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Package redis is the redis implementation of the Trickster Cache and supports Standalone, Sentinel and Cluster



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const Redis = "redis"

Redis is the string "redis"


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var ErrInvalidEndpointConfig = errors.New("invalid 'endpoint' config")

ErrInvalidEndpointConfig indicates an invalid endpoint config

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var ErrInvalidEndpointsConfig = errors.New("invalid 'endpoints' config")

ErrInvalidEndpointsConfig indicates an invalid endpoints config

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var ErrInvalidSentinalMasterConfig = errors.New("invalid 'sentinel_master' config")

ErrInvalidSentinalMasterConfig indicates an invalid sentinel_master config


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type Cache

type Cache struct {
	Name   string
	Config *options.Options
	Logger *tl.Logger
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Cache represents a redis cache object that conforms to the Cache interface

func (*Cache) BulkRemove

func (c *Cache) BulkRemove(cacheKeys []string)

BulkRemove removes a list of objects from the cache. noLock is not used for Redis

func (*Cache) Close

func (c *Cache) Close() error

Close disconnects from the Redis Cache

func (*Cache) Configuration

func (c *Cache) Configuration() *options.Options

Configuration returns the Configuration for the Cache object

func (*Cache) Connect

func (c *Cache) Connect() error

Connect connects to the configured Redis endpoint

func (*Cache) Locker

func (c *Cache) Locker() locks.NamedLocker

Locker returns the cache's locker

func (*Cache) Remove

func (c *Cache) Remove(cacheKey string)

Remove removes an object in cache, if present

func (*Cache) Retrieve

func (c *Cache) Retrieve(cacheKey string, allowExpired bool) ([]byte, status.LookupStatus, error)

Retrieve gets data from the Redis Cache using the provided Key because Redis manages Object Expiration internally, allowExpired is not used.

func (*Cache) SetLocker

func (c *Cache) SetLocker(l locks.NamedLocker)

SetLocker sets the cache's locker

func (*Cache) SetTTL

func (c *Cache) SetTTL(cacheKey string, ttl time.Duration)

SetTTL updates the TTL for the provided cache object

func (*Cache) Store

func (c *Cache) Store(cacheKey string, data []byte, ttl time.Duration) error

Store places the the data into the Redis Cache using the provided Key and TTL


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