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type DockerImageReference

type DockerImageReference struct {
	Registry  string
	Namespace string
	Name      string
	Tag       string
	ID        string

DockerImageReference points to a Docker image.

type Image

type Image struct {
	kapi.TypeMeta   `json:",inline"`
	kapi.ObjectMeta `json:"metadata,omitempty"`

	// The string that can be used to pull this image.
	DockerImageReference string `json:"dockerImageReference,omitempty"`
	// Metadata about this image
	DockerImageMetadata runtime.RawExtension `json:"dockerImageMetadata,omitempty"`
	// This attribute conveys the version of the object, which if empty defaults to "1.0"
	DockerImageMetadataVersion string `json:"dockerImageMetadataVersion,omitempty"`
	// The raw JSON of the manifest
	DockerImageManifest string `json:"dockerImageManifest,omitempty"`

Image is an immutable representation of a Docker image and metadata at a point in time.

func (*Image) IsAnAPIObject

func (*Image) IsAnAPIObject()

type ImageList

type ImageList struct {
	kapi.TypeMeta `json:",inline"`
	kapi.ListMeta `json:"metadata,omitempty"`

	Items []Image `json:"items"`

ImageList is a list of Image objects.

func (*ImageList) IsAnAPIObject

func (*ImageList) IsAnAPIObject()

type ImageStream

type ImageStream struct {
	kapi.TypeMeta   `json:",inline"`
	kapi.ObjectMeta `json:"metadata,omitempty"`

	// Spec describes the desired state of this stream
	Spec ImageStreamSpec `json:"spec"`
	// Status describes the current state of this stream
	Status ImageStreamStatus `json:"status,omitempty"`

ImageStream stores a mapping of tags to images, metadata overrides that are applied when images are tagged in a stream, and an optional reference to a Docker image repository on a registry.

func (*ImageStream) IsAnAPIObject

func (*ImageStream) IsAnAPIObject()

type ImageStreamImage

type ImageStreamImage struct {
	Image     `json:",inline"`
	ImageName string `json:"imageName"`

ImageStreamImage represents an Image that is retrieved by image name from an ImageStream.

type ImageStreamList

type ImageStreamList struct {
	kapi.TypeMeta `json:",inline"`
	kapi.ListMeta `json:"metadata,omitempty"`

	Items []ImageStream `json:"items"`

ImageStreamList is a list of ImageStream objects.

func (*ImageStreamList) IsAnAPIObject

func (*ImageStreamList) IsAnAPIObject()

type ImageStreamMapping

type ImageStreamMapping struct {
	kapi.TypeMeta   `json:",inline"`
	kapi.ObjectMeta `json:"metadata,omitempty"`

	// A Docker image.
	Image Image `json:"image"`
	// A string value this image can be located with inside the repository.
	Tag string `json:"tag"`

ImageStreamMapping represents a mapping from a single tag to a Docker image as well as the reference to the Docker image repository the image came from.

func (*ImageStreamMapping) IsAnAPIObject

func (*ImageStreamMapping) IsAnAPIObject()

type ImageStreamSpec

type ImageStreamSpec struct {
	// Optional, if specified this stream is backed by a Docker repository on this server
	DockerImageRepository string `json:"dockerImageRepository,omitempty"`
	// Tags map arbitrary string values to specific image locators
	Tags []NamedTagReference `json:"tags,omitempty"`

ImageStreamSpec represents options for ImageStreams.

type ImageStreamStatus

type ImageStreamStatus struct {
	// Represents the effective location this stream may be accessed at. May be empty until the server
	// determines where the repository is located
	DockerImageRepository string `json:"dockerImageRepository"`
	// A historical record of images associated with each tag. The first entry in the TagEvent array is
	// the currently tagged image.
	Tags []NamedTagEventList `json:"tags,omitempty"`

ImageStreamStatus contains information about the state of this image stream.

type ImageStreamTag

type ImageStreamTag struct {
	Image     `json:",inline"`
	ImageName string `json:"imageName"`

ImageStreamTag represents an Image that is retrieved by tag name from an ImageStream.

func (*ImageStreamTag) IsAnAPIObject

func (*ImageStreamTag) IsAnAPIObject()

type NamedTagEventList

type NamedTagEventList struct {
	Tag   string     `json:"tag"`
	Items []TagEvent `json:"items"`

NamedTagEventList relates a tag to its image history.

type NamedTagReference

type NamedTagReference struct {
	Name        string                `json:"name"`
	Annotations map[string]string     `json:"annotations,omitempty"`
	From        *kapi.ObjectReference `json:"from,omitempty"`

NamedTagReference specifies optional annotations for images using this tag and an optional reference to an ImageStreamTag, ImageStreamImage, or DockerImage this tag should track.

type TagEvent

type TagEvent struct {
	// When the TagEvent was created
	Created util.Time `json:"created"`
	// The string that can be used to pull this image
	DockerImageReference string `json:"dockerImageReference"`
	// The image
	Image string `json:"image"`

TagEvent is used by ImageRepositoryStatus to keep a historical record of images associated with a tag.

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