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Published: Apr 4, 2015 License: GPL-3.0 Imports: 2 Imported by: 0



Package xdg wraps around glib's xdg directory functions, to allow retrieval of the names of config directories.



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func GetHomeDir

func GetHomeDir() string

GetHomeDir gets the current users home directory.

func GetSystemConfigDirs

func GetSystemConfigDirs() []string

GetSystemConfigDirs gets a list of the config directories of the system.

func GetSystemDataDirs

func GetSystemDataDirs() []string

GetSystemDataDirs gets a list of the data directories of the system.

func GetUserCacheDir

func GetUserCacheDir() string

GetUserCacheDir gets the current users cache directory.

func GetUserConfigDir

func GetUserConfigDir() string

GetUserConfigDir gets the current users configuration directory.

func GetUserDataDir

func GetUserDataDir() string

GetUserDataDir gets the current users data directory.

func GetUserDesktopDir

func GetUserDesktopDir() string

GetUserDesktopDir gets the current users desktop directory.

Or "$HOME/Desktop" if not set.

func GetUserDocumentsDir

func GetUserDocumentsDir() string

GetUserDocumentsDir gets the current users documents directory.

May be blank if not set.

func GetUserDownloadDir

func GetUserDownloadDir() string

GetUserDownloadDir gets the current users downloads directory.

May be blank if not set.

func GetUserMusicDir

func GetUserMusicDir() string

GetUserMusicDir gets the current users music directory.

May be blank if not set.

func GetUserPicturesDir

func GetUserPicturesDir() string

GetUserPicturesDir gets the current users pictures directory.

May be blank if not set.

func GetUserPublicShareDir

func GetUserPublicShareDir() string

GetUserPublicShareDir gets the current users public directory.

May be blank if not set.

func GetUserRuntimeDir

func GetUserRuntimeDir() string

GetUserRuntimeDir gets the current users runtime directory.

func GetUserTemplatesDir

func GetUserTemplatesDir() string

GetUserTemplatesDir gets the current users templates directory.

May be blank if not set.

func GetUserVideosDir

func GetUserVideosDir() string

GetUserVideosDir gets the current users videos directory.

May be blank if not set.


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