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func HashData added in v0.3.0

func HashData(src io.Reader) (string, error)

func NewBufReader

func NewBufReader(r io.Reader) *bufReader

func NewBufReaderWithDrainbufAndBuffer

func NewBufReaderWithDrainbufAndBuffer(r io.Reader, drainBuffer []byte, buffer *bytes.Buffer) *bufReader

func NewReadCloserWrapper

func NewReadCloserWrapper(r io.Reader, closer func() error) io.ReadCloser

func NewReaderErrWrapper

func NewReaderErrWrapper(r io.Reader, closer func()) io.Reader

func NewWriteCloserWrapper

func NewWriteCloserWrapper(r io.Writer, closer func() error) io.WriteCloser

func NopWriteCloser

func NopWriteCloser(w io.Writer) io.WriteCloser


type NopFlusher

type NopFlusher struct{}

func (*NopFlusher) Flush

func (f *NopFlusher) Flush()

type NopWriter

type NopWriter struct{}

func (*NopWriter) Write

func (*NopWriter) Write(buf []byte) (int, error)

type WriteCounter added in v0.3.0

type WriteCounter struct {
	Count  int64
	Writer io.Writer

Wrap a concrete io.Writer and hold a count of the number of bytes written to the writer during a "session". This can be convenient when write return is masked (e.g., json.Encoder.Encode())

func NewWriteCounter added in v0.3.0

func NewWriteCounter(w io.Writer) *WriteCounter

func (*WriteCounter) Write added in v0.3.0

func (wc *WriteCounter) Write(p []byte) (count int, err error)

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