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type Channel

type Channel struct {
	// HashingAlgorithmVal is returned as the result of HashingAlgorithm() if set
	HashingAlgorithmVal func([]byte) []byte
	// BlockDataHashingStructureWidthVal is returned as the result of BlockDataHashingStructureWidth()
	BlockDataHashingStructureWidthVal uint32
	// OrdererAddressesVal is returned as the result of OrdererAddresses()
	OrdererAddressesVal []string

Channel is a mock implementation of config.Channel

func (*Channel) BlockDataHashingStructureWidth

func (scm *Channel) BlockDataHashingStructureWidth() uint32

BlockDataHashingStructureWidth returns the BlockDataHashingStructureWidthVal

func (*Channel) HashingAlgorithm

func (scm *Channel) HashingAlgorithm() func([]byte) []byte

HashingAlgorithm returns the HashingAlgorithmVal if set, otherwise a fake simple hash function

func (*Channel) OrdererAddresses

func (scm *Channel) OrdererAddresses() []string

OrdererAddresses returns the OrdererAddressesVal

type Orderer

type Orderer struct {
	// ConsensusTypeVal is returned as the result of ConsensusType()
	ConsensusTypeVal string
	// BatchSizeVal is returned as the result of BatchSize()
	BatchSizeVal *ab.BatchSize
	// BatchTimeoutVal is returned as the result of BatchTimeout()
	BatchTimeoutVal time.Duration
	// KafkaBrokersVal is returned as the result of KafkaBrokers()
	KafkaBrokersVal []string
	// MaxChannelsCountVal is returns as the result of MaxChannelsCount()
	MaxChannelsCountVal uint64
	// OrganizationsVal is returned as the result of Organizations()
	OrganizationsVal map[string]config.Org

Orderer is a mock implementation of config.Orderer

func (*Orderer) BatchSize

func (scm *Orderer) BatchSize() *ab.BatchSize

BatchSize returns the BatchSizeVal

func (*Orderer) BatchTimeout

func (scm *Orderer) BatchTimeout() time.Duration

BatchTimeout returns the BatchTimeoutVal

func (*Orderer) ConsensusType

func (scm *Orderer) ConsensusType() string

ConsensusType returns the ConsensusTypeVal

func (*Orderer) KafkaBrokers

func (scm *Orderer) KafkaBrokers() []string

KafkaBrokers returns the KafkaBrokersVal

func (*Orderer) MaxChannelsCount

func (scm *Orderer) MaxChannelsCount() uint64

MaxChannelsCount returns the MaxChannelsCountVal

func (*Orderer) Organizations

func (scm *Orderer) Organizations() map[string]config.Org

Organizations returns OrganizationsVal

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