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Package errors provides common Error functionality to the Trickster proxy



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var ErrDrainTimeout = errors.New("timed out draining")

ErrDrainTimeout indicates an error that the connection drain took longer than the requested timeout

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var ErrEmptyDocumentBody = errors.New("empty document body")

ErrEmptyDocumentBody indicates a cached object did not contain an HTTP Document upon retrieval

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var ErrInvalidRuleOptions = errors.New("invalid rule options")

ErrInvalidRuleOptions indicates an error that the provided rule options were invalid

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var ErrNilCacheDocument = errors.New("nil cache document")

ErrNilCacheDocument indicates a cache object reference is nil

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var ErrNilListener = errors.New("nil listener")

ErrNilListener indicates an error that the underlying net.Listener is nil

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var ErrNoRanges = errors.New("no usable ranges")

ErrNoRanges indicates an error that the range request does not contain any usable ranges

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var ErrNoSuchListener = errors.New("no such listener")

ErrNoSuchListener indicates an error that the provided listener name is unknown

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var ErrNotSelectStatement = errors.New("not a select statement")

ErrNotSelectStatement indicates an error that the time series request is not a read-only select query

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var ErrNotTimeRangeQuery = errors.New("not a time range query")

ErrNotTimeRangeQuery indicates an error that the time series request does not contain a query

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var ErrPCFContentLength = errors.New("content length does not permit PCF")

ErrPCFContentLength indicates that a response's content length does not permit PCF

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var ErrReadIndexTooLarge = errors.New("read index too large")

ErrReadIndexTooLarge is an error indicating the read index is too large

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var ErrServerRequestNotCompleted = errors.New("server request not completed")

ErrServerRequestNotCompleted indicates the remote origin could not service the request

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var ErrStepParse = errors.New("unable to parse timeseries step from downstream request")

ErrStepParse indicates an error parsing the step interval of a time series request

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var ErrUnexpectedUpstreamResponse = errors.New("unexpected upstream response")

ErrUnexpectedUpstreamResponse indicates the http.Response received from an upstream origin indicates the request did not succeed due to a request error or origin-side error


func CouldNotFindKey

func CouldNotFindKey(name string) error

CouldNotFindKey returns an error indicating the key could not be found in the document

func InvalidPath

func InvalidPath(path string) error

InvalidPath returns an error indicating the request path is not valid.

func MissingRequestParam

func MissingRequestParam(param string) error

MissingRequestParam returns an error indicating the request is missing a required parameter.

func MissingURLParam

func MissingURLParam(param string) error

MissingURLParam returns a Formatted Error

func ParseDuration

func ParseDuration(input string) (time.Duration, error)

ParseDuration returns a Duration Parsing Error

func ParseRequestBody

func ParseRequestBody(err error) error

ParseRequestBody returns an error indicating the request body could not parsed into a valid value.

func TimeArrayEmpty

func TimeArrayEmpty(param string) error

TimeArrayEmpty returns a Formatted Error


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