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Client for LUA API of FRITZ!Box UI

Note: This client only support calls that return JSON (some seem to return HTML they are not supported)

There does not seem to be a complete documentation of the API, the authentication and getting a sid (Session ID) is described here: []


Most of the calls seem to be using the data.lua url with a http FORM POST request. As parameters the page and session id are required (e.g.: sid=&page=engery). The result is JSON with the data needed to create the respective UI. Some calls (like inetstat_monitor.lua) seem to use GET rather than POST, the client also supports them, but prefix GET: is needed, otherwise a post is done.

Since no public documentation for the JSON format of the various pages seem to exist, you need to observe the calls made by the UI and analyse the JSON result. However the client should be generic enough to get metric and label values from all kind of nested hash and array structures contained in the JSONs.


The client was developed on a Fritzbox 7590 running on 07.21, other models or versions may behave differently so just test and see what works, but again the generic part of the client should still work as long as there is a JSON result.


Since the API is used to drive the UI, labels are translated and will be returned in the language configured in the Fritzbox. There seems to be a lang parameter but it looks like it is simply ignored. Having translated labels is annoying, therefore the clients also support renaming them based on regex. Currently the regex are defined for:

  • German

If your Fritzbox is running in another language you need to adjust them or you will receive different labels, that may not work with dashboards using them for filtering!



Package lua_client implementes client for fritzbox lua UI API



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func ParseJSON

func ParseJSON(jsonData []byte) (map[string]interface{}, error)

ParseJSON generic parser for unmarshalling into map


type LabelRename

type LabelRename struct {
	Pattern regexp.Regexp
	Name    string

LabelRename regex to replace labels to get rid of translations

type LuaMetricValue

type LuaMetricValue struct {
	Name   string
	Value  float64
	Labels map[string]string

LuaMetricValue single value retrieved from lua page

func GetMetrics

func GetMetrics(labelRenames *[]LabelRename, data map[string]interface{}, metricDef LuaMetricValueDefinition) ([]LuaMetricValue, error)

GetMetrics get metrics from parsed lua page for definition and rename labels

type LuaMetricValueDefinition

type LuaMetricValueDefinition struct {
	Path    string
	Key     string
	OkValue string
	Labels  []string

LuaMetricValueDefinition definition for a single metric

type LuaPage

type LuaPage struct {
	Path   string
	Params string

LuaPage identified by path and params

type LuaSession

type LuaSession struct {
	BaseURL     string
	Username    string
	Password    string
	SID         string
	SessionInfo SessionInfo

LuaSession for storing connection data and SID

func (*LuaSession) LoadData

func (lua *LuaSession) LoadData(page LuaPage) ([]byte, error)

LoadData load a lua bage and return content

func (*LuaSession) Login

func (lua *LuaSession) Login() error

Login perform loing and get SID

type SessionInfo

type SessionInfo struct {
	SID       string `xml:"SID"`
	Challenge string `xml:"Challenge"`
	BlockTime int    `xml:"BlockTime"`
	Rights    string `xml:"Rights"`

SessionInfo XML from login_sid.lua

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