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const Name = "imgbuild"

Name of the engine


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type EngineConfig

type EngineConfig struct {
	types.Bundle `json:"bundle"`
	OciConfig    *oci.Config `json:"ociConfig"`

EngineConfig is the config for the Singularity engine used to run a minimal image during image build process

type EngineOperations

type EngineOperations struct {
	CommonConfig *config.Common `json:"-"`
	EngineConfig *EngineConfig  `json:"engineConfig"`

EngineOperations implements the engines.EngineOperations interface for the image build process

func (*EngineOperations) CleanupContainer

func (e *EngineOperations) CleanupContainer() error

CleanupContainer _

func (*EngineOperations) Config

func (e *EngineOperations) Config() config.EngineConfig

Config returns the EngineConfig

func (*EngineOperations) CreateContainer

func (engine *EngineOperations) CreateContainer(pid int, rpcConn net.Conn) error

CreateContainer creates a container

func (*EngineOperations) InitConfig

func (e *EngineOperations) InitConfig(cfg *config.Common)

InitConfig initializes engines config internals

func (*EngineOperations) MonitorContainer

func (e *EngineOperations) MonitorContainer(pid int, signals chan os.Signal) (syscall.WaitStatus, error)

MonitorContainer is responsible for waiting on container process

func (*EngineOperations) PostStartProcess

func (e *EngineOperations) PostStartProcess(pid int) error

PostStartProcess actually does nothing for build engine

func (*EngineOperations) PrepareConfig

func (e *EngineOperations) PrepareConfig(masterConn net.Conn, starterConfig *starter.Config) error

PrepareConfig validates/prepares EngineConfig setup

func (*EngineOperations) StartProcess

func (e *EngineOperations) StartProcess(masterConn net.Conn) error

StartProcess runs the %post script

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