node() []byte

Node extracts the MAC address of the node who generated this UUID. It will return nil if the UUID is not a time based UUID (version 1).

func (UUID) String

func (u UUID) String() string

String returns the UUID in it's canonical form, a 32 digit hexadecimal number in the form of xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx.

func (UUID) Time

func (u UUID) Time() time.Time

Time is like Timestamp, except that it returns a time.Time.

func (UUID) Timestamp

func (u UUID) Timestamp() uint64

Timestamp extracts the timestamp information from a time based UUID (version 1).

func (UUID) Variant

func (u UUID) Variant() int

Variant returns the variant of this UUID. This package will only generate UUIDs in the IETF variant.

func (UUID) Version

func (u UUID) Version() int

Version extracts the version of this UUID variant. The RFC 4122 describes five kinds of UUIDs.

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