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const (
	EventNodeCreated         = EventType(1)
	EventNodeDeleted         = EventType(2)
	EventNodeDataChanged     = EventType(3)
	EventNodeChildrenChanged = EventType(4)

	EventSession     = EventType(-1)
	EventNotWatching = EventType(-2)
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const (
	StateUnknown           = State(-1)
	StateDisconnected      = State(0)
	StateConnecting        = State(1)
	StateSyncConnected     = State(3)
	StateAuthFailed        = State(4)
	StateConnectedReadOnly = State(5)
	StateSaslAuthenticated = State(6)
	StateExpired           = State(-112)

	StateConnected  = State(100)
	StateHasSession = State(101)
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const (
	FlagEphemeral = 1
	FlagSequence  = 2
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const (
	PermRead = 1 << iota
	PermAll = 0x1f

Constants for ACL permissions

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const (
	DefaultServerTickTime                 = 2000
	DefaultServerInitLimit                = 10
	DefaultServerSyncLimit                = 5
	DefaultServerAutoPurgeSnapRetainCount = 3
	DefaultPeerPort                       = 2888
	DefaultLeaderElectionPort             = 3888
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const (
	DefaultPort = 2181


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var (
	ErrConnectionClosed        = errors.New("zk: connection closed")
	ErrUnknown                 = errors.New("zk: unknown error")
	ErrAPIError                = errors.New("zk: api error")
	ErrNoNode                  = errors.New("zk: node does not exist")
	ErrNoAuth                  = errors.New("zk: not authenticated")
	ErrBadVersion              = errors.New("zk: version conflict")
	ErrNoChildrenForEphemerals = errors.New("zk: ephemeral nodes may not have children")
	ErrNodeExists              = errors.New("zk: node already exists")
	ErrNotEmpty                = errors.New("zk: node has children")
	ErrSessionExpired          = errors.New("zk: session has been expired by the server")
	ErrInvalidACL              = errors.New("zk: invalid ACL specified")
	ErrAuthFailed              = errors.New("zk: client authentication failed")
	ErrClosing                 = errors.New("zk: zookeeper is closing")
	ErrNothing                 = errors.New("zk: no server responsees to process")
	ErrSessionMoved            = errors.New("zk: session moved to another server, so operation is ignored")
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var (
	ErrDeadlock  = errors.New("zk: trying to acquire a lock twice")
	ErrNotLocked = errors.New("zk: not locked")
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var (
	ErrUnhandledFieldType = errors.New("zk: unhandled field type")
	ErrPtrExpected        = errors.New("zk: encode/decode expect a non-nil pointer to struct")
	ErrShortBuffer        = errors.New("zk: buffer too small")
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var ErrNoServer = errors.New("zk: could not connect to a server")


func StartTracer

func StartTracer(listenAddr, serverAddr string)


type ACL

type ACL struct {
	Perms  int32
	Scheme string
	ID     string

func AuthACL

func AuthACL(perms int32) []ACL

AuthACL produces an ACL list containing a single ACL which uses the provided permissions, with the scheme "auth", and ID "", which is used by ZooKeeper to represent any authenticated user.

func DigestACL

func DigestACL(perms int32, user, password string) []ACL

func WorldACL

func WorldACL(perms int32) []ACL

WorldACL produces an ACL list containing a single ACL which uses the provided permissions, with the scheme "world", and ID "anyone", which is used by ZooKeeper to represent any user at all.

type CheckVersionRequest

type CheckVersionRequest PathVersionRequest

type Conn

type Conn struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func Connect

func Connect(servers []string, sessionTimeout time.Duration) (*Conn, <-chan Event, error)

Connect establishes a new connection to a pool of zookeeper servers using the default net.Dialer. See ConnectWithDialer for further information about session timeout.

func ConnectWithDialer

func ConnectWithDialer(servers []string, sessionTimeout time.Duration, dialer Dialer) (*Conn, <-chan Event, error)

ConnectWithDialer establishes a new connection to a pool of zookeeper servers. The provided session timeout sets the amount of time for which a session is considered valid after losing connection to a server. Within the session timeout it's possible to reestablish a connection to a different server and keep the same session. This is means any ephemeral nodes and watches are maintained.

func (*Conn) AddAuth

func (c *Conn) AddAuth(scheme string, auth []byte) error

func (*Conn) Children

func (c *Conn) Children(path string) ([]string, *Stat, error)

func (*Conn) ChildrenW

func (c *Conn) ChildrenW(path string) ([]string, *Stat, <-chan Event, error)

func (*Conn) Close

func (c *Conn) Close()

func (*Conn) Create

func (c *Conn) Create(path string, data []byte, flags int32, acl []ACL) (string, error)

func (*Conn) CreateProtectedEphemeralSequential

func (c *Conn) CreateProtectedEphemeralSequential(path string, data []byte, acl []ACL) (string, error)

CreateProtectedEphemeralSequential fixes a race condition if the server crashes after it creates the node. On reconnect the session may still be valid so the ephemeral node still exists. Therefore, on reconnect we need to check if a node with a GUID generated on create exists.

