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type ItemReferencesAndVersionsType

type ItemReferencesAndVersionsType struct {

	// qualifies the type of the reference used. Code set to define
	ReferenceType formats.AlphaNumericString_Length1To3 `xml:"referenceType,omitempty"` // minOccurs="0"

	// Tattoo number : It is in fact the TST display number.
	UniqueReference *formats.NumericInteger_Length1To5 `xml:"uniqueReference,omitempty"` // minOccurs="0"

type PsaList

type PsaList struct {

	// Reference of the fare selected. A fare may have been calculated by Fare Quote for several passengers but there is still the possibility to create a TST only for a part of these passengers.
	ItemReference *ItemReferencesAndVersionsType `xml:"itemReference"`

	// Reference information on passengers.
	PaxReference *ReferenceInformationTypeI `xml:"paxReference,omitempty"` // minOccurs="0"

type ReferenceInformationTypeI

type ReferenceInformationTypeI struct {

	// Passenger/segment/TST/fare reference details
	RefDetails []*ReferencingDetailsTypeI `xml:"refDetails,omitempty"` // minOccurs="0" maxOccurs="99"

type ReferencingDetailsTypeI

type ReferencingDetailsTypeI struct {

	// Qualifyer of the reference (Pax/Seg/Tst/Fare tattoo)
	RefQualifier formats.AlphaNumericString_Length1To3 `xml:"refQualifier,omitempty"` // minOccurs="0"

	// Passenger/segment/TST/fare tattoo reference number
	RefNumber *formats.NumericInteger_Length1To5 `xml:"refNumber,omitempty"` // minOccurs="0"

type ReservationControlInformationDetailsTypeI

type ReservationControlInformationDetailsTypeI struct {

	// Record locator.
	ControlNumber formats.AlphaNumericString_Length1To20 `xml:"controlNumber"`

type ReservationControlInformationTypeI

type ReservationControlInformationTypeI struct {

	// Reservation control information
	ReservationInformation *ReservationControlInformationDetailsTypeI `xml:"reservationInformation"`

type TicketCreateTSTFromPricing

type TicketCreateTSTFromPricing struct {
	XMLName xml.Name `xml:"http://xml.amadeus.com/TAUTCQ_04_1_1A Ticket_CreateTSTFromPricing"`

	// PNR record locator information for this transaction. This PNR record locator is used for tracing purpose, no internal retrieve.
	PnrLocatorData *ReservationControlInformationTypeI `xml:"pnrLocatorData,omitempty"` // minOccurs="0"

	PsaList []*PsaList `xml:"psaList"` // maxOccurs="1980"

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