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type Committer

type Committer interface {

	// Commit block to the ledger
	Commit(block *common.Block) error

	// Get recent block sequence number
	LedgerHeight() (uint64, error)

	// Gets blocks with sequence numbers provided in the slice
	GetBlocks(blockSeqs []uint64) []*common.Block

	// Closes committing service

Committer is the interface supported by committers The only committer is noopssinglechain committer. The interface is intentionally sparse with the sole aim of "leave-everything-to-the-committer-for-now". As we solidify the bootstrap process and as we add more support (such as Gossip) this interface will change

type ConfigBlockEventer

type ConfigBlockEventer func(block *common.Block) error

ConfigBlockEventer callback function proto type to define action upon arrival on new configuaration update block

type LedgerCommitter

type LedgerCommitter struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

LedgerCommitter is the implementation of Committer interface it keeps the reference to the ledger to commit blocks and retrieve chain information

func NewLedgerCommitter

func NewLedgerCommitter(ledger ledger.PeerLedger, validator txvalidator.Validator) *LedgerCommitter

NewLedgerCommitter is a factory function to create an instance of the committer which passes incoming blocks via validation and commits them into the ledger.

func NewLedgerCommitterReactive

func NewLedgerCommitterReactive(ledger ledger.PeerLedger, validator txvalidator.Validator, eventer ConfigBlockEventer) *LedgerCommitter

NewLedgerCommitterReactive is a factory function to create an instance of the committer same as way as NewLedgerCommitter, while also provides an option to specify callback to be called upon new configuration block arrival and commit event

func (*LedgerCommitter) Close

func (lc *LedgerCommitter) Close()

Close the ledger

func (*LedgerCommitter) Commit

func (lc *LedgerCommitter) Commit(block *common.Block) error

Commit commits block to into the ledger Note, it is important that this always be called serially

func (*LedgerCommitter) GetBlocks

func (lc *LedgerCommitter) GetBlocks(blockSeqs []uint64) []*common.Block

GetBlocks used to retrieve blocks with sequence numbers provided in the slice

func (*LedgerCommitter) LedgerHeight

func (lc *LedgerCommitter) LedgerHeight() (uint64, error)

LedgerHeight returns recently committed block sequence number


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