func (*Conn) Delete

func (c *Conn) Delete(path string, version int32) error

func (*Conn) Exists

func (c *Conn) Exists(path string) (bool, *Stat, error)

func (*Conn) ExistsW

func (c *Conn) ExistsW(path string) (bool, *Stat, <-chan Event, error)

func (*Conn) Get

func (c *Conn) Get(path string) ([]byte, *Stat, error)

func (*Conn) GetACL

func (c *Conn) GetACL(path string) ([]ACL, *Stat, error)

func (*Conn) GetW

func (c *Conn) GetW(path string) ([]byte, *Stat, <-chan Event, error)

GetW returns the contents of a znode and sets a watch

func (*Conn) Multi

func (c *Conn) Multi(ops ...interface{}) ([]MultiResponse, error)

Multi executes multiple ZooKeeper operations or none of them. The provided ops must be one of *CreateRequest, *DeleteRequest, *SetDataRequest, or *CheckVersionRequest.

func (*Conn) Set

func (c *Conn) Set(path string, data []byte, version int32) (*Stat, error)

func (*Conn) SetACL

func (c *Conn) SetACL(path string, acl []ACL, version int32) (*Stat, error)

func (*Conn) State

func (c *Conn) State() State

func (*Conn) Sync

func (c *Conn) Sync(path string) (string, error)

type CreateRequest

type CreateRequest struct {
	Path  string
	Data  []byte
	Acl   []ACL
	Flags int32

type DeleteRequest

type DeleteRequest PathVersionRequest

type Dialer

type Dialer func(network, address string, timeout time.Duration) (net.Conn, error)

type ErrCode

type ErrCode int32

type ErrMissingServerConfigField

type ErrMissingServerConfigField string

func (ErrMissingServerConfigField) Error

type Event

type Event struct {
	Type  EventType
	State State
	Path  string // For non-session events, the path of the watched node.
	Err   error

type EventType

type EventType int32

func (EventType) String

func (t EventType) String() string

type Lock

type Lock struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewLock

func NewLock(c *Conn, path string, acl []ACL) *Lock

func (*Lock) Lock

func (l *Lock) Lock() error

func (*Lock) Unlock

func (l *Lock) Unlock() error

type MultiResponse

type MultiResponse struct {
	Stat   *Stat
	String string

type PathVersionRequest

type PathVersionRequest struct {
	Path    string
	Version int32

type Server

type Server struct {
	JarPath        string
	ConfigPath     string
	Stdout, Stderr io.Writer
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func (*Server) Start

func (srv *Server) Start() error

func (*Server) Stop

func (srv *Server) Stop() error

type ServerConfig

type ServerConfig struct {
	TickTime                 int    // Number of milliseconds of each tick
	InitLimit                int    // Number of ticks that the initial synchronization phase can take
	SyncLimit                int    // Number of ticks that can pass between sending a request and getting an acknowledgement
	DataDir                  string // Direcrory where the snapshot is stored
	ClientPort               int    // Port at which clients will connect
	AutoPurgeSnapRetainCount int    // Number of snapshots to retain in dataDir
	AutoPurgePurgeInterval   int    // Purge task internal in hours (0 to disable auto purge)
	Servers                  []ServerConfigServer

func (ServerConfig) Marshall

func (sc ServerConfig) Marshall(w io.Writer) error

type ServerConfigServer

type ServerConfigServer struct {
	ID                 int
	Host               string
	PeerPort           int
	LeaderElectionPort int

type SetDataRequest

type SetDataRequest struct {
	Path    string
	Data    []byte
	Version int32

type Stat

type Stat struct {
	Czxid          int64 // The zxid of the change that caused this znode to be created.
	Mzxid          int64 // The zxid of the change that last modified this znode.
	Ctime          int64 // The time in milliseconds from epoch when this znode was created.
	Mtime          int64 // The time in milliseconds from epoch when this znode was last modified.
	Version        int32 // The number of changes to the data of this znode.
	Cversion       int32 // The number of changes to the children of this znode.
	Aversion       int32 // The number of changes to the ACL of this znode.
	EphemeralOwner int64 // The session id of the owner of this znode if the znode is an ephemeral node. If it is not an ephemeral node, it will be zero.
	DataLength     int32 // The length of the data field of this znode.
	NumChildren    int32 // The number of children of this znode.
	Pzxid          int64 // last modified children

type State

type State int32

func (State) String

func (s State) String() string

type TestCluster

type TestCluster struct {
	Path    string
	Servers []TestServer

func StartTestCluster

func StartTestCluster(size int, stdout, stderr io.Writer) (*TestCluster, error)

func (*TestCluster) Connect

func (ts *TestCluster) Connect(idx int) (*Conn, error)

func (*TestCluster) ConnectAll

func (ts *TestCluster) ConnectAll() (*Conn, error)

func (*TestCluster) Stop

func (ts *TestCluster) Stop() error

type TestServer

type TestServer struct {
	Port int
	Path string
	Srv  *Server

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