Toolkit with less dependency.




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const TXDEF_BUFFER_LEN = 1000


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var AESDecrypt = TKX.AESDecrypt
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var AESEncrypt = TKX.AESEncrypt
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var AddDebug = TKX.AddDebug
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var AddDebugF = TKX.AddDebugF
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var AddLastSubString = TKX.AddLastSubString
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var AnalyzeCommandLineParamter = TKX.AnalyzeCommandLineParamter
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var AnalyzeURLParams = TKX.AnalyzeURLParams
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var AppendDualLineList = TKX.AppendDualLineList
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var AppendSimpleMapFromFile = TKX.AppendSimpleMapFromFile
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var AppendStringToFile = TKX.AppendStringToFile
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var BitXor = TKX.BitXor
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var ByteSliceToStringDec = TKX.ByteSliceToStringDec
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var ByteToHex = TKX.ByteToHex
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var BytesToHex = TKX.BytesToHex
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var CalCosineSimilarityBetweenFloatsBig = TKX.CalCosineSimilarityBetweenFloatsBig
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var CheckErr = TKX.CheckErr
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var CheckErrCompact = TKX.CheckErrCompact
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var CheckErrStrf = TKX.CheckErrStrf
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var CheckErrf = TKX.CheckErrf
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var CheckError = TKX.CheckError
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var CheckErrorFunc = TKX.CheckErrorFunc
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var CheckErrorString = TKX.CheckErrorString
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var ClearDebug = TKX.ClearDebug
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var CompareTimeString = TKX.CompareTimeString
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var Contains = TKX.Contains
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var ContainsIgnoreCase = TKX.ContainsIgnoreCase
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var ContainsIn = TKX.ContainsIn
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var ContainsInStringList = TKX.ContainsInStringList
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var ConvertStringToUTF8 = TKX.ConvertStringToUTF8
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var ConvertToGB18030 = TKX.ConvertToGB18030
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var ConvertToGB18030Bytes = TKX.ConvertToGB18030Bytes
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var ConvertToUTF8 = TKX.ConvertToUTF8
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var CopyFile = TKX.CopyFile
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var CreateSimpleEvent = TKX.CreateSimpleEvent
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var CreateString = TKX.CreateString
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var CreateStringEmpty = TKX.CreateStringEmpty
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var CreateStringError = TKX.CreateStringError
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var CreateStringErrorF = TKX.CreateStringErrorF
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var CreateStringErrorFromTXError = TKX.CreateStringErrorFromTXError
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var CreateStringSimple = TKX.CreateStringSimple
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var CreateStringSuccess = TKX.CreateStringSuccess
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var CreateStringWithObject = TKX.CreateStringWithObject
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var CreateTXCollection = TKX.CreateTXCollection
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var CreateTempFile = TKX.CreateTempFile
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var DebugModeG bool = false
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var DecodeFromBase64 = TKX.DecodeFromBase64
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var DecodeHTML = TKX.DecodeHTML
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var DecodeStringCustom = TKX.DecodeStringCustom
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var DecodeStringSimple = TKX.DecodeStringSimple
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var DecodeStringUnderline = TKX.DecodeStringUnderline
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var DecryptDataByTXDEE = TKX.DecryptDataByTXDEE
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var DecryptDataByTXDEF = TKX.DecryptDataByTXDEF
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var DecryptFileByTXDEF = TKX.DecryptFileByTXDEF
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var DecryptFileByTXDEFS = TKX.DecryptFileByTXDEFS
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var DecryptFileByTXDEFStream = TKX.DecryptFileByTXDEFStream
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var DecryptFileByTXDEFStreamS = TKX.DecryptFileByTXDEFStreamS
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var DecryptStreamByTXDEF = TKX.DecryptStreamByTXDEF
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var DecryptStringByTXDEE = TKX.DecryptStringByTXDEE
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var DecryptStringByTXDEF = TKX.DecryptStringByTXDEF
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var DecryptStringByTXTE = TKX.DecryptStringByTXTE
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var DeepClone = TKX.DeepClone
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var DeepCopyFromTo = TKX.DeepCopyFromTo
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var DeleteItemInArray = TKX.DeleteItemInArray
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var DeleteItemInFloat64Array = TKX.DeleteItemInFloat64Array
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var DeleteItemInInt64Array = TKX.DeleteItemInInt64Array
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var DeleteItemInIntArray = TKX.DeleteItemInIntArray
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var DeleteItemInStringArray = TKX.DeleteItemInStringArray
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var DownloadBytes = TKX.DownloadBytes
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var DownloadFile = TKX.DownloadFile
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var DownloadPage = TKX.DownloadPage
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var DownloadPageByMap = TKX.DownloadPageByMap
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var DownloadPageUTF8 = TKX.DownloadPageUTF8
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var EncodeHTML = TKX.EncodeHTML
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var EncodeStringCustom = TKX.EncodeStringCustom
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var EncodeStringCustomEx = TKX.EncodeStringCustomEx
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var EncodeStringSimple = TKX.EncodeStringSimple
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var EncodeStringUnderline = TKX.EncodeStringUnderline
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var EncodeToBase64 = TKX.EncodeToBase64
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var EncodeToXMLString = TKX.EncodeToXMLString
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var EncryptDataByTXDEE = TKX.EncryptDataByTXDEE
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var EncryptDataByTXDEF = TKX.EncryptDataByTXDEF
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var EncryptFileByTXDEF = TKX.EncryptFileByTXDEF
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var EncryptFileByTXDEFS = TKX.EncryptFileByTXDEFS
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var EncryptFileByTXDEFStream = TKX.EncryptFileByTXDEFStream
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var EncryptFileByTXDEFStreamS = TKX.EncryptFileByTXDEFStreamS
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var EncryptFileByTXDEFWithHeader = TKX.EncryptFileByTXDEFWithHeader
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var EncryptStreamByTXDEF = TKX.EncryptStreamByTXDEF
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var EncryptStringByTXDEE = TKX.EncryptStringByTXDEE
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var EncryptStringByTXDEF = TKX.EncryptStringByTXDEF
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var EncryptStringByTXTE = TKX.EncryptStringByTXTE
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var EndsWith = TKX.EndsWith
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var EndsWithIgnoreCase = TKX.EndsWithIgnoreCase
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var EnsureBasePath = TKX.EnsureBasePath
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var EnsureMakeDirs = TKX.EnsureMakeDirs
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var EnsureMakeDirsE = TKX.EnsureMakeDirsE
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var EnsureValidFileNameX = TKX.EnsureValidFileNameX
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var ErrStr = TKX.ErrStr
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var ErrStrF = TKX.ErrStrF
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var ErrStrToErr = TKX.ErrStrToErr
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var ErrStrf = TKX.ErrStrf
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var ErrToStr = TKX.ErrToStr
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var ErrToStrF = TKX.ErrToStrF
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var Errf = TKX.Errf
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var ErrorStringToError = TKX.ErrorStringToError
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var ErrorToString = TKX.ErrorToString
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var Exit = TKX.Exit
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var FatalErr = TKX.FatalErr
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var FatalErrf = TKX.FatalErrf
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var Fatalf = TKX.Fatalf
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var FindFirstDiffIndex = TKX.FindFirstDiffIndex
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var FindSamePrefix = TKX.FindSamePrefix
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var FlattenXML = TKX.FlattenXML
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var Float32ArrayToFloat64Array = TKX.Float32ArrayToFloat64Array
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var Float64ToStr = TKX.Float64ToStr
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var FormToMap = TKX.FormToMap
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var FormatStringSliceSlice = TKX.FormatStringSliceSlice
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var FormatTime = TKX.FormatTime
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var Fpl = TKX.Fpl
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var Fpr = TKX.Fpr
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var FromJSON = TKX.FromJSON
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var FromJSONWithDefault = TKX.FromJSONWithDefault
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var FromXML = TKX.FromXML
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var FromXMLWithDefault = TKX.FromXMLWithDefault
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var GenerateErrorString = TKX.GenerateErrorString
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var GenerateErrorStringF = TKX.GenerateErrorStringF
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var GenerateErrorStringFTX = TKX.GenerateErrorStringFTX
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var GenerateErrorStringTX = TKX.GenerateErrorStringTX
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var GenerateFileListInDir = TKX.GenerateFileListInDir
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var GenerateFileListRecursively = TKX.GenerateFileListRecursively
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var GenerateFileListRecursivelyWithExclusive = TKX.GenerateFileListRecursivelyWithExclusive
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var GenerateJSONPResponse = TKX.GenerateJSONPResponse
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var GenerateJSONPResponseMix = TKX.GenerateJSONPResponseMix
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var GenerateJSONPResponseWith2Object = TKX.GenerateJSONPResponseWith2Object
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var GenerateJSONPResponseWith3Object = TKX.GenerateJSONPResponseWith3Object
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var GenerateJSONPResponseWithMore = TKX.GenerateJSONPResponseWithMore
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var GenerateJSONPResponseWithObject = TKX.GenerateJSONPResponseWithObject
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var GenerateRandomFloats = TKX.GenerateRandomFloats
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var GenerateRandomString = TKX.GenerateRandomString
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var GetAllOSParameters = TKX.GetAllOSParameters
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var GetAllParameters = TKX.GetAllParameters
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var GetAllSwitches = TKX.GetAllSwitches
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var GetApplicationPath = TKX.GetApplicationPath
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var GetAvailableFileName = TKX.GetAvailableFileName
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var GetClipText = TKX.GetClipText
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var GetClipboardTextDefaultEmpty = TKX.GetClipboardTextDefaultEmpty
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var GetClipboardTextWithDefault = TKX.GetClipboardTextWithDefault
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var GetCurrentDir = TKX.GetCurrentDir
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var GetCurrentThreadID = TKX.GetCurrentThreadID
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var GetDBConnection = TKX.GetDBConnection
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var GetDBResultArray = TKX.GetDBResultArray
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var GetDBResultString = TKX.GetDBResultString
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var GetDBRowCount = TKX.GetDBRowCount
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var GetDBRowCountCompact = TKX.GetDBRowCountCompact
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var GetDebug = TKX.GetDebug
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var GetDirOfFilePath = TKX.GetDirOfFilePath
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var GetEnv = TKX.GetEnv
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var GetErrStr = TKX.GetErrStr
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var GetErrorString = TKX.GetErrorString
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var GetErrorStringSafely = TKX.GetErrorStringSafely
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var GetFileExt = TKX.GetFileExt
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var GetFilePathSeperator = TKX.GetFilePathSeperator
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var GetFileVar = TKX.GetFileVar
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var GetFormValueWithDefaultValue = TKX.GetFormValueWithDefaultValue
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var GetGlobalEnvList = TKX.GetGlobalEnvList
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var GetGlobalEnvString = TKX.GetGlobalEnvString
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var GetInputBufferedScan = TKX.GetInputBufferedScan
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var GetInputPasswordf = TKX.GetInputPasswordf
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var GetInputf = TKX.GetInputf
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var GetJSONNode = TKX.GetJSONNode
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var GetJSONNodeAny = TKX.GetJSONNodeAny
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var GetJSONSubNode = TKX.GetJSONSubNode
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var GetJSONSubNodeAny = TKX.GetJSONSubNodeAny
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var GetLastComponentOfFilePath = TKX.GetLastComponentOfFilePath
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var GetLastComponentOfUrl = TKX.GetLastComponentOfUrl
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var GetLinesFromFile = TKX.GetLinesFromFile
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var GetLoginAuth = TKX.GetLoginAuth
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var GetMSIStringWithDefault = TKX.GetMSIStringWithDefault
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var GetMSSArrayFromXML = TKX.GetMSSArrayFromXML
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var GetNodeStringFromXML = TKX.GetNodeStringFromXML
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var GetNowDateString = TKX.GetNowDateString
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var GetNowMinutesInDay = TKX.GetNowMinutesInDay
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var GetNowTimeOnlyStringBeijing = TKX.GetNowTimeOnlyStringBeijing
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var GetNowTimeString = TKX.GetNowTimeString
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var GetNowTimeStringFormal = TKX.GetNowTimeStringFormal
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var GetNowTimeStringFormat = TKX.GetNowTimeStringFormat
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var GetNowTimeStringHourMinute = TKX.GetNowTimeStringHourMinute
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var GetOSArgs = TKX.GetOSArgs
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var GetOSArgsShort = TKX.GetOSArgsShort
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var GetOSName = TKX.GetOSName
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var GetParameter = TKX.GetParameter
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var GetParameterByIndexWithDefaultValue = TKX.GetParameterByIndexWithDefaultValue
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var GetPlainAuth = TKX.GetPlainAuth
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var GetRandomByte = TKX.GetRandomByte
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var GetRandomInt64InRange = TKX.GetRandomInt64InRange
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var GetRandomInt64LessThan = TKX.GetRandomInt64LessThan
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var GetRandomIntInRange = TKX.GetRandomIntInRange
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var GetRandomIntLessThan = TKX.GetRandomIntLessThan
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var GetRandomItem = TKX.GetRandomItem
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var GetRandomStringItem = TKX.GetRandomStringItem
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var GetRandomSubDualList = TKX.GetRandomSubDualList
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var GetRandomizeInt64ArrayCopy = TKX.GetRandomizeInt64ArrayCopy
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var GetRandomizeIntArrayCopy = TKX.GetRandomizeIntArrayCopy
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var GetRandomizeStringArrayCopy = TKX.GetRandomizeStringArrayCopy
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var GetRandomizeSubStringArrayCopy = TKX.GetRandomizeSubStringArrayCopy
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var GetRuntimeStack = TKX.GetRuntimeStack
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var GetSliceMaxLen = TKX.GetSliceMaxLen
