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func IsSameFile

func IsSameFile(path string, info os.FileInfo) bool

IsSameFile checks if the given File path corresponds with the FileInfo given

func ReadOpen

func ReadOpen(path string) (*os.File, error)

ReadOpen opens a file for reading only

func SafeFileRotate

func SafeFileRotate(path, tempfile string) error

SafeFileRotate safely rotates an existing file under path and replaces it with the tempfile


type File

type File struct {
	File      *os.File
	FileInfo  os.FileInfo
	Path      string
	FileState *FileState

func (*File) IsRegularFile

func (f *File) IsRegularFile() bool

Check that the file isn't a symlink, mode is regular or file is nil

func (*File) IsSameFile

func (f1 *File) IsSameFile(f2 *File) bool

Checks if the two files are the same.

type FileEvent

type FileEvent struct {
	ReadTime     time.Time
	Source       *string
	InputType    string
	DocumentType string
	Offset       int64
	Bytes        int
	Text         *string
	Fields       *map[string]string
	Fileinfo     *os.FileInfo
	IsPartial    bool
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

FileEvent is sent to the output and must contain all relevant information

func (*FileEvent) GetState

func (f *FileEvent) GetState() *FileState

Builds and returns the FileState object based on the Event info.

func (*FileEvent) SetFieldsUnderRoot

func (f *FileEvent) SetFieldsUnderRoot(fieldsUnderRoot bool)

SetFieldsUnderRoot sets whether the fields should be added top level to the output documentation (fieldsUnderRoot = true) or under a fields dictionary.

func (*FileEvent) ToMapStr

func (f *FileEvent) ToMapStr() common.MapStr

type FileState

type FileState struct {
	Source      *string `json:"source,omitempty"`
	Offset      int64   `json:"offset,omitempty"`
	FileStateOS *FileStateOS

type FileStateOS

type FileStateOS struct {
	Inode  uint64 `json:"inode,omitempty"`
	Device uint64 `json:"device,omitempty"`

func GetOSFileState

func GetOSFileState(info *os.FileInfo) *FileStateOS

GetOSFileState returns the FileStateOS for non windows systems

func (*FileStateOS) IsSame

func (fs *FileStateOS) IsSame(state *FileStateOS) bool

IsSame file checks if the files are identical

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