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type Card

type Card struct {
	// Rank of the card. Possible values are numbers 2-10 and J,Q,K,A
	Rank string `json:"rank"`

	// Suit of the card. Possible values are: clubs,spades,hearts,diamonds
	Suit string `json:"suit"`

type Game

type Game struct {
	// The small blind in the current round. The big blind is twice
	// the small blind
	SmallBlind int `json:"small_blind"`

	// The amount of the largest current bet from any one player
	CurrentBuyIn int `json:"current_buy_in"`

	// The size of the pot (sum of the player bets)
	Pot int `json:"pot"`

	// Minimum raise amount. To raise you have to return at least:
	//     current_buy_in - players[in_action][bet] + minimum_raise
	MinimumRaise int `json:"minimum_raise"`

	// The index of the player on the dealer button in this round
	// The first player is (dealer+1)%(players.length)
	Dealer int `json:"dealer"`

	// Number of orbits completed. (The number of times the dealer button
	// returned to the same player.)
	Orbits int `json:"orbits"`

	// The index of your player, in the players array
	InAction int `json:"in_action"`

	// An array of the players. The order stays the same during the
	// entire tournament
	Players []Player `json:"players"`

	// Finally the array of community cards.
	CommunityCards []Card `json:"community_cards"`

type Player

type Player struct {
	// Id of the player (same as the index)
	Id int `json:"id"`

	// Name specified in the tournament config
	Name string `json:"name"`

	// Status of the player:
	//   - active: the player can make bets, and win the current pot
	//   - folded: the player folded, and gave up interest in
	//       the current pot. They can return in the next round.
	//   - out: the player lost all chips, and is out of this sit'n'go
	Status string `json:"status"`

	// Version identifier returned by the player
	Version string `json:"version"`

	// Amount of chips still available for the player.
	// (Not including the chips the player bet in this round)
	Stack int `json:"stack"`

	// The amount of chips the player put into the pot
	Bet int `json:"bet"`

	// The cards of the player. This is only visible for your own player
	// except after showdown, when cards revealed are also included.
	HoleCards []Card `json:"hole_cards"`

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