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const (
	KB = 1000
	MB = 1000 * KB
	GB = 1000 * MB
	TB = 1000 * GB
	PB = 1000 * TB

	KiB = 1024
	MiB = 1024 * KiB
	GiB = 1024 * MiB
	TiB = 1024 * GiB
	PiB = 1024 * TiB

See: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Binary_prefix


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func BytesSize

func BytesSize(size float64) string

func FromHumanSize

func FromHumanSize(size string) (int64, error)

FromHumanSize returns an integer from a human-readable specification of a size using SI standard (eg. "44kB", "17MB")

func HumanDuration

func HumanDuration(d time.Duration) string

HumanDuration returns a human-readable approximation of a duration (eg. "About a minute", "4 hours ago", etc.)

func HumanSize

func HumanSize(size float64) string

HumanSize returns a human-readable approximation of a size using SI standard (eg. "44kB", "17MB")

func RAMInBytes

func RAMInBytes(size string) (int64, error)

RAMInBytes parses a human-readable string representing an amount of RAM in bytes, kibibytes, mebibytes, gibibytes, or tebibytes and returns the number of bytes, or -1 if the string is unparseable. Units are case-insensitive, and the 'b' suffix is optional.


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