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var GetStringSliceFilled = TKX.GetStringSliceFilled
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var GetSuccessValue = TKX.GetSuccessValue
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var GetSwitch = TKX.GetSwitch
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var GetSwitchI = TKX.GetSwitchI
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var GetSwitchWithDefaultInt64Value = TKX.GetSwitchWithDefaultInt64Value
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var GetSwitchWithDefaultIntValue = TKX.GetSwitchWithDefaultIntValue
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var GetSwitchWithDefaultValue = TKX.GetSwitchWithDefaultValue
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var GetTextFromFileOrClipboard = TKX.GetTextFromFileOrClipboard
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var GetTimeFromUnixTimeStamp = TKX.GetTimeFromUnixTimeStamp
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var GetTimeFromUnixTimeStampMid = TKX.GetTimeFromUnixTimeStampMid
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var GetTimeStamp = TKX.GetTimeStamp
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var GetTimeStampMid = TKX.GetTimeStampMid
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var GetTimeStampNano = TKX.GetTimeStampNano
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var GetTimeStringDiffMS = TKX.GetTimeStringDiffMS
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var GetUUID1 = TKX.GetUUID1
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var GetUUID4 = TKX.GetUUID4
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var GetUserInput = TKX.GetUserInput
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var GetValue = TKX.GetValue
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var GetValueOfMSS = TKX.GetValueOfMSS
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var GetVar = TKX.GetVar
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var GetVersion = TKX.GetVersion
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var GetXMLNode = TKX.GetXMLNode
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var HTMLToText = TKX.HTMLToText
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var HasGlobalEnv = TKX.HasGlobalEnv
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var HexToBytes = TKX.HexToBytes
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var HexToInt = TKX.HexToInt
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var HexToStr = TKX.HexToStr
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var HttpRequest = TKX.HttpRequest
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var IfFileExists = TKX.IfFileExists
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var IfSwitchExists = TKX.IfSwitchExists
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var IfSwitchExistsWhole = TKX.IfSwitchExistsWhole
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var IfSwitchExistsWholeI = TKX.IfSwitchExistsWholeI
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var InStrings = TKX.InStrings
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var IndexInStringList = TKX.IndexInStringList
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var IndexInStringListFromEnd = TKX.IndexInStringListFromEnd
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var Int64ArrayToFloat64Array = TKX.Int64ArrayToFloat64Array
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var Int64ToStr = TKX.Int64ToStr
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var IntToStr = TKX.IntToStr
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var IntToWYZ = TKX.IntToWYZ
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var IsDirectory = TKX.IsDirectory
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var IsEmptyTrim = TKX.IsEmptyTrim
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var IsErrStr = TKX.IsErrStr
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var IsError = TKX.IsError
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var IsErrorString = TKX.IsErrorString
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var IsFile = TKX.IsFile
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var IsFloat64NearlyEqual = TKX.IsFloat64NearlyEqual
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var IsNil = TKX.IsNil
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var IsNilOrEmpty = TKX.IsNilOrEmpty
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var IsValidEmail = TKX.IsValidEmail
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var IsYesterday = TKX.IsYesterday
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var JSONToMapStringFloat64Array = TKX.JSONToMapStringFloat64Array
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var JSONToMapStringString = TKX.JSONToMapStringString
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var JSONToMapStringStringArray = TKX.JSONToMapStringStringArray
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var JSONToObject = TKX.JSONToObject
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var JSONToObjectE = TKX.JSONToObjectE
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var JSONToStringArray = TKX.JSONToStringArray
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var JoinDualList = TKX.JoinDualList
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var JoinLines = TKX.JoinLines
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var JoinLinesBySeparator = TKX.JoinLinesBySeparator
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var JoinPath = TKX.JoinPath
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var JoinURL = TKX.JoinURL
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var KindOfValueReflect = TKX.KindOfValueReflect
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var Len64 = TKX.Len64
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var LimitPrecision = TKX.LimitPrecision
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var LoadBytes = TKX.LoadBytes
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var LoadBytesFromFileE = TKX.LoadBytesFromFileE
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var LoadDualLineList = TKX.LoadDualLineList
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var LoadDualLineListFromString = TKX.LoadDualLineListFromString
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var LoadJSONFromFile = TKX.LoadJSONFromFile
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var LoadJSONFromString = TKX.LoadJSONFromString
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var LoadJSONMapStringFloat64ArrayFromFile = TKX.LoadJSONMapStringFloat64ArrayFromFile
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var LoadMSSFromJSONFile = TKX.LoadMSSFromJSONFile
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var LoadSimpleMapFromDir = TKX.LoadSimpleMapFromDir
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var LoadSimpleMapFromFile = TKX.LoadSimpleMapFromFile
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var LoadSimpleMapFromFileE = TKX.LoadSimpleMapFromFileE
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var LoadSimpleMapFromString = TKX.LoadSimpleMapFromString
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var LoadSimpleMapFromStringE = TKX.LoadSimpleMapFromStringE
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var LoadStringFromFile = TKX.LoadStringFromFile
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var LoadStringFromFileB = TKX.LoadStringFromFileB
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var LoadStringFromFileE = TKX.LoadStringFromFileE
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var LoadStringFromFileWithDefault = TKX.LoadStringFromFileWithDefault
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var LoadStringList = TKX.LoadStringList
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var LoadStringListAsMap = TKX.LoadStringListAsMap
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var LoadStringListAsMapRemoveEmpty = TKX.LoadStringListAsMapRemoveEmpty
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var LoadStringListBuffered = TKX.LoadStringListBuffered
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var LoadStringListFromFile = TKX.LoadStringListFromFile
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var LoadStringListRemoveEmpty = TKX.LoadStringListRemoveEmpty
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var LoadStringTX = TKX.LoadStringTX
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var LogWithTime = TKX.LogWithTime
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var LogWithTimeCompact = TKX.LogWithTimeCompact
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var Ls = TKX.Ls
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var Lsr = TKX.Lsr
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var MD5Encrypt = TKX.MD5Encrypt
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var NewRandomGenerator = TKX.NewRandomGenerator
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var NewSSHClient = TKX.NewSSHClient
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var NewTK = TKX.NewTK
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var NilEmptyStringNoFloat = TKX.NilEmptyStringNoFloat
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var NilToEmptyStr = TKX.NilToEmptyStr
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var NowToFileName = TKX.NowToFileName
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var NowToStrUTC = TKX.NowToStrUTC
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var ObjectToJSON = TKX.ObjectToJSON
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var ObjectToJSONIndent = TKX.ObjectToJSONIndent
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var ParseCommandLine = TKX.ParseCommandLine
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var ParseHexColor = TKX.ParseHexColor
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var Pass = TKX.Pass
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var PickRandomItem = TKX.PickRandomItem
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var Pkcs7Padding = TKX.Pkcs7Padding
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var Pl = TKX.Pl
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var PlAndExit = TKX.PlAndExit
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var PlErr = TKX.PlErr
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var PlErrAndExit = TKX.PlErrAndExit
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var PlErrSimple = TKX.PlErrSimple
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var PlErrSimpleAndExit = TKX.PlErrSimpleAndExit
View Source
var PlErrString = TKX.PlErrString
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var PlErrWithPrefix = TKX.PlErrWithPrefix
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var PlNow = TKX.PlNow
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var PlSimpleErrorString = TKX.PlSimpleErrorString
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var PlTXErr = TKX.PlTXErr
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var PlVerbose = TKX.PlVerbose
View Source
var Pln = TKX.Pln
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var Plv = TKX.Plv
View Source
var PlvWithError = TKX.PlvWithError
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var Plvs = TKX.Plvs
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var Plvsr = TKX.Plvsr
View Source
var Plvx = TKX.Plvx
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var PostRequest = TKX.PostRequest
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var PostRequestBytesWithCookieX = TKX.PostRequestBytesWithCookieX
View Source
var PostRequestBytesWithMSSHeaderX = TKX.PostRequestBytesWithMSSHeaderX
View Source
var PostRequestBytesX = TKX.PostRequestBytesX
View Source
var PostRequestX = TKX.PostRequestX
View Source
var Pr = TKX.Pr
View Source
var Prf = TKX.Prf
View Source
var Printf = TKX.Printf
View Source
var Printfln = TKX.Printfln
View Source
var Prl = TKX.Prl
View Source
var PutRequestX = TKX.PutRequestX
View Source
var Randomize = TKX.Randomize
View Source
var ReadLineFromBufioReader = TKX.ReadLineFromBufioReader
View Source
var RegContains = TKX.RegContains
View Source
var RegContainsX = TKX.RegContainsX
View Source
var RegFindAll = TKX.RegFindAll
View Source
var RegFindAllGroups = TKX.RegFindAllGroups
View Source
var RegFindAllGroupsX = TKX.RegFindAllGroupsX
View Source
var RegFindAllX = TKX.RegFindAllX
View Source
var RegFindFirst = TKX.RegFindFirst
View Source
var RegFindFirstIndex = TKX.RegFindFirstIndex
View Source
var RegFindFirstIndexX = TKX.RegFindFirstIndexX
View Source
var RegFindFirstTX = TKX.RegFindFirstTX
View Source
var RegFindFirstX = TKX.RegFindFirstX
View Source
var RegMatch = TKX.RegMatch
View Source
var RegMatchX = TKX.RegMatchX
View Source
var RegReplace = TKX.RegReplace
View Source
var RegReplaceX = TKX.RegReplaceX
View Source
var RegSplit = TKX.RegSplit
View Source
var RegStartsWith = TKX.RegStartsWith
View Source
var RegStartsWithX = TKX.RegStartsWithX
View Source
var RemoveBOM = TKX.RemoveBOM
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var RemoveDuplicateInDualLineList = TKX.RemoveDuplicateInDualLineList
View Source
var RemoveFile = TKX.RemoveFile
View Source
var RemoveFileExt = TKX.RemoveFileExt
View Source
var RemoveGlobalEnv = TKX.RemoveGlobalEnv
View Source
var RemoveHtmlTags = TKX.RemoveHtmlTags
View Source
var RemoveHtmlTagsX = TKX.RemoveHtmlTagsX
View Source
var RemoveItemsInArray = TKX.RemoveItemsInArray
View Source
var RemoveLastSubString = TKX.RemoveLastSubString
View Source
var Replace = TKX.Replace
View Source
var ReplaceLineEnds = TKX.ReplaceLineEnds
View Source
var RequestX = TKX.RequestX
View Source
var ReshapeXML = TKX.ReshapeXML
View Source
var RestoreLineEnds = TKX.RestoreLineEnds
View Source
var RunWinFileWithSystemDefault = TKX.RunWinFileWithSystemDefault
View Source
var SafelyGetFloat64ForKeyWithDefault = TKX.SafelyGetFloat64ForKeyWithDefault
View Source
var SafelyGetIntForKeyWithDefault = TKX.SafelyGetIntForKeyWithDefault
View Source
var SafelyGetStringForKeyWithDefault = TKX.SafelyGetStringForKeyWithDefault
View Source
var SafelyGetStringInArray = TKX.SafelyGetStringInArray
View Source
var SaveBytesToFile = TKX.SaveBytesToFile
View Source
var SaveDualLineList = TKX.SaveDualLineList
View Source
var SaveJSONIndentToFile = TKX.SaveJSONIndentToFile
View Source
var SaveJSONToFile = TKX.SaveJSONToFile
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View Source
var SaveSimpleMapToFile = TKX.SaveSimpleMapToFile
View Source
var SaveStringList = TKX.SaveStringList
View Source
var SaveStringListBuffered = TKX.SaveStringListBuffered
View Source
var SaveStringListBufferedByRange = TKX.SaveStringListBufferedByRange
View Source
var SaveStringListWin = TKX.SaveStringListWin
View Source
var SaveStringToFile = TKX.SaveStringToFile
View Source
var SaveStringToFileE = TKX.SaveStringToFileE
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var SetClipText = TKX.SetClipText
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var SetFileVar = TKX.SetFileVar
View Source
var SetGlobalEnv = TKX.SetGlobalEnv
View Source
var SetLogFile = TKX.SetLogFile
View Source
var SetValue = TKX.SetValue
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var SetVar = TKX.SetVar
View Source
var ShuffleStringArray = TKX.ShuffleStringArray
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var SimpleMapToString = TKX.SimpleMapToString
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var Sleep = TKX.Sleep
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var SleepMilliSeconds = TKX.SleepMilliSeconds
View Source
var SleepSeconds = TKX.SleepSeconds
View Source
var Split = TKX.Split
View Source
var SplitLines = TKX.SplitLines
View Source
var SplitLinesRemoveEmpty = TKX.SplitLinesRemoveEmpty
View Source
var SplitN = TKX.SplitN
View Source
var Spr = TKX.Spr
View Source
var StartSocksClient = TKX.StartSocksClient
View Source
var StartSocksServer = TKX.StartSocksServer
View Source
var StartTransparentProxy = TKX.StartTransparentProxy
View Source
var StartTransparentProxy2 = TKX.StartTransparentProxy2
View Source
var StartsWith = TKX.StartsWith
View Source
var StartsWithBOM = TKX.StartsWithBOM
View Source
var StartsWithDigit = TKX.StartsWithDigit
View Source
var StartsWithIgnoreCase = TKX.StartsWithIgnoreCase
View Source
var StartsWithUpper = TKX.StartsWithUpper
View Source
var StrToBool = TKX.StrToBool
View Source
var StrToFloat64 = TKX.StrToFloat64
View Source
var StrToFloat64E = TKX.StrToFloat64E
View Source
var StrToFloat64WithDefaultValue = TKX.StrToFloat64WithDefaultValue
View Source
var StrToHex = TKX.StrToHex
View Source
var StrToInt = TKX.StrToInt
View Source
var StrToInt64 = TKX.StrToInt64
View Source
var StrToInt64WithDefaultValue = TKX.StrToInt64WithDefaultValue
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var StrToIntE = TKX.StrToIntE
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var StrToIntPositive = TKX.StrToIntPositive
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var StrToIntWithDefaultValue = TKX.StrToIntWithDefaultValue
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var StrToTime = TKX.StrToTime
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var StrToTimeByFormat = TKX.StrToTimeByFormat
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var StrToTimeCompact = TKX.StrToTimeCompact
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var StrToTimeCompactNoError = TKX.StrToTimeCompactNoError
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var StringReplace = TKX.StringReplace
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var SumBytes = TKX.SumBytes
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var SystemCmd = TKX.SystemCmd
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var TKX = &TK{Version: versionG}
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var TXResultFromString = TKX.TXResultFromString
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var TXResultFromStringE = TKX.TXResultFromStringE
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var TXResultFromStringSafely = TKX.TXResultFromStringSafely
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var TableToMSSArray = TKX.TableToMSSArray
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var TableToMSSMap = TKX.TableToMSSMap
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var TableToMSSMapArray = TKX.TableToMSSMapArray
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var TimeFormat = "2006-01-02 15:04:05"
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var TimeFormatCompact = "20060102150405"
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var TimeFormatCompact2 = "2006/01/02 15:04:05"
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var TimeFormatMS = "2006-01-02 15:04:05.000"
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var ToFloat = TKX.ToFloat
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var ToInt = TKX.ToInt
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var ToIntI = TKX.ToIntI
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var ToJSONIndent = TKX.ToJSONIndent
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var ToJSONIndentWithDefault = TKX.ToJSONIndentWithDefault
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var ToJSONWithDefault = TKX.ToJSONWithDefault
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var ToLower = TKX.ToLower
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var ToPointerFloat64Array = TKX.ToPointerFloat64Array
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var ToPointerStringArray = TKX.ToPointerStringArray
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var ToStr = TKX.ToStr
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var ToUpper = TKX.ToUpper
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var Trim = TKX.Trim
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var TrimCharSet = TKX.TrimCharSet
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var TypeOfValue = TKX.TypeOfValue
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var TypeOfValueReflect = TKX.TypeOfValueReflect
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var UrlDecode = TKX.UrlDecode
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var UrlEncode = TKX.UrlEncode
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var UrlEncode2 = TKX.UrlEncode2


