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Quick and easy way to load config files based on a simple set of rules.

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Important stuff

Supported files

Before you can load any file you must register parsers using Loader.RegisterParser.

Each parser has a list of supported extensions that will be used to find files to load.

Config folder

By default the load will try to find the files based on the environment variable name given to it (defaults to CONFIG_DIR). If the variable name is empty or the variable value is empty, it will look for files in ./config.

File load order


  • {ext} is one of the registered extensions.
  • {deployment} is the deployment name, from the $ENV environment variable. (No default value, ignored if empty)
  • {hostname} is the value returned from os.Hostname() with no changes. (No default value, ignored if empty)


go get -u


package main

import (


type Config struct {
	Server struct {
		Bind string `json:"bind"`
		Port int    `json:"port"`
	} `json:"server"`

func main() {
	loader := NewLoader()
	if err := loader.RegisterParser(json.NewParser()); err != nil {
	var config Config
	info, err := loader.Load(&config)
	if err != nil {
  fmt.Printf("Looked for files in: %s\n", info.ConfigFolder)
	fmt.Printf("Loaded files: %v\n", info.LoadedFiles)
	fmt.Printf("Loaded config: %v\n", config)




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type ErrFailedToLoad

type ErrFailedToLoad struct {
	Reason error

ErrFailedToLoad is returned at any point that load process fails.

func (*ErrFailedToLoad) Error

func (t *ErrFailedToLoad) Error() string

type ErrMissingExtDot

type ErrMissingExtDot struct {
	Ext string

ErrMissingExtDot is returned when the extension is missing the dot prefix.

func (*ErrMissingExtDot) Error

func (t *ErrMissingExtDot) Error() string

type ErrNilParser

type ErrNilParser struct {

ErrNilParser is returned when a register is called with parsers.Parser(nil).

func (*ErrNilParser) Error

func (*ErrNilParser) Error() string

type ErrParserConflict

type ErrParserConflict struct {
	Ext string

ErrParserConflict is returned when a parser is trying to register an extension that is already registered.

func (*ErrParserConflict) Error

func (t *ErrParserConflict) Error() string

type Info

type Info struct {
	ConfigFolder string
	LoadedFiles  []string

Info contains some basic information about what was loaded

type Loader

type Loader interface {
	// RegisterParser add a new parser to N extensions.
	// It will fail if: 1. the parser is `nil`; 2. any of its supported
	// extensions is already registered.
	RegisterParser(parsers.Parser) error
	// SupportedExtensions returns a list of registered extensions.
	SupportedExtensions() []string
	// Load find and loads files into the given data type.
	Load(v interface{}) (*Info, error)
	// SetEnvironmentVariableName changes the default `CONFIG_DIR` variable name.
	// Passing an empty name will disable it
	SetEnvironmentVariableName(name string)

Loader registers parsers and loads files into a given data type.

func NewLoader

func NewLoader() Loader

NewLoader returns a new Loader instance


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