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package tcpreaderwrapper wraps a gopacket tcpassembly.tcpreader.ReaderStream and holds recent resassemblies to fetch timing information

Package tcpreaderwrapper wraps a gopacket tcpassembly.tcpreader.ReaderStream



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type ReaderStreamWrapper

type ReaderStreamWrapper struct {
	Reassemblies []ReassemblyInfo

func NewReaderStreamWrapper

func NewReaderStreamWrapper() ReaderStreamWrapper

NewReaderStream returns a new ReaderStreamWrapper object.

func (*ReaderStreamWrapper) Reassembled

func (r *ReaderStreamWrapper) Reassembled(reassembly []tcpassembly.Reassembly)

Reassembled implements tcpassembly.Stream's Reassembled function.

type ReassemblyInfo

type ReassemblyInfo struct {
	// Bytes is number of bytes in the next reassembled part of the associated
	// Stream.
	NumBytes int
	// Skip is set to non-zero if bytes were skipped between this and the
	// last Reassembly.  If this is the first packet in a connection and we
	// didn't see the start, we have no idea how many bytes we skipped, so
	// we set it to -1.  Otherwise, it's set to the number of bytes skipped.
	Skip int
	// Start is set if this set of bytes has a TCP SYN accompanying it.
	Start bool
	// End is set if this set of bytes has a TCP FIN or RST accompanying it.
	End bool
	// Seen is the timestamp this set of bytes was pulled off the wire.
	Seen time.Time

ReassemblyInfo represents the metadata about a tcpassembly.Reassembly (it does not store the actual bytes) It duplicates the fields from Reassembly but stores number of bytes instead of actual bytes

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