This section is empty.


type ExitCallback

type ExitCallback func()

type LoginAuth

type LoginAuth struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func (*LoginAuth) Next

func (a *LoginAuth) Next(fromServer []byte, more bool) ([]byte, error)

func (*LoginAuth) Start

func (a *LoginAuth) Start(server *smtp.ServerInfo) (string, []byte, error)

type PlainAuth

type PlainAuth struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func (*PlainAuth) Next

func (a *PlainAuth) Next(fromServer []byte, more bool) ([]byte, error)

func (*PlainAuth) Start

func (a *PlainAuth) Start(server *smtp.ServerInfo) (string, []byte, error)

type RandomX

type RandomX struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

RandomX 是一个线程不安全的随机数产生器

func (*RandomX) Float64

func (p *RandomX) Float64() float64

func (*RandomX) Int

func (p *RandomX) Int() int

func (*RandomX) Int64

func (p *RandomX) Int64() int64

func (*RandomX) Int64N

func (p *RandomX) Int64N(maxA int64) int64

func (*RandomX) Randomize

func (p *RandomX) Randomize()

type ServerInfo

type ServerInfo struct {
	Name string   // SMTP server name
	TLS  bool     // using TLS, with valid certificate for Name
	Auth []string // advertised authentication mechanisms

type SimpleEvent

type SimpleEvent struct {
	Type  string
	Value string

SimpleEvent 简捷的事件结构

func (*SimpleEvent) Init

func (p *SimpleEvent) Init(typeA string, valueA string)

Init 为SimpleEvent初始化数据

type TK

type TK struct {
	Version string

func (*TK) AESDecrypt

func (pA *TK) AESDecrypt(src, key []byte) ([]byte, error)

func (*TK) AESEncrypt

func (pA *TK) AESEncrypt(src, key []byte) ([]byte, error)

func (*TK) AddDebug

func (pA *TK) AddDebug(strA string)

func (*TK) AddDebugF

func (pA *TK) AddDebugF(formatA string, argsA ...interface{})

func (*TK) AddLastSubString

func (pA *TK) AddLastSubString(strA string, subStrA string) string

func (*TK) AnalyzeCommandLineParamter

func (pA *TK) AnalyzeCommandLineParamter(cmdLineA string) []string

AnalyzeCommandLineParamter 分解命令行参数,注意如果要带双引号,需要从开始到结束都括上,例如save "-fileName=abc.txt",而不是save -fileName="abc.txt"

func (*TK) AnalyzeURLParams

func (pA *TK) AnalyzeURLParams(strA string) map[string]string

func (*TK) AppendDualLineList

func (pA *TK) AppendDualLineList(listA [][]string, fileNameA string) string

func (*TK) AppendSimpleMapFromFile

func (pA *TK) AppendSimpleMapFromFile(mapA map[string]string, fileNameA string) string

func (*TK) AppendStringToFile

func (pA *TK) AppendStringToFile(strA string, fileA string) string

func (*TK) BitXor

func (pA *TK) BitXor(p interface{}, v interface{}) interface{}

func (*TK) ByteSliceToStringDec

func (pA *TK) ByteSliceToStringDec(bufA []byte, sepA string) string

func (*TK) ByteToHex

func (pA *TK) ByteToHex(byteA byte) string

func (*TK) BytesToHex

func (pA *TK) BytesToHex(bufA []byte) string

func (*TK) CalCosineSimilarityBetweenFloatsBig

func (pA *TK) CalCosineSimilarityBetweenFloatsBig(f1, f2 []float64) float64

func (*TK) CheckErr

func (pA *TK) CheckErr(prefixA string, errA error)

func (*TK) CheckErrCompact

func (pA *TK) CheckErrCompact(errA error)

func (*TK) CheckErrStrf

func (pA *TK) CheckErrStrf(formatA string, errStrA string, argsA ...interface{})

func (*TK) CheckErrf

func (pA *TK) CheckErrf(formatA string, argsA ...interface{})

func (*TK) CheckError

func (pA *TK) CheckError(errA error, funcsA ...(func()))

func (*TK) CheckErrorFunc

func (pA *TK) CheckErrorFunc(errA error, funcA func())

func (*TK) CheckErrorString

func (pA *TK) CheckErrorString(strA string, funcsA ...(func()))

func (*TK) ClearDebug

func (pA *TK) ClearDebug()

func (*TK) CompareTimeString

func (pA *TK) CompareTimeString(str1A, str2A, formatA string) (int, error)

return: 1 if str1A > str2A, -1 if str1A < str2A, 0: equal, error if invalid format

func (*TK) Contains

func (pA *TK) Contains(strA string, subStrA string) bool

func (*TK) ContainsIgnoreCase

func (pA *TK) ContainsIgnoreCase(strA string, subStrA string) bool

func (*TK) ContainsIn

func (pA *TK) ContainsIn(strA string, subStrsA ...string) bool

func (*TK) ContainsInStringList

func (pA *TK) ContainsInStringList(strA string, strListA []string) bool

func (*TK) ConvertStringToUTF8

func (pA *TK) ConvertStringToUTF8(srcA string, srcEncA string) string

ConvertStringToUTF8 转换GB18030编码等字符串为UTF-8字符串

func (*TK) ConvertToGB18030

func (pA *TK) ConvertToGB18030(srcA string) string

ConvertToGB18030 转换UTF-8字符串为GB18030编码

func (*TK) ConvertToGB18030Bytes

func (pA *TK) ConvertToGB18030Bytes(srcA string) []byte
return dst[:nDst]


func (*TK) ConvertToUTF8

func (pA *TK) ConvertToUTF8(srcA []byte, srcEncA string) string
switch srcEncT {
case "", "GB18030", "gb18030", "GBK", "gbk", "GB2312", "gb2312":
	dst := make([]byte, len(srcA)*2)
	transformer := simplifiedchinese.GB18030.NewDecoder()
	nDst, _, err := transformer.Transform(dst, srcA, true)
	if err != nil {
		return GenerateErrorStringF("encoding failed: %v", err.Error())
	return string(dst[:nDst])
case "utf-8", "UTF-8":
	return string(srcA)
case "windows-1252", "windows1252":
	dst := make([]byte, len(srcA)*2)
	transformer := charmap.Windows1252.NewDecoder()
	nDst, _, err := transformer.Transform(dst, srcA, true)
	if err != nil {
		return GenerateErrorStringF("encoding failed: %v", srcEncA)
	return string(dst[:nDst])
	return GenerateErrorStringF("unknown encoding: %v", srcEncA)

