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package config allows re-use of the config struct



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type BucketTrigger

type BucketTrigger struct {
	Bucket     *string
	Filters    []*s3.FilterRule
	EventNames []*string
	Disabled   bool

BucketTrigger defines options for S3 bucket notifications

type CloudWatchRuleEventPattern

type CloudWatchRuleEventPattern struct {
	Source     []string               `json:"source"`
	DetailType []string               `json:"detail-type"`
	Detail     map[string]interface{} `json:"detail"`

CloudWatchRuleEventPattern defines an event pattern (ultimately sent as JSON)

type DeploymentConfig

type DeploymentConfig struct {
	App struct {
		Name           string
		KeepBuildFiles bool
		BuildFileName  string
		BuildEnvVars   map[string]string
	AWS struct {
		Region          string
		Profile         string
		AccessKeyID     string
		SecretAccessKey string
	Lambda struct {
		Wrapper              string
		Runtime              string
		Handler              string
		FunctionName         string
		Alias                string
		Description          string
		MemorySize           int64
		Role                 string
		Timeout              int64
		SourceZip            string
		EnvironmentVariables map[string]*string
		KMSKeyArn            string
		VPC                  struct {
			SecurityGroups []string
			Subnets        []string
		TraceMode               string
		MaxConcurrentExecutions int64
	API struct {
		Name              string
		Description       string
		Cache             bool
		CacheSize         string
		Stages            map[string]DeploymentStage
		ResourceTimeoutMs int
		BinaryMediaTypes  []*string
	BucketTriggers []BucketTrigger
	SESRules       []SESRule
	Queues         []SQS

DeploymentConfig holds the AWS Lambda configuration

type DeploymentStage

type DeploymentStage struct {
	Name        string
	Description string
	Variables   map[string]interface{}
	Cache       bool
	CacheSize   string

DeploymentStage defines an API Gateway stage and holds configuration options for it

type PolicyStatement

type PolicyStatement struct {
	Sid       string             `json:"Sid"`
	Effect    string             `json:"Effect"`
	Principal StatementPrincipal `json:"Principal"`
	Action    interface{}        `json:"Action"`   // can be string or []string
	Resource  interface{}        `json:"Resource"` // can be string or []string
	Condition StatementCondition `json:"Condition"`

PolicyStatement defines a generic AWS policy statement

type S3BucketPolicy

type S3BucketPolicy struct {
	Version   string            `json:"Version"`
	ID        string            `json:"Id"`
	Statement []PolicyStatement `json:"Statement"`

S3BucketPolicy defines a generic bucket policy

	"Version": "2012-10-17",
	"Id": "default",
	"Statement": [
		"Sid": "<optional>",
		"Effect": "Allow",
		"Principal": {
		  "Service": ""
		"Action": "lambda:InvokeFunction",
		"Resource": "<ArnToYourFunction>",
		"Condition": {
		  "StringEquals": {
			"AWS:SourceAccount": "<YourAccountId>"
		  "ArnLike": {
			"AWS:SourceArn": "arn:aws:s3:::<YourBucketName>"

type SESRule

type SESRule struct {
	RuleName          string   `json:"ruleName"`
	Enabled           bool     `json:"enabled"`
	RequireTLS        bool     `json:"requireTLS"`
	ScanEnabled       bool     `json:"scanEnabled"`
	RuleSet           string   `json:"ruleSet"`
	InvocationType    string   `json:"invocationType"` // either Event or RequestResponse
	SNSTopicArn       string   `json:"snsTopicArn"`
	Recipients        []string `json:"recipients"`
	S3Bucket          string   `json:"s3Bucket"`
	S3ObjectKeyPrefix string   `json:"s3ObjectKeyPrefix"`
	S3EncryptMessage  bool     `json:"s3encryptMessage"`
	S3KMSKeyArn       string   `json:"s3KMSKeyArn"`
	S3SNSTopicArn     string   `json:"s3SNSTopicArn"`

SESRule defines options for an SES Recipeint Rule

type SQS

type SQS struct {
	Name       string                 `json:"name"`
	Attributes map[string]interface{} `json:"attributes"`

SQS defines optiosn for an SQS queue

type StatementCondition

type StatementCondition struct {
	StringEquals map[string]string `json:"StringEquals"`

StatementCondition defines a generic AWS policy statement condition (TODO: Add more fields as needed)

type StatementPrincipal

type StatementPrincipal struct {
	Service string `json:"Service"`

StatementPrincipal defines a generic AWS policy statement principal (TODO: see what else there is besides Service in here)

type Task

type Task struct {
	Schedule    string          `json:"schedule"`
	Input       json.RawMessage `json:"input"`
	Disabled    bool            `json:"disabled"`
	Description string          `json:"description"`
	Name        string          `json:"-"` // Do not allow names to be set by JSON files (for now)

Task defines options for a CloudWatch event rule (scheduled task)

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