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type CompareFunc

type CompareFunc func(a Item, b Item) bool

CompareFunc is a function to sort nodes in a queue

type Item

type Item interface {
	DeepCopy() Item
	Equals(Item) bool
	Priority() int

Item is an interface for the nodes to be stored in a queue

type IteratorFunc

type IteratorFunc func(Item)

IteratorFunc is a function to be used for each item in the queue

type SortedUniqueList

type SortedUniqueList struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

SortedUniqueList is a kind of priority queues, whose nodes are sorted Also, uniqueness of the node is guaranteed

func NewSortedUniqueQueue

func NewSortedUniqueQueue(compareFunc CompareFunc) *SortedUniqueList

NewSortedUniqueQueue is a constructor for the SortedUniqueList

func (*SortedUniqueList) Add

func (q *SortedUniqueList) Add(item Item)

Add a node to the SortedUniqueList

func (*SortedUniqueList) Delete

func (q *SortedUniqueList) Delete(i Item)

Delete deletes a node from the queue

func (*SortedUniqueList) First

func (q *SortedUniqueList) First() Item

First retrieves the first node in the queue

func (*SortedUniqueList) ForEach

func (q *SortedUniqueList) ForEach(iteratorFunc IteratorFunc)

ForEach runs IteratorFunc for each item in the queue

func (*SortedUniqueList) Len

func (q *SortedUniqueList) Len() int

Len returns the length of the queue

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