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var MAYOR = "mayor"
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var Translator chan language.Speak = make(chan language.Speak)


func HandleConnection

func HandleConnection(connection *websocket.Conn, puid *string)

func Mayor

func Mayor(w http.ResponseWriter, req *http.Request)

func People

func People(w http.ResponseWriter, req *http.Request)

func RoutineAuth

func RoutineAuth()

Auth client 1- Get uuid from token 2- Set uuid of puid 3- If puid had uuid and valid, do not auth 4- If puid was valid and user send empty token, we'll unauth

func RoutineDisconnect

func RoutineDisconnect()

Disconnect user routine 1- we get user id 2- (TODO) remove from other home as people 3- we destroy user home 4- unregister user from registeration

func RoutineHandshake

func RoutineHandshake()

Handshake client with other client 1- Get message.Id , how want to handshake 2- Create a room named message.Id in my home 3- Add me to people of other client home

func RoutineRequest

func RoutineRequest()

func RoutineTranslate

func RoutineTranslate()

Get message and send to other routine by message type

func Serve

func Serve(port string)

func Translate

func Translate(puid *string, data []byte) (err error)


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