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Package apigateway provides swagger for API Gateway.



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func GetLambdaURI

func GetLambdaURI(lambdaArn string) string

GetLambdaURI returns the Lambda URI


type ANYMethod

type ANYMethod struct {
	Produces                     []string                 `json:"produces"`
	Parameters                   []map[string]interface{} `json:"parameters"`
	Responses                    map[string]string        `json:"responses"`
	XAmazonAPIGatewayIntegration APIIntegration           `json:"x-amazon-apigateway-integration"`

ANYMethod provides is a part of th API Gateway swagger, it instructs the API to handle any HTTP method on an APIPath

type APIInfo

type APIInfo struct {
	Version string `json:"version"`
	Title   string `json:"title"`

APIInfo provides is a part of th API Gateway swagger

type APIIntegration

type APIIntegration struct {
	URI                 string                       `json:"uri"`
	Responses           map[string]map[string]string `json:"responses"`
	PassthroughBehavior string                       `json:"passthroughBehavior"`
	HTTPMethod          string                       `json:"httpMethod"`
	CacheNamespace      string                       `json:"cacheNamespace"`
	CacheKeyParameters  []string                     `json:"cacheKeyParameters"`
	Type                string                       `json:"type"`
	TimeoutMs           int                          `json:"timeoutInMillis"`

APIIntegration provides is a part of th API Gateway swagger

type APIPath

type APIPath struct {
	XAmazonAPIGatwayAnyMethod ANYMethod `json:"x-amazon-apigateway-any-method"`

APIPath provides is a part of th API Gateway swagger

type Swagger

type Swagger struct {
	Swagger                           string             `json:"swagger"`
	Info                              APIInfo            `json:"info"`
	Host                              string             `json:"host"`
	BasePath                          string             `json:"basePath"`
	Schemes                           []string           `json:"schemes"`
	Paths                             map[string]APIPath `json:"paths"`
	XAmazonAPIGatewayBinaryMediaTypes []string           `json:"x-amazon-apigateway-binary-media-types"`

Swagger defines an AWS API Gateway Lambda Proxy swagger definition More info here: https://docs.aws.amazon.com/apigateway/latest/developerguide/api-gateway-swagger-extensions.html

func NewSwagger

func NewSwagger(cfg *SwaggerConfig) (Swagger, error)

NewSwagger creates a new Swagger struct with some default values

type SwaggerConfig

type SwaggerConfig struct {
	Title             string
	LambdaURI         string
	CacheNamespace    string
	Version           string
	ResourceTimeoutMs int

SwaggerConfig holds configuration values for NewSwagger() TODO: Probably want to a more comprehensive field for mapping XAmazonAPIGatewayIntegration values with defaults, etc. For now, "ResourceTimeoutMs" is really XAmazonAPIGatewayIntegration.TimeoutMs which is "timeoutInMillis" in Swagger JSON to AWS.

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