} ConvertToUTF8 转换GB18030编码等字符串(字节形式)为UTF-8字符串

func (*TK) CopyFile

func (pA *TK) CopyFile(src, dst string, forceA bool, bufferSizeA int) error

func (*TK) CreateSimpleEvent

func (pA *TK) CreateSimpleEvent(typeA string, valueA string) *SimpleEvent

CreateSimpleEvent 创建一个SimpleEvent对象,并为其赋初值

func (*TK) CreateString

func (pA *TK) CreateString(strA string, errA string) *TXString

func (*TK) CreateStringEmpty

func (pA *TK) CreateStringEmpty() *TXString

func (*TK) CreateStringError

func (pA *TK) CreateStringError(errA string) *TXString

func (*TK) CreateStringErrorF

func (pA *TK) CreateStringErrorF(formatA string, argsA ...interface{}) *TXString

func (*TK) CreateStringErrorFromTXError

func (pA *TK) CreateStringErrorFromTXError(errA string) *TXString

func (*TK) CreateStringSimple

func (pA *TK) CreateStringSimple(strA string) *TXString

func (*TK) CreateStringSuccess

func (pA *TK) CreateStringSuccess() *TXString

func (*TK) CreateStringWithObject

func (pA *TK) CreateStringWithObject(strA string, objA interface{}) *TXString

func (*TK) CreateTXCollection

func (pA *TK) CreateTXCollection(sizeA int) *TXCollection

func (*TK) CreateTempFile

func (pA *TK) CreateTempFile(dirA string, patternA string) (string, error)

func (*TK) DecodeFromBase64

func (pA *TK) DecodeFromBase64(strA string) ([]byte, error)

func (*TK) DecodeHTML

func (pA *TK) DecodeHTML(strA string) string

func (*TK) DecodeStringCustom

func (pA *TK) DecodeStringCustom(s string, paddingsA ...byte) string

func (*TK) DecodeStringSimple

func (pA *TK) DecodeStringSimple(s string) string

func (*TK) DecodeStringUnderline

func (pA *TK) DecodeStringUnderline(s string) string

func (*TK) DecryptDataByTXDEE

func (pA *TK) DecryptDataByTXDEE(srcDataA []byte, codeA string) []byte

func (*TK) DecryptDataByTXDEF

func (pA *TK) DecryptDataByTXDEF(srcDataA []byte, codeA string) []byte

func (*TK) DecryptFileByTXDEF

func (pA *TK) DecryptFileByTXDEF(fileNameA, codeA, outputFileA string) error

func (*TK) DecryptFileByTXDEFS

func (pA *TK) DecryptFileByTXDEFS(fileNameA, codeA, outputFileA string) string

func (*TK) DecryptFileByTXDEFStream

func (pA *TK) DecryptFileByTXDEFStream(fileNameA, codeA, outputFileA string) error

func (*TK) DecryptFileByTXDEFStreamS

func (pA *TK) DecryptFileByTXDEFStreamS(fileNameA, codeA, outputFileA string) string

func (*TK) DecryptStreamByTXDEF

func (pA *TK) DecryptStreamByTXDEF(readerA io.Reader, codeA string, writerA io.Writer) error

func (*TK) DecryptStringByTXDEE

func (pA *TK) DecryptStringByTXDEE(strA, codeA string) string

func (*TK) DecryptStringByTXDEF

func (pA *TK) DecryptStringByTXDEF(strA, codeA string) string

func (*TK) DecryptStringByTXTE

func (pA *TK) DecryptStringByTXTE(strA string, codeA string) string

func (*TK) DeepClone

func (pA *TK) DeepClone(original interface{}) (copy interface{})

DeepClone deep copies original and returns the copy as an interface.

func (*TK) DeepCopyFromTo

func (pA *TK) DeepCopyFromTo(original, copy interface{}) error

DeepCopyFromTo deep copies original and assigns the copy to the copy argument (pointer).

func (*TK) DeleteItemInArray

func (pA *TK) DeleteItemInArray(aryA []interface{}, idxA int) []interface{}

DeleteItemInArray 删除切片中的某一项

func (*TK) DeleteItemInFloat64Array

func (pA *TK) DeleteItemInFloat64Array(aryA []float64, idxA int64) []float64

func (*TK) DeleteItemInInt64Array

func (pA *TK) DeleteItemInInt64Array(aryA []int64, idxA int64) []int64

func (*TK) DeleteItemInIntArray

func (pA *TK) DeleteItemInIntArray(aryA []int, idxA int) []int

DeleteItemInIntArray 删除字符串切片中的某一项

func (*TK) DeleteItemInStringArray

func (pA *TK) DeleteItemInStringArray(aryA []string, idxA int) []string

DeleteItemInStringArray 删除字符串切片中的某一项

func (*TK) DownloadBytes

func (pA *TK) DownloadBytes(urlA string) ([]byte, error)

func (*TK) DownloadFile

func (pA *TK) DownloadFile(urlA, dirA, fileNameA string, ifRenameA bool) string

func (*TK) DownloadPage

func (pA *TK) DownloadPage(urlA string, originalEncodingA string, postDataA url.Values, customHeaders string, timeoutSecsA time.Duration) string

DownloadPage download page with any encoding and convert to UTF-8

func (*TK) DownloadPageByMap

func (pA *TK) DownloadPageByMap(urlA string, originalEncodingA string, postDataA map[string]string, customHeaders string, timeoutSecsA time.Duration) string

func (*TK) DownloadPageUTF8

func (pA *TK) DownloadPageUTF8(urlA string, postDataA url.Values, customHeaders string, timeoutSecsA time.Duration, optsA ...string) string

func (*TK) EncodeHTML

func (pA *TK) EncodeHTML(strA string) string

func (*TK) EncodeStringCustom

func (pA *TK) EncodeStringCustom(strA string, paddingA byte) string

func (*TK) EncodeStringCustomEx

func (pA *TK) EncodeStringCustomEx(strA string, paddingsA ...byte) string

func (*TK) EncodeStringSimple

func (pA *TK) EncodeStringSimple(strA string) string

func (*TK) EncodeStringUnderline

func (pA *TK) EncodeStringUnderline(strA string) string

func (*TK) EncodeToBase64

func (pA *TK) EncodeToBase64(bufA []byte) string

func (*TK) EncodeToXMLString

func (pA *TK) EncodeToXMLString(strA string) string

EncodeToXMLString 转换字符串XML格式编码的字符串,例如:字符串“<as>\"!sdsdsgfde345344对方对方对法国</as>” 会编码为 “&lt;as&gt;&#34;!sdsdsgfde345344对方对方对法国&lt;/as&gt;”

func (*TK) EncryptDataByTXDEE

func (pA *TK) EncryptDataByTXDEE(srcDataA []byte, codeA string) []byte

func (*TK) EncryptDataByTXDEF

func (pA *TK) EncryptDataByTXDEF(srcDataA []byte, codeA string) []byte

func (*TK) EncryptFileByTXDEF

func (pA *TK) EncryptFileByTXDEF(fileNameA, codeA, outputFileA string) error

func (*TK) EncryptFileByTXDEFS

func (pA *TK) EncryptFileByTXDEFS(fileNameA, codeA, outputFileA string) string

func (*TK) EncryptFileByTXDEFStream

func (pA *TK) EncryptFileByTXDEFStream(fileNameA, codeA, outputFileA string) error

func (*TK) EncryptFileByTXDEFStreamS

func (pA *TK) EncryptFileByTXDEFStreamS(fileNameA, codeA, outputFileA string) string

func (*TK) EncryptFileByTXDEFWithHeader

func (pA *TK) EncryptFileByTXDEFWithHeader(fileNameA, codeA, outputFileA string) error

func (*TK) EncryptStreamByTXDEF

func (pA *TK) EncryptStreamByTXDEF(readerA io.Reader, codeA string, writerA io.Writer) error

func (*TK) EncryptStringByTXDEE

func (pA *TK) EncryptStringByTXDEE(strA, codeA string) string

func (*TK) EncryptStringByTXDEF

func (pA *TK) EncryptStringByTXDEF(strA, codeA string) string

func (*TK) EncryptStringByTXTE

func (pA *TK) EncryptStringByTXTE(strA string, codeA string) string

func (*TK) EndsWith

func (pA *TK) EndsWith(strA string, subStrA string) bool

EndsWith 检查字符串strA结尾是否是subStrA

func (*TK) EndsWithIgnoreCase

func (pA *TK) EndsWithIgnoreCase(strA string, subStrA string) bool

EndsWithIgnoreCase 检查字符串strA结尾是否是subStrA,不区分大小写

func (*TK) EnsureBasePath

func (pA *TK) EnsureBasePath(nameA string) (string, error)

EnsureBasePath make sure a base path for application is exists, otherwise create it first look for c:\nameA(Windows) or /nameA(Mac&Linux), then the application path if nameA contains ".", "/", "\\", will use it as basepath instead

func (*TK) EnsureMakeDirs

func (pA *TK) EnsureMakeDirs(pathA string) string

func (*TK) EnsureMakeDirsE

func (pA *TK) EnsureMakeDirsE(pathA string) error

func (*TK) EnsureValidFileNameX

func (pA *TK) EnsureValidFileNameX(fileNameA string) string

EnsureValidFileNameX 确保文件名合理并且长度合适

func (*TK) ErrStr

func (pA *TK) ErrStr(errStrA string) string

func (*TK) ErrStrF

func (pA *TK) ErrStrF(formatA string, argsA ...interface{}) string

func (*TK) ErrStrToErr

func (pA *TK) ErrStrToErr(strA string) error

func (*TK) ErrStrf

func (pA *TK) ErrStrf(formatA string, argsA ...interface{}) string

func (*TK) ErrToStr

func (pA *TK) ErrToStr(errA error) string

func (*TK) ErrToStrF

func (pA *TK) ErrToStrF(formatA string, errA error) string

func (*TK) Errf

func (pA *TK) Errf(formatA string, argsA ...interface{}) error

Errf wrap fmt.Errorf function

func (*TK) ErrorStringToError

func (pA *TK) ErrorStringToError(strA string) error

ErrorStringToError convert errorstring to error, if not, return nil

func (*TK) ErrorToString

func (pA *TK) ErrorToString(errA error) string

func (*TK) Exit

func (pA *TK) Exit(c

Exit usage: Exit() or Exit(number)

func (*TK) FatalErr

func (pA *TK) FatalErr(prefixA string, errA error)

func (*TK) FatalErrf

func (pA *TK) FatalErrf(formatA string, errA error)

func (*TK) Fatalf

func (pA *TK) Fatalf(formatA string, argsA ...interface{})

func (*TK) FindFirstDiffIndex

func (pA *TK) FindFirstDiffIndex(strA string, str2A string) int

func (*TK) FindSamePrefix

func (pA *TK) FindSamePrefix(strA, str2A string) string

func (*TK) FlattenXML

func (pA *TK) FlattenXML(xmlA string, nodeA string) string

func (*TK) Float32ArrayToFloat64Array

func (pA *TK) Float32ArrayToFloat64Array(aryA []float32) []float64

func (*TK) Float64ToStr

func (pA *TK) Float64ToStr(floatA float64) string

func (*TK) FormToMap

func (pA *TK) FormToMap(formA url.Values) map[string]string

func (*TK) FormatStringSliceSlice

func (pA *TK) FormatStringSliceSlice(sliceA [][]string, sepA string, lineSepA string) string

func (*TK) FormatTime

func (pA *TK) FormatTime(timeA time.Time, formatA string) string

FormatTime default format "2006-01-02 15:04:05"

func (*TK) Fpl

func (pA *TK) Fpl(wA io.Writer, formatA string, argsA ...interface{})

Fpl 类似Pl,但向流中写入(Fprintf)

func (*TK) Fpr

func (pA *TK) Fpr(wA io.Writer, formatA string, argsA ...interface{})

Fpr 类似Pr,但向流中写入(Fprintf)

func (*TK) FromJSON

func (pA *TK) FromJSON(jsonA string) (interface{}, error)

FromJson fast JSON decode

func (*TK) FromJSONWithDefault

func (pA *TK) FromJSONWithDefault(jsonA string, defaultA interface{}) interface{}

func (*TK) FromXML

func (pA *TK) FromXML(xmlA string) (interface{}, error)

func (*TK) FromXMLWithDefault

func (pA *TK) FromXMLWithDefault(xmlA string, defaultA interface{}) interface{}

func (*TK) GenerateErrorString

func (pA *TK) GenerateErrorString(errStrA string) string

GenerateErrorString 生成一个出错字符串

func (*TK) GenerateErrorStringF

func (pA *TK) GenerateErrorStringF(formatA string, argsA ...interface{}) string

GenerateErrorStringF 生成一个出错字符串,但可以加上格式,类似Printf

func (*TK) GenerateErrorStringFTX

func (pA *TK) GenerateErrorStringFTX(formatA string, argsA ...interface{}) *TXString

func (*TK) GenerateErrorStringTX

func (pA *TK) GenerateErrorStringTX(errStrA string) *TXString

func (*TK) GenerateFileListInDir

func (pA *TK) GenerateFileListInDir(dirA string, patternA string, verboseA bool) []string

func (*TK) GenerateFileListRecursively

func (pA *TK) GenerateFileListRecursively(dirA string, patternA string, verboseA bool) []string

func (*TK) GenerateFileListRecursivelyWithExclusive

func (pA *TK) GenerateFileListRecursivelyWithExclusive(dirA string, patternA string, exclusivePatternA string, verboseA bool) []string

func (*TK) GenerateJSONPResponse

func (pA *TK) GenerateJSONPResponse(statusA string, valueA string, reqA *http.Request, argsA ...string) string

func (*TK) GenerateJSONPResponseMix

func (pA *TK) GenerateJSONPResponseMix(statusA string, valueA string, reqA *http.Request, mapA map[string]string) string

func (*TK) GenerateJSONPResponseWith2Object

func (pA *TK) GenerateJSONPResponseWith2Object(statusA string, valueA string, objectA string, object2A string, reqA *http.Request) string

func (*TK) GenerateJSONPResponseWith3Object

func (pA *TK) GenerateJSONPResponseWith3Object(statusA string, valueA string, objectA string, object2A string, object3A string, reqA *http.Request) string

func (*TK) GenerateJSONPResponseWithMore

func (pA *TK) GenerateJSONPResponseWithMore(statusA string, valueA string, reqA *http.Request, argsA ...string) string

func (*TK) GenerateJSONPResponseWithObject

func (pA *TK) GenerateJSONPResponseWithObject(statusA string, valueA string, objectA string, reqA *http.Request) string

func (*TK) GenerateRandomFloats

func (pA *TK) GenerateRandomFloats(sizeA int) []float64

func (*TK) GenerateRandomString

func (pA *TK) GenerateRandomString(minCharA, maxCharA int, hasUpperA, hasLowerA, hasDigitA, hasSpecialCharA, hasSpaceA bool, hasInvalidChars bool) string

func (*TK) GetAllOSParameters

func (pA *TK) GetAllOSParameters() []string

func (*TK) GetAllParameters

func (pA *TK) GetAllParameters(argsA []string) []string

GetAllParameters 获取命令行参数中所有非开关参数

func (*TK) GetAllSwitches

func (pA *TK) GetAllSwitches(argsA []string) []string

GetAllSwitches 获取命令行参数中所有开关参数

func (*TK) GetApplicationPath

func (pA *TK) GetApplicationPath() string

func (*TK) GetAvailableFileName

func (pA *TK) GetAvailableFileName(fileNameA string) string

func (*TK) GetClipText

func (pA *TK) GetClipText() string

func (*TK) GetClipboardTextDefaultEmpty

func (pA *TK) GetClipboardTextDefaultEmpty() string

func (*TK) GetClipboardTextWithDefault

func (pA *TK) GetClipboardTextWithDefault(defaultA string) string

func (*TK) GetCurrentDir

func (pA *TK) GetCurrentDir() string

func (*TK) GetCurrentThreadID

func (pA *TK) GetCurrentThreadID() string

GetCurrentThreadID get goroutineid

func (*TK) GetDBConnection

func (pA *TK) GetDBConnection(driverA string, pathT string) *sql.DB

GetDBConnection must close it manually

func (*TK) GetDBResultArray

func (pA *TK) GetDBResultArray(dbA *sql.DB, sqlA string) ([][]string, error)

GetDBResultArray 获取类似select a from ...的多行结果

func (*TK) GetDBResultString

func (pA *TK) GetDBResultString(dbA *sql.DB, sqlA string) (string, error)

GetDBResultString 获取类似select a from ...的结果

func (*TK) GetDBRowCount

func (pA *TK) GetDBRowCount(dbA *sql.DB, sqlA string) (int, error)

GetDBRowCount 获取类似select count(*)的结果

func (*TK) GetDBRowCountCompact

func (pA *TK) GetDBRowCountCompact(dbA *sql.DB, sqlA string) int

GetDBRowCountCompact 获取类似select count(*)的结果 return < 0 if fail

func (*TK) GetDebug

func (pA *TK) GetDebug() string

func (*TK) GetDirOfFilePath

func (pA *TK) GetDirOfFilePath(pathA string) string

func (*TK) GetEnv

func (pA *TK) GetEnv(keyA string) string

GetEnv same as os.Getenv

func (*TK) GetErrStr

func (pA *TK) GetErrStr(errStrA string) string

func (*TK) GetErrorString

func (pA *TK) GetErrorString(errStrA string) string

GetErrorString 获取出错字符串中的出错原因部分

func (*TK) GetErrorStringSafely

func (pA *TK) GetErrorStringSafely(errStrA string) string

GetErrorStringSafely 获取出错字符串中的出错原因部分,如果不是出错字符串则返回原串

func (*TK) GetFileExt

func (pA *TK) GetFileExt(filePathA string) string

func (*TK) GetFilePathSeperator

func (pA *TK) GetFilePathSeperator() string

func (*TK) GetFileVar

func (pA *TK) GetFileVar(fileNameA string) interface{}

func (*TK) GetFormValueWithDefaultValue

func (pA *TK) GetFormValueWithDefaultValue(reqA *http.Request, keyA string, defaultA string) string

func (*TK) GetGlobalEnvList

func (pA *TK) GetGlobalEnvList() []string

func (*TK) GetGlobalEnvString

func (pA *TK) GetGlobalEnvString() string

func (*TK) GetInputBufferedScan

func (pA *TK) GetInputBufferedScan() string

GetInputBufferedScan 获取键盘输入

func (*TK) GetInputPasswordf

func (pA *TK) GetInputPasswordf(formatA string, aA ...interface{}) string

func (*TK) GetInputf

func (pA *TK) GetInputf(formatA string, aA ...interface{}) string

GetInputf like GetInput, but allows using printf for prompt string

func (*TK) GetJSONNode

func (pA *TK) GetJSONNode(jsonA string, pathA ...interface{}) interface{}

GetJSONNode return jsoniter.Any type as interface{}

func (*TK) GetJSONNodeAny

func (pA *TK) GetJSONNodeAny(jsonA string, pathA ...interface{}) jsoniter.Any

GetJSONNodeAny return jsoniter.Any type func Get(data []byte, path ...interface{}) Any takes interface{} as path. If string, it will lookup json map. If int, it will lookup json array. If '*', it will map to each element of array or each key of map.

func (*TK) GetJSONSubNode

func (pA *TK) GetJSONSubNode(jsonNodeA jsoniter.Any, pathA ...interface{}) interface{}

GetJSONSubNode return jsoniter.Any type as interface{}

func (*TK) GetJSONSubNodeAny

func (pA *TK) GetJSONSubNodeAny(jsonNodeA jsoniter.Any, pathA ...interface{}) jsoniter.Any

func (*TK) GetLastComponentOfFilePath

func (pA *TK) GetLastComponentOfFilePath(pathA string) string

func (*TK) GetLastComponentOfUrl

func (pA *TK) GetLastComponentOfUrl(urlA string) string

func (*TK) GetLinesFromFile

func (pA *TK) GetLinesFromFile(fileNameA string, startA int, endA int, optionsA ...string) ([]string, error)

GetLinesFromFile at least will return []string{}, avoid nil result

func (*TK) GetLoginAuth

func (pA *TK) GetLoginAuth(username, password string) smtp.Auth

func (*TK) GetMSIStringWithDefault

func (pA *TK) GetMSIStringWithDefault(mapA map[string]interface{}, keyA string, defaultA string) (result string)

func (*TK) GetMSSArrayFromXML

func (pA *TK) GetMSSArrayFromXML(xmlA string, nodeA string) ([]map[string]string, error)

func (*TK) GetMSSFromXML

func (pA *TK) GetMSSFromXML(xmlA string, nodeA string) (map[string]string, error)

func (*TK) GetNodeStringFromXML

func (pA *TK) GetNodeStringFromXML(xmlA string, nodeA string) (string, error)

func (*TK) GetNowDateString

func (pA *TK) GetNowDateString() string

GetNowDateString output likes 20150409

func (*TK) GetNowMinutesInDay

func (pA *TK) GetNowMinutesInDay() int

func (*TK) GetNowTimeOnlyStringBeijing

func (pA *TK) GetNowTimeOnlyStringBeijing() string

func (*TK) GetNowTimeString

func (pA *TK) GetNowTimeString() string

GetNowTimeString GetNowTimeString "20060102150405"

func (*TK) GetNowTimeStringFormal

func (pA *TK) GetNowTimeStringFormal() string

GetNowTimeStringFormal get the time string for now as "2020-02-02 08:09:15"

func (*TK) GetNowTimeStringFormat

func (pA *TK) GetNowTimeStringFormat(formatA string) string

GetNowTimeStringFormat GetNowTimeStringFormat "2006-01-02 15:04:05.000"

func (*TK) GetNowTimeStringHourMinute

func (pA *TK) GetNowTimeStringHourMinute() string

func (*TK) GetOSArgs

func (pA *TK) GetOSArgs() []string

GetOSArgs return os.Args

func (*TK) GetOSArgsShort

func (pA *TK) GetOSArgsShort() []string

func (*TK) GetOSName

func (pA *TK) GetOSName() string

func (*TK) GetParameter

func (pA *TK) GetParameter(argsA []string, idxA int) string

func (*TK) GetParameterByIndexWithDefaultValue

func (pA *TK) GetParameterByIndexWithDefaultValue(argsA []string, idxA int, defaultA string) string

GetParameterByIndexWithDefaultValue 按顺序序号获取命令行参数,其中0代表第一个参数,也就是软件名称或者命令名称,1开始才是第一个参数,注意参数不包括开关,即类似-verbose=true这样的

func (*TK) GetPlainAuth

func (pA *TK) GetPlainAuth(identity, username, password, host string) smtp.Auth

PlainAuth get plain auth

func (*TK) GetRandomByte

func (pA *TK) GetRandomByte() byte

func (*TK) GetRandomInt64InRange

func (pA *TK) GetRandomInt64InRange(minA int64, maxA int64) int64

func (*TK) GetRandomInt64LessThan

func (pA *TK) GetRandomInt64LessThan(maxA int64) int64

func (*TK) GetRandomIntInRange

func (pA *TK) GetRandomIntInRange(minA int, maxA int) int

GetRandomIntInRange 获取[minA-maxA]之间的随机数

func (*TK) GetRandomIntLessThan

func (pA *TK) GetRandomIntLessThan(maxA int) int

GetRandomIntLessThan 获取[0-maxA)之间的随机数

func (*TK) GetRandomItem

func (pA *TK) GetRandomItem(aryA []interface{}) interface{}

func (*TK) GetRandomStringItem

func (pA *TK) GetRandomStringItem(aryA []string) string

func (*TK) GetRandomSubDualList

func (pA *TK) GetRandomSubDualList(listA [][]string, countA int) [][]string

func (*TK) GetRandomizeInt64ArrayCopy

func (pA *TK) GetRandomizeInt64ArrayCopy(aryA []int64) []int64

func (*TK) GetRandomizeIntArrayCopy

func (pA *TK) GetRandomizeIntArrayCopy(aryA []int) []int

GetRandomizeIntArrayCopy 获得一个随机化顺序后的int数组

func (*TK) GetRandomizeStringArrayCopy

func (pA *TK) GetRandomizeStringArrayCopy(aryA []string) []string

GetRandomizeStringArrayCopy 获得一个随机化后的字符串数组

func (*TK) GetRandomizeSubStringArrayCopy

func (pA *TK) GetRandomizeSubStringArrayCopy(aryA []string, subCountA int) []string

func (*TK) GetRuntimeStack

func (pA *TK) GetRuntimeStack() string

func (*TK) GetSliceMaxLen

func (pA *TK) GetSliceMaxLen(strA string, maxBytesA int) string

func (*TK) GetStringSliceFilled

func (pA *TK) GetStringSliceFilled(filledString string, countA int) []string

func (*TK) GetSuccessValue

func (pA *TK) GetSuccessValue(strA string) string

func (*TK) GetSwitch

func (pA *TK) GetSwitch(argsA []string, switchStrA string, defaultA ...string) string

func (*TK) GetSwitchI

func (pA *TK) GetSwitchI(argsA []interface{}, switchStrA string, defaultA string) string

func (*TK) GetSwitchWithDefaultInt64Value

func (pA *TK) GetSwitchWithDefaultInt64Value(argsA []string, switchStrA string, defaultA int64) int64

func (*TK) GetSwitchWithDefaultIntValue

func (pA *TK) GetSwitchWithDefaultIntValue(argsA []string, switchStrA string, defaultA int) int

GetSwitchWithDefaultIntValue 与GetSwitchWithDefaultValue类似,返回一个整数

func (*TK) GetSwitchWithDefaultValue

func (pA *TK) GetSwitchWithDefaultValue(argsA []string, switchStrA string, defaultA string) string

GetSwitchWithDefaultValue 获取命令行参数中的开关,用法:tmps := tk.GetSwitchWithDefaultValue(args, "-verbose=", "false")

func (*TK) GetTextFromFileOrClipboard

func (pA *TK) GetTextFromFileOrClipboard(fileT string, defaultA string) string

func (*TK) GetTimeFromUnixTimeStamp

func (pA *TK) GetTimeFromUnixTimeStamp(timeStampA int64) time.Time

func (*TK) GetTimeFromUnixTimeStampMid

func (pA *TK) GetTimeFromUnixTimeStampMid(timeStampStrA string) time.Time

func (*TK) GetTimeStamp

func (pA *TK) GetTimeStamp(timeA time.Time) string

func (*TK) GetTimeStampMid

func (pA *TK) GetTimeStampMid(timeA time.Time) string

func (*TK) GetTimeStampNano

func (pA *TK) GetTimeStampNano(timeA time.Time) string

func (*TK) GetTimeStringDiffMS

func (pA *TK) GetTimeStringDiffMS(str1A, str2A, formatA string, defaultA int64) int64

func (*TK) GetUUID

func (pA *TK) GetUUID() string

func (*TK) GetUUID1

func (pA *TK) GetUUID1() string

func (*TK) GetUUID4

func (pA *TK) GetUUID4() string

func (*TK) GetUserInput

func (pA *TK) GetUserInput(promptA string) string

GetUserInput 获取键盘输入,不太可靠

func (*TK) GetValue

func (pA *TK) GetValue(p interface{}) interface{}

GetValue get a value from a pointer

func (*TK) GetValueOfMSS

func (pA *TK) GetValueOfMSS(mapA map[string]string, keyA string, defaultA string) string

GetValueOfMSS get the value for key in map[string]string returns default value if not ok

func (*TK) GetVar

func (pA *TK) GetVar(nameA string) interface{}

func (*TK) GetVersion

func (pA *TK) GetVersion() string

func (*TK) GetXMLNode

func (pA *TK) GetXMLNode(xmlA string, labelsA ...string) (*xmlx.Node, error)

GetXMLNode if no labelsA, return the root node, else return the specific node example: tk.GetXMLNode("... XML content", "envelop", "body", "anode")

func (*TK) HTMLToText

func (pA *TK) HTMLToText(htmlA string, optionsA ...string) (result string)

func (*TK) HasGlobalEnv

func (pA *TK) HasGlobalEnv(vA string) bool

func (*TK) HexToBytes

func (pA *TK) HexToBytes(strA string) []byte

func (*TK) HexToInt

func (pA *TK) HexToInt(strA string) int

HexToInt return -1 if failed

func (*TK) HexToStr

func (pA *TK) HexToStr(strA string) string

func (*TK) HttpRequest

func (pA *TK) HttpRequest(urlA string, methodA string, originalEncodingA string, postDataA url.Values, customHeaders string, timeoutSecsA time.Duration, optsA ...string) string

HttpRequest download page with any encoding and convert to UTF-8

func (*TK) IfFileExists

func (pA *TK) IfFileExists(fileNameA string) bool

IfFileExists 判断文件是否存在

func (*TK) IfSwitchExists

func (pA *TK) IfSwitchExists(argsA []string, switchStrA string) bool

IfSwitchExists 判断命令行参数中是否存在开关,用法:flag := IfSwitchExists(args, "-restart")

func (*TK) IfSwitchExistsWhole

func (pA *TK) IfSwitchExistsWhole(argsA []string, switchStrA string) bool

IfSwitchExistsWhole 判断命令行参数中是否存在开关(完整的,),用法:flag := IfSwitchExistsWhole(args, "-restart")

func (*TK) IfSwitchExistsWholeI

func (pA *TK) IfSwitchExistsWholeI(argsA []interface{}, switchStrA string) bool

func (*TK) InStrings

func (pA *TK) InStrings(strA string, argsA ...string) bool

func (*TK) IndexInStringList

func (pA *TK) IndexInStringList(strA string, strListA []string) int

func (*TK) IndexInStringListFromEnd

func (pA *TK) IndexInStringListFromEnd(strA string, strListA []string) int

func (*TK) Int64ArrayToFloat64Array

func (pA *TK) Int64ArrayToFloat64Array(aryA []int64) []float64

func (*TK) Int64ToStr

func (pA *TK) Int64ToStr(intA int64) string

func (*TK) IntToKMGT

func (pA *TK) IntToKMGT(sizeA int, formatA string) string

IntToKMGT convert a number to "3.21K", "1.2G", etc, formatA like "%.2f" if sizeA < 1024, formatA is ignored

func (*TK) IntToStr

func (pA *TK) IntToStr(intA int) string

IntToStr 整形转字符串

func (*TK) IntToWYZ

func (pA *TK) IntToWYZ(sizeA int, formatA string) string

IntToWYZ convert a number to "3.21万", "1.2亿", etc, formatA like "%.2f" if sizeA < 1024, formatA is ignored

func (*TK) IsDirectory

func (pA *TK) IsDirectory(dirNameA string) bool

IsDirectory if is directory

func (*TK) IsEmptyTrim

func (pA *TK) IsEmptyTrim(strA string) bool

func (*TK) IsErrStr

func (pA *TK) IsErrStr(errStrA string) bool

func (*TK) IsError

func (pA *TK) IsError(vA interface{}) bool

func (*TK) IsErrorString

func (pA *TK) IsErrorString(errStrA string) bool

IsErrorString 判断是否表示出错的字符串

func (*TK) IsFile

func (pA *TK) IsFile(fileNameA string) bool

IsFile if is file

func (*TK) IsFloat64NearlyEqual

func (pA *TK) IsFloat64NearlyEqual(a, b float64) bool

func (*TK) IsNil

func (pA *TK) IsNil(v interface{}) bool

func (*TK) IsNilOrEmpty

func (pA *TK) IsNilOrEmpty(v interface{}) bool

func (*TK) IsValidEmail

func (pA *TK) IsValidEmail(strA string) bool

func (*TK) IsYesterday

func (pA *TK) IsYesterday(dateStrA string, formatA string) bool

IsYesterday 判断字符串是否是昨天,formatA默认为"20060102"格式

func (*TK) JSONToMapStringFloat64Array

func (pA *TK) JSONToMapStringFloat64Array(objStrA string) map[string][]float64

func (*TK) JSONToMapStringString

func (pA *TK) JSONToMapStringString(objStrA string) map[string]string

func (*TK) JSONToMapStringStringArray

func (pA *TK) JSONToMapStringStringArray(objStrA string) []map[string]string

func (*TK) JSONToObject

func (pA *TK) JSONToObject(objStrA string) interface{}

func (*TK) JSONToObjectE

func (pA *TK) JSONToObjectE(objStrA string) (interface{}, error)

func (*TK) JSONToStringArray

func (pA *TK) JSONToStringArray(objStrA string) []string

func (*TK) JoinDualList

func (pA *TK) JoinDualList(listA [][]string, sepItemA, sepInItemA string, withLineNumberA bool) string

func (*TK) JoinLines

func (pA *TK) JoinLines(strListA []string) string

func (*TK) JoinLinesBySeparator

func (pA *TK) JoinLinesBySeparator(strListA []string, sepA string) string

func (*TK) JoinPath

func (pA *TK) JoinPath(elemA ...string) string

JoinPath same as filepath.Join

func (*TK) JoinURL

func (pA *TK) JoinURL(urlBaseA string, urlNextA string) string

JoinURL concat a base URL and a relative URL

func (*TK) KindOfValueReflect

func (pA *TK) KindOfValueReflect(vA interface{}) string

func (*TK) Len64

func (pA *TK) Len64(aryA []string) int64

Len64 返回int64结果的len

func (*TK) LimitPrecision

func (pA *TK) LimitPrecision(nA interface{}, digitA int) error

func (*TK) LoadBytes

func (pA *TK) LoadBytes(fileNameA string, numA []byte

LoadBytes LoadBytes, no numA or numA < 0 indicates read all

func (*TK) LoadBytesFromFileE

func (pA *TK) LoadBytesFromFileE(fileNameA string, numA ([]byte, error)

LoadBytesFromFileE LoadBytes, no numA or numA[0] < 0 indicates read all

func (*TK) LoadDualLineList

func (pA *TK) LoadDualLineList(fileNameA string) ([][]string, string)

func (*TK) LoadDualLineListFromString

func (pA *TK) LoadDualLineListFromString(strA string) [][]string

func (*TK) LoadJSONFromFile

func (pA *TK) LoadJSONFromFile(filePathA string, bufA interface{}) error

func (*TK) LoadJSONFromString

func (pA *TK) LoadJSONFromString(strA string, bufA interface{}) error

func (*TK) LoadJSONMapStringFloat64ArrayFromFile

func (pA *TK) LoadJSONMapStringFloat64ArrayFromFile(fileNameA string) map[string][]float64

func (*TK) LoadMSSFromJSONFile

func (pA *TK) LoadMSSFromJSONFile(filePathA string) (map[string]string, error)

func (*TK) LoadSimpleMapFromDir

func (pA *TK) LoadSimpleMapFromDir(dirA string) map[string]string

func (*TK) LoadSimpleMapFromFile

func (pA *TK) LoadSimpleMapFromFile(fileNameA string) map[string]string

func (*TK) LoadSimpleMapFromFileE

func (pA *TK) LoadSimpleMapFromFileE(fileNameA string) (map[string]string, error)

func (*TK) LoadSimpleMapFromString

func (pA *TK) LoadSimpleMapFromString(strA string) map[string]string

func (*TK) LoadSimpleMapFromStringE

func (pA *TK) LoadSimpleMapFromStringE(strA string) (map[string]string, error)

func (*TK) LoadStringFromFile

func (pA *TK) LoadStringFromFile(fileNameA string) string

LoadStringFromFile 从文件中读取整个内容到字符串中

func (*TK) LoadStringFromFileB

func (pA *TK) LoadStringFromFileB(fileNameA string) (string, bool)

func (*TK) LoadStringFromFileE

func (pA *TK) LoadStringFromFileE(fileNameA string) (string, error)

func (*TK) LoadStringFromFileWithDefault

func (pA *TK) LoadStringFromFileWithDefault(fileNameA string, defaultA string) string

LoadStringFromFileWithDefault 从文件中读取整个内容到字符串中,出现问题时返回默认字符串

func (*TK) LoadStringList

func (pA *TK) LoadStringList(fileNameA string) ([]string, string)

func (*TK) LoadStringListAsMap

func (pA *TK) LoadStringListAsMap(fileNameA string) map[string]int

func (*TK) LoadStringListAsMapRemoveEmpty

func (pA *TK) LoadStringListAsMapRemoveEmpty(fileNameA string) map[string]int

func (*TK) LoadStringListBuffered

func (pA *TK) LoadStringListBuffered(fileNameA string, trimA bool, skipEmptyA bool) ([]string, error)

func (*TK) LoadStringListFromFile

func (pA *TK) LoadStringListFromFile(fileNameA string) ([]string, error)

func (*TK) LoadStringListRemoveEmpty

func (pA *TK) LoadStringListRemoveEmpty(fileNameA string) []string

func (*TK) LoadStringTX

func (pA *TK) LoadStringTX(fileNameA string) *TXString

func (*TK) LogWithTime

func (pA *TK) LogWithTime(formatA string, argsA ...interface{})

func (*TK) LogWithTimeCompact

func (pA *TK) LogWithTimeCompact(formatA string, argsA ...interface{})

func (*TK) Ls

func (pA *TK) Ls(dirA string) []string

func (*TK) Lsr

func (pA *TK) Lsr(dirA string) []string

func (*TK) MD5Encrypt

func (pA *TK) MD5Encrypt(strA string) string

func (*TK) MSSFromJSON

func (pA *TK) MSSFromJSON(jsonA string) (map[string]string, error)

func (*TK) NewRandomGenerator

func (pA *TK) NewRandomGenerator() *RandomX

func (*TK) NewSSHClient

func (pA *TK) NewSSHClient(hostA string, portA int, userA string, passA string) (*goph.Client, error)

NewSSHClient create SSH client with fewer settings

func (*TK) NewTK

func (pA *TK) NewTK() *TK

func (*TK) NilEmptyStringNoFloat

func (pA *TK) NilEmptyStringNoFloat(vA interface{}) string

func (*TK) NilToEmptyStr

func (pA *TK) NilToEmptyStr(vA interface{}) string

func (*TK) NowToFileName

func (pA *TK) NowToFileName() string

func (*TK) NowToStrUTC

func (pA *TK) NowToStrUTC(formatA string) string

func (*TK) ObjectToJSON

func (pA *TK) ObjectToJSON(objA interface{}) string

ObjectToJSON 任意对象转换为JSON字符串

func (*TK) ObjectToJSONIndent

func (pA *TK) ObjectToJSONIndent(objA interface{}) string

func (*TK) ParseCommandLine

func (pA *TK) ParseCommandLine(commandA string) ([]string, error)

ParseCommandLine 分析命令行字符串,类似os.Args的获取过程

func (*TK) ParseHexColor

func (pA *TK) ParseHexColor(x string) (r, g, b, a int)

ParseHexColor inspired by gg

func (*TK) Pass

func (pA *TK) Pass()

func (*TK) PickRandomItem

func (pA *TK) PickRandomItem(aryA []interface{}) interface{}

func (*TK) Pkcs7Padding

func (pA *TK) Pkcs7Padding(ciphertext []byte, blockSize int) []byte

func (*TK) Pl

func (pA *TK) Pl(formatA string, argsA ...interface{})

Pl 类似Pr,但结尾会加有一个回车

func (*TK) PlAndExit

func (pA *TK) PlAndExit(formatA string, argsA ...interface{})

func (*TK) PlErr

func (pA *TK) PlErr(errA error)

func (*TK) PlErrAndExit

func (pA *TK) PlErrAndExit(errA error)

func (*TK) PlErrSimple

func (pA *TK) PlErrSimple(formatA string, argsA ...interface{})

PrlErrSimple 输出错误信息,结尾加一个回车

func (*TK) PlErrSimpleAndExit

func (pA *TK) PlErrSimpleAndExit(formatA string, argsA ...interface{})

func (*TK) PlErrString

func (pA *TK) PlErrString(strA string)

func (*TK) PlErrWithPrefix

func (pA *TK) PlErrWithPrefix(prefixA string, errA error)

func (*TK) PlNow

func (pA *TK) PlNow(formatA string, argsA ...interface{})

PlNow 类似Pl,但前面会加有当前时间标记

func (*TK) PlSimpleErrorString

func (pA *TK) PlSimpleErrorString(strA string)

func (*TK) PlTXErr

func (pA *TK) PlTXErr(strA string)

func (*TK) PlVerbose

func (pA *TK) PlVerbose(verboseA bool, formatA string, argsA ...interface{})

PlVerbose 类似Pl,但仅在verboseA为true时才输出

func (*TK) Pln

func (pA *TK) Pln(a ...interface{})

Pln 仅仅封装了fmt.Println函数

func (*TK) Plv

func (pA *TK) Plv(argsA ...interface{})

Plv output one variable

func (*TK) PlvWithError

func (pA *TK) PlvWithError(vA interface{}, errStrA string)

func (*TK) Plvs

func (pA *TK) Plvs(sepA string, argsA ...interface{})

Plvs output several variables, seperated by sepA

func (*TK) Plvsr

func (pA *TK) Plvsr(argsA ...interface{})

Plvsr output several variables, seperated by \n (new line character)

func (*TK) Plvx

func (pA *TK) Plvx(argsA interface{})

func (*TK) PostRequest

func (pA *TK) PostRequest(urlA, reqBodyA string, timeoutSecsA time.Duration) (string, error)

PostRequest : another POST request sender

func (*TK) PostRequestBytesWithCookieX

func (pA *TK) PostRequestBytesWithCookieX(urlA string, reqBodyA []byte, customHeadersA string, jarA *cookiejar.Jar, timeoutSecsA time.Duration) ([]byte, *cookiejar.Jar, error)

PostRequestBytesWithCookieX : PostRequest with custom headers

func (*TK) PostRequestBytesWithMSSHeaderX

func (pA *TK) PostRequestBytesWithMSSHeaderX(urlA string, reqBodyA []byte, customHeadersA map[string]string, timeoutSecsA time.Duration) ([]byte, error)

PostRequestBytesX : PostRequest with custom headers

func (*TK) PostRequestBytesX

func (pA *TK) PostRequestBytesX(urlA string, reqBodyA []byte, customHeadersA string, timeoutSecsA time.Duration) ([]byte, error)

PostRequestBytesX : PostRequest with custom headers

func (*TK) PostRequestX

func (pA *TK) PostRequestX(urlA, reqBodyA string, customHeadersA string, timeoutSecsA time.Duration, optsA ...string) (string, error)

PostRequestX : Post Request with custom headers

func (*TK) Pr

func (pA *TK) Pr(argsA ...interface{})

Pr 即fmt.Print

func (*TK) Prf

func (pA *TK) Prf(formatA string, argsA ...interface{}) string

Prf 仅仅是封装了fmt.Printf函数,但会返回format字符串

func (*TK) Printf

func (pA *TK) Printf(format string, a ...interface{})

Printf 仅仅封装了fmt.Printf函数,与其完全一致

func (*TK) Printfln

func (pA *TK) Printfln(format string, a ...interface{})

Printfln 仅仅封装了fmt.Printf函数,但结尾会多输出一个换行符

func (*TK) Prl

func (pA *TK) Prl(a ...interface{})

Prl 仅仅封装了fmt.Println函数

func (*TK) PutRequestX

func (pA *TK) PutRequestX(urlA, reqBodyA string, customHeadersA string, timeoutSecsA time.Duration, optsA ...string) (string, error)

PutRequestX : Put Request with custom headers

func (*TK) Randomize

func (pA *TK) Randomize()

Randomize 初始化随机数种子

func (*TK) ReadLineFromBufioReader

func (pA *TK) ReadLineFromBufioReader(readerA *bufio.Reader) (string, bool, error)

ReadLineFromBufioReader return result string, error and if reach EOF

func (*TK) RegContains

func (pA *TK) RegContains(strA, patternA string) bool

func (*TK) RegContainsX

func (pA *TK) RegContainsX(strA, patternA string) bool

func (*TK) RegFindAll

func (pA *TK) RegFindAll(strA, patternA string, groupA int) []string

func (*TK) RegFindAllGroups

func (pA *TK) RegFindAllGroups(strA, patternA string) [][]string

func (*TK) RegFindAllGroupsX

func (pA *TK) RegFindAllGroupsX(strA, patternA string) [][]string

func (*TK) RegFindAllX

func (pA *TK) RegFindAllX(strA, patternA string, groupA int) []string

func (*TK) RegFindFirst

func (pA *TK) RegFindFirst(strA, patternA string, groupA int) string

RegFindFirst returns error string if no match or no matching group

func (*TK) RegFindFirstIndex

func (pA *TK) RegFindFirstIndex(strA, patternA string) (int, int)

RegFindFirstIndex the first match location

func (*TK) RegFindFirstIndexX

func (pA *TK) RegFindFirstIndexX(strA, patternA string) (int, int)

func (*TK) RegFindFirstTX

func (pA *TK) RegFindFirstTX(strA, patternA string, groupA int) *TXString

func (*TK) RegFindFirstX

func (pA *TK) RegFindFirstX(strA, patternA string, groupA int) string

func (*TK) RegMatch

func (pA *TK) RegMatch(strA, patternA string) bool

func (*TK) RegMatchX

func (pA *TK) RegMatchX(strA, patternA string) bool

func (*TK) RegReplace

func (pA *TK) RegReplace(strA, patternA, replaceA string) string

func (*TK) RegReplaceX

func (pA *TK) RegReplaceX(strA, patternA, replaceA string) string

func (*TK) RegSplit

func (pA *TK) RegSplit(strA, patternA string, nA []string

func (*TK) RegStartsWith

func (pA *TK) RegStartsWith(strA, patternA string) bool

func (*TK) RegStartsWithX

func (pA *TK) RegStartsWithX(strA, patternA string) bool

func (*TK) RemoveBOM

func (pA *TK) RemoveBOM(strA string) string

RemoveBOM if a UTF-8 string starts with BOM, remove it

func (*TK) RemoveDuplicateInDualLineList

func (pA *TK) RemoveDuplicateInDualLineList(listA [][]string) [][]string

func (*TK) RemoveFile

func (pA *TK) RemoveFile(filePathT string) error

func (*TK) RemoveFileExt

func (pA *TK) RemoveFileExt(filePathA string) string

func (*TK) RemoveGlobalEnv

func (pA *TK) RemoveGlobalEnv(vA string)

func (*TK) RemoveHtmlTags

func (pA *TK) RemoveHtmlTags(strA string) string

func (*TK) RemoveHtmlTagsX

func (pA *TK) RemoveHtmlTagsX(strA string, optionsA ...string) string

func (*TK) RemoveItemsInArray

func (pA *TK) RemoveItemsInArray(aryA interface{}, startA int, endA int) interface{}


func (*TK) RemoveLastSubString

func (pA *TK) RemoveLastSubString(strA string, subStrA string) string

func (*TK) Replace

func (pA *TK) Replace(strA, findA, replaceA string) string

func (*TK) ReplaceLineEnds

func (pA *TK) ReplaceLineEnds(strA string, replacementA string) string

func (*TK) RequestX

func (pA *TK) RequestX(urlA, methodA, reqBodyA string, customHeadersA string, timeoutSecsA time.Duration, optsA ...string) (string, error)

RequestX : Network(http) Request with custom headers

func (*TK) ReshapeXML

func (pA *TK) ReshapeXML(xmlA string) string

func (*TK) RestoreLineEnds

func (pA *TK) RestoreLineEnds(strA string, replacementA string) string

func (*TK) RunWinFileWithSystemDefault

func (pA *TK) RunWinFileWithSystemDefault(fileA string) string

RunWinFileWithSystemDefault run a program or open a file with default program in Windows

func (*TK) SafelyGetFloat64ForKeyWithDefault

func (pA *TK) SafelyGetFloat64ForKeyWithDefault(mapA map[string]string, keyA string, defaultA float64) float64

func (*TK) SafelyGetIntForKeyWithDefault

func (pA *TK) SafelyGetIntForKeyWithDefault(mapA map[string]string, keyA string, defaultA int) int

func (*TK) SafelyGetStringForKeyWithDefault

func (pA *TK) SafelyGetStringForKeyWithDefault(mapA map[string]string, keyA string, defaultA string) string

func (*TK) SafelyGetStringInArray

func (pA *TK) SafelyGetStringInArray(aryA []interface{}, idxA int, optionsA ...string) string

func (*TK) SaveBytesToFile

func (pA *TK) SaveBytesToFile(bytesA []byte, fileA string) string

func (*TK) SaveDualLineList

func (pA *TK) SaveDualLineList(listA [][]string, fileNameA string) string

func (*TK) SaveJSONIndentToFile

func (pA *TK) SaveJSONIndentToFile(objA interface{}, filePathA string) error

func (*TK) SaveJSONToFile

func (pA *TK) SaveJSONToFile(objA interface{}, filePathA string) error

func (*TK) SaveMSSToJSONFile

func (pA *TK) SaveMSSToJSONFile(mapA map[string]string, filePathA string) error

func (*TK) SaveSimpleMapToFile

func (pA *TK) SaveSimpleMapToFile(mapA map[string]string, fileA string) string

func (*TK) SaveStringList

func (pA *TK) SaveStringList(strListA []string, fileA string) string

func (*TK) SaveStringListBuffered

func (pA *TK) SaveStringListBuffered(strListA []string, fileA string, sepA string) string

func (*TK) SaveStringListBufferedByRange

func (pA *TK) SaveStringListBufferedByRange(strListA []string, fileA string, sepA string, startA int, endA int) string

func (*TK) SaveStringListWin

func (pA *TK) SaveStringListWin(strListA []string, fileA string) string

func (*TK) SaveStringToFile

func (pA *TK) SaveStringToFile(strA string, fileA string) string

SaveStringToFile 保存字符串到文件

func (*TK) SaveStringToFileE

func (pA *TK) SaveStringToFileE(strA string, fileA string) error

func (*TK) SetClipText

func (pA *TK) SetClipText(textA string)

func (*TK) SetFileVar

func (pA *TK) SetFileVar(fileNameA string, valueA interface{}) error

func (*TK) SetGlobalEnv

func (pA *TK) SetGlobalEnv(vA string)

func (*TK) SetLogFile

func (pA *TK) SetLogFile(fileNameA string)

func (*TK) SetValue

func (pA *TK) SetValue(p interface{}, v interface{})

SetValue set a value to a pointer

func (*TK) SetVar

func (pA *TK) SetVar(nameA string, valueA interface{})

func (*TK) ShuffleStringArray

func (pA *TK) ShuffleStringArray(aryA []string, timesA int)

ShuffleStringArray 把字符串数组随机化打乱timesA次

func (*TK) SimpleMapToString

func (pA *TK) SimpleMapToString(mapA map[string]string) string

func (*TK) Sleep

func (pA *TK) Sleep(secA float64)

func (*TK) SleepMilliSeconds

func (pA *TK) SleepMilliSeconds(msA int)

func (*TK) SleepSeconds

func (pA *TK) SleepSeconds(secA int)

func (*TK) Split

func (pA *TK) Split(strA string, sepA string) []string

func (*TK) SplitLines

func (pA *TK) SplitLines(strA string) []string

func (*TK) SplitLinesRemoveEmpty

func (pA *TK) SplitLinesRemoveEmpty(strA string) []string

func (*TK) SplitN

func (pA *TK) SplitN(strA string, sepA string, countA int) []string

func (*TK) Spr

func (pA *TK) Spr(formatA string, argsA ...interface{}) string

Spr 仅仅是封装了fmt.Sprintf函数

func (*TK) StartSocksClient

func (pA *TK) StartSocksClient(optionsA ...string) error

func (*TK) StartSocksServer

func (pA *TK) StartSocksServer(optionsA ...string) error

func (*TK) StartTransparentProxy

func (pA *TK) StartTransparentProxy(local, server string, optionsA ...string) error

func (*TK) StartTransparentProxy2

func (pA *TK) StartTransparentProxy2(localA, remoteA string, optionsA ...string) error

func (*TK) StartsWith

func (pA *TK) StartsWith(strA string, subStrA string) bool

StartsWith 检查字符串strA开始是否是subStrA

func (*TK) StartsWithBOM

func (pA *TK) StartsWithBOM(strA string) bool

StartsWithBOM if a UTF-8 string starts with BOM

func (*TK) StartsWithDigit

func (pA *TK) StartsWithDigit(strA string) bool

func (*TK) StartsWithIgnoreCase

func (pA *TK) StartsWithIgnoreCase(strA string, subStrA string) bool

func (*TK) StartsWithUpper

func (pA *TK) StartsWithUpper(wordA string) bool

func (*TK) StrToBool

func (pA *TK) StrToBool(strA string) bool

func (*TK) StrToFloat64

func (pA *TK) StrToFloat64(strA string, defaultA ...float64) float64

func (*TK) StrToFloat64E

func (pA *TK) StrToFloat64E(strA string) (float64, error)

func (*TK) StrToFloat64WithDefaultValue

func (pA *TK) StrToFloat64WithDefaultValue(strA string, defaultA float64) float64

func (*TK) StrToHex

func (pA *TK) StrToHex(strA string) string

func (*TK) StrToInt

func (pA *TK) StrToInt(strA string, defaultA int

StrToInt 字符串转整数

func (*TK) StrToInt64

func (pA *TK) StrToInt64(strA string, defaultA ...int64) int64

func (*TK) StrToInt64WithDefaultValue

func (pA *TK) StrToInt64WithDefaultValue(strA string, defaultA int64) int64

func (*TK) StrToIntE

func (pA *TK) StrToIntE(strA string) (int, error)

StrToIntE 字符串转整数

func (*TK) StrToIntPositive

func (pA *TK) StrToIntPositive(strA string) int

func (*TK) StrToIntWithDefaultValue

func (pA *TK) StrToIntWithDefaultValue(strA string, defaultA int

StrToIntWithDefaultValue 字符串转整数,如果有问题则返回默认数值

func (*TK) StrToTime

func (pA *TK) StrToTime(strA string, defaultA time.Time) time.Time

func (*TK) StrToTimeByFormat

func (pA *TK) StrToTimeByFormat(strA string, formatA string) (time.Time, error)

StrToTimeByFormat default "2006-01-02 15:04:05"

func (*TK) StrToTimeCompact

func (pA *TK) StrToTimeCompact(strA string, defaultA time.Time) time.Time

func (*TK) StrToTimeCompactNoError

func (pA *TK) StrToTimeCompactNoError(strA string) time.Time

func (*TK) StringReplace

func (pA *TK) StringReplace(strA string, argsA ...string) string

func (*TK) SumBytes

func (pA *TK) SumBytes(srcDataA []byte) byte

func (*TK) SystemCmd

func (pA *TK) SystemCmd(cmdA string, argsA ...string) string

SystemCmd run system command, such as "cmd /c dir", "cmd /k copy a.txt b.txt".

func (*TK) TXResultFromString

func (pA *TK) TXResultFromString(strA string) *TXResult

func (*TK) TXResultFromStringE

func (pA *TK) TXResultFromStringE(strA string) (*TXResult, error)

func (*TK) TXResultFromStringSafely

func (pA *TK) TXResultFromStringSafely(strA string) *TXResult

func (*TK) TableToMSSArray

func (pA *TK) TableToMSSArray(tableA [][]string) []map[string]string

func (*TK) TableToMSSJSON

func (pA *TK) TableToMSSJSON(tableA [][]string) string

func (*TK) TableToMSSMap

func (pA *TK) TableToMSSMap(tableA [][]string, keyA string) map[string]map[string]string

func (*TK) TableToMSSMapArray

func (pA *TK) TableToMSSMapArray(tableA [][]string, keyA string) map[string][]map[string]string

func (*TK) ToFloat

func (pA *TK) ToFloat(v interface{}, defaultA ...float64) (result float64)

func (*TK) ToInt

func (pA *TK) ToInt(v interface{}, defaultA (result int)

func (*TK) ToIntI

func (pA *TK) ToIntI(valueA interface{}, defaultA int) int

func (*TK) ToJSON

func (pA *TK) ToJSON(objA interface{}) (string, error)

ToJSON use fast method

func (*TK) ToJSONIndent

func (pA *TK) ToJSONIndent(objA interface{}) (string, error)

ToJSONIndent use fast method

func (*TK) ToJSONIndentWithDefault

func (pA *TK) ToJSONIndentWithDefault(objA interface{}, defaultA string) string

func (*TK) ToJSONWithDefault

func (pA *TK) ToJSONWithDefault(objA interface{}, defaultA string) string

func (*TK) ToJSONX

func (pA *TK) ToJSONX(objA interface{}, optsA ...string) string

func (*TK) ToLower

func (pA *TK) ToLower(strA string) string

func (*TK) ToPointerFloat64Array

func (pA *TK) ToPointerFloat64Array(aryA []float64) *[]float64

func (*TK) ToPointerStringArray

func (pA *TK) ToPointerStringArray(aryA []string) *[]string

func (*TK) ToStr

func (pA *TK) ToStr(v interface{}) string

func (*TK) ToUpper

func (pA *TK) ToUpper(strA string) string

func (*TK) Trim

func (pA *TK) Trim(strA string) string

Trim 仅仅封装了strings.TrimSpace

func (*TK) TrimCharSet

func (pA *TK) TrimCharSet(strA string, charSetA string) string

func (*TK) TypeOfValue

func (pA *TK) TypeOfValue(vA interface{}) string

func (*TK) TypeOfValueReflect

func (pA *TK) TypeOfValueReflect(vA interface{}) string

func (*TK) UrlDecode

func (pA *TK) UrlDecode(strA string) string

func (*TK) UrlEncode

func (pA *TK) UrlEncode(strA string) string

func (*TK) UrlEncode2

func (pA *TK) UrlEncode2(strA string) string

type TXCollection

type TXCollection struct {
	Content map[string]int
var GlobalEnvSetG *TXCollection = nil

func (*TXCollection) AddOrSet

func (p *TXCollection) AddOrSet(strA string)

func (*TXCollection) AddOrSetExcludeEmpty

func (p *TXCollection) AddOrSetExcludeEmpty(strA string)

func (*TXCollection) Contains

func (p *TXCollection) Contains(strA string) bool

func (*TXCollection) GetList

func (p *TXCollection) GetList() []string

func (*TXCollection) GetListString

func (p *TXCollection) GetListString(ifUpA bool, sepA string) string

func (*TXCollection) GetSortedList

func (p *TXCollection) GetSortedList(ifUpA bool) []string

func (*TXCollection) InitX

func (p *TXCollection) InitX(sizeA int)

func (*TXCollection) Length

func (p *TXCollection) Length() int

func (*TXCollection) Remove

func (p *TXCollection) Remove(strA string) bool

func (*TXCollection) Size

func (p *TXCollection) Size() int

type TXResult

type TXResult struct {
	Status  string
	Value   string
	Object  string
	Object2 string
	Object3 string
	Token   string


type TXString

type TXString struct {
	Err string
	Obj interface{}
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func (*TXString) Contains

func (p *TXString) Contains(patternA string) bool

func (*TXString) ContainsInHtmlAttributeString

func (p *TXString) ContainsInHtmlAttributeString(substrA string) bool

func (*TXString) CutToLen

func (p *TXString) CutToLen(lenA int) string

func (*TXString) EQ

func (p *TXString) EQ(strA string) bool

func (*TXString) EndsWith

func (p *TXString) EndsWith(strA string) bool

func (*TXString) Equals

func (p *TXString) Equals(strA string) bool

func (*TXString) EqualsIgnoreCase

func (p *TXString) EqualsIgnoreCase(strA string) bool

func (*TXString) Error

func (p *TXString) Error() string

func (*TXString) ErrorString

func (p *TXString) ErrorString() string

func (*TXString) ErrorStringF

func (p *TXString) ErrorStringF(formatA string) string

func (*TXString) InitWithString

func (p *TXString) InitWithString(strA string) *TXString

func (*TXString) IsEmpty

func (p *TXString) IsEmpty() bool

func (*TXString) IsEmptyTrim

func (p *TXString) IsEmptyTrim() bool

func (*TXString) IsErrStr

func (p *TXString) IsErrStr() bool

func (*TXString) IsError

func (p *TXString) IsError() bool

func (*TXString) JSONString

func (p *TXString) JSONString() string

func (*TXString) Length

func (p *TXString) Length() int

func (*TXString) List

func (p *TXString) List() []string

func (*TXString) PlErr

func (p *TXString) PlErr(prefixA string) *TXString

func (*TXString) PlSuccessOrErr

func (p *TXString) PlSuccessOrErr(workA string) *TXString

func (*TXString) Print

func (p *TXString) Print()

func (*TXString) PrintResultWithTimeLast

func (p *TXString) PrintResultWithTimeLast()

func (*TXString) PrintWithPrefixTime

func (p *TXString) PrintWithPrefixTime(prefixA string)

func (*TXString) PrintWithPrefixTimeLast

func (p *TXString) PrintWithPrefixTimeLast(prefixA string)

func (*TXString) PrintWithTimeLast

func (p *TXString) PrintWithTimeLast()

func (*TXString) RegFindAll

func (p *TXString) RegFindAll(patternA string, groupA int) []string

func (*TXString) RegFindFirst

func (p *TXString) RegFindFirst(patternA string, groupA int) string

func (*TXString) RegFindFirstX

func (p *TXString) RegFindFirstX(patternA string, groupA int) string

func (*TXString) RegReplace

func (p *TXString) RegReplace(patternA string, replacementA string) *TXString

func (*TXString) RegReplaceX

func (p *TXString) RegReplaceX(patternA string, replacementA string) *TXString

func (*TXString) Replace

func (p *TXString) Replace(patternA string, replacementA string) *TXString

func (*TXString) Save

func (p *TXString) Save(fileA string) *TXString

func (*TXString) Set

func (p *TXString) Set(strA string) *TXString

func (*TXString) SplitLines

func (p *TXString) SplitLines() []string

func (*TXString) StartsWith

func (p *TXString) StartsWith(strA string) bool

func (*TXString) String

func (p *TXString) String() string

func (*TXString) StringEmptyIfError

func (p *TXString) StringEmptyIfError() string

func (*TXString) ToStringList

func (p *TXString) ToStringList() []string

func (*TXString) ToStringListRemoveEmpty

func (p *TXString) ToStringListRemoveEmpty() []string

func (*TXString) Trim

func (p *TXString) Trim() *TXString

type TXStringArray

type TXStringArray []string

func (TXStringArray) Contains

func (aryM TXStringArray) Contains(strA string) bool

func (TXStringArray) ContainsIgnoreCase

func (aryM TXStringArray) ContainsIgnoreCase(strA string) bool

type TXStringSlice

type TXStringSlice